How To Ensure Consistent Web Traffic To Your Blog

Do you have consistent traffic?

Getting good and returning traffic to your blog should be one of the things that normally turn you on; it must be a part of you as a person who is trying to become a successful blogger soon.

You should be someone that loves to blog for traffic and not a kind of blogger that would always love to be lazy at doing what is right at the right time.

If you want to make your website a success within a very short possible time, driving traffic should be your main priority for now and after, you can do any other things.

If getting traffic to your blog has turned to become your headache (something you find to be too hard to do) then, reading this article will be a pointing guide to you in getting back to your feet by making sure that you get good traffic to your blog on regular basis.

I have made many mistakes when I first started my Gravity Defyer and 48HourPrint coupon and discount blog. It was until I started reading blog posts of Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, when I understood some of mistakes.

Therefore, I have carefully listed the top three mistakes that you can make that might be the cause of your website lack of visitors and some of the possible correction you can make to them to get back on track.

Poor Website Meta Description

Let your website be easy to find on search engine through good Meta and Title tag description, and begin to experience the large amount of visitors from most search engines.

If your website is all about technology – adding some of the keywords you are targeting in the meta tag description of your site will make it easier for search engine bots to crawl and recognize your website with the keyword you want to rank for on search engine pages.

Every webmasters should have one or two techniques that they should be using in promoting their respective website in order to make sure that the site is search engine friendly.

If your site is not search engine friendly, chances are that you might have been losing traffic for a very long time and this is the best time for you to correct these terrible mistakes before it is too late for your site when it comes to attracting people to read it.

You can hire SEO expert if you do not know how to go about this task because, it is one of the major things that should be your main focus for now after you might have written awesome contents for your website visitors worth reading.

Bad Keyword Focus, Poor SEO Techniques

This has happened to me before, I taught that writing contents only is the best bet but I failed to realize that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) play a vital role for the quantity of traffic a website could get over a time.

The type of keyword you are focusing on in your guest post for other websites, inside your website meta description or title tag and others are what search engines are going to use in sending traffic to your on regular basis.

All you need to do is to include all necessary keywords that can spell what your blog or website is all about in the right position on your blog and in your blog posts meta description as well.

If you do not know much about any SEO tool that you can use to do these tasks, the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best you can use for now on your WordPress blog.

Headscape SEO plugin or All In One SEO Pack are great too. These three plugin works well in doing search engine optimization.

With any of these wordpress plugins, you do not need to go deeper into your website’s inner coding area to insert Meta and others (you do not need much of PHP knowledge before you can do that).

All you need to do is to configure any of these plugins through the settings area, which is inside your wordpress site admin area, and you are ready to go.

Focus on keywords that you understand very well, because there is no reason for you to target keyword that you do not have much experience on. The negative result of focusing on wrong keyword in your meta description is decrease in traffic.

Misrepresenting Your Blog

Misrepresentation of your blog to people that visited it, is one of the possible causes of lack of traffic. And the best way to solve that problem is by making sure that you don’t write what is not right for your blog readers.

Another reason why writing the wrong posts on your blog is that, it makes google misunderstand your blog and that can could cause you to lose the traffic that search engines might have sent to your blog.

Since the best traffic always come from search engines, then, it would be very much good for you to always write what most search engines can see as relevant to people’s that are searching for those keywords that relates to your blog.

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