10 Ways ‘CONFIDENCE’ Makes You A Better Content Writer

Confidence is the most powerful virtue a writer possesses.

confident Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

If your confidence is high, nothing will be impossible for you to achieve.

Writing to engage target audience and generate income isn’t for the timid, neither is it for the mediocre or those who have inferiority complex.

A lot of people think that ranking on Google first page is all they need to build a profitable website or blog, but that’s not true.

What you need more than anything else is CONFIDENCE.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is an unquestionable assurance that you’ll succeed in a particular project. For instance, you could develop confidence in your small business to grow and attract the media.

Confidence opens the doors of opportunities and as a content writer or marketer; you need to fuel your confidence until you’re certain about winning.

Without confidence, no matter how effective your content marketing activities is, you’ll continue to struggle for fame, platform et al.

Lack of confidence is the reason why people don’t make enough money online. If you find someone who complains or blames others, confidence is lacking in his or her life.

Now, here are 10 ways confidence can make you a better content writer.

1.    Confidence defines you

There are times when you feel as though nothing is happening around you. Business seems slow and no client is coming your way. You wonder what have gone wrong.

The only thing that can give your life a meaning is confidence. If you develop the confidence to learn the things that matters, you’ll see a new light shining in your path.

When you watch a confident writer writing contents for blogs or magazines, you would see the display of confidence. The words would pour out so fast, and they’re not bothered if it makes meaning or not.

Allow confidence to rule your life and you’ll achieve more success online.

2.    Confidence Propels you

write with confidence

Do you know why several people don’t take action in their businesses? Confidence propels someone to do something. As the CEO of your online business, it’s your responsibility to make it work. No one is going to advertise or market your services for you.

You might try to propel yourself into action, but without the fuel, it’s a waste of time. The importance of confidence cannot be over-emphasized. With confidence, you can go extra mile to pursue a course until you see a light come forth.

3.    Confidence eliminates fear

When I started blogging and writing for clients, fear was my greatest enemy. I was hindered to the extent that I couldn’t trust my writings. I didn’t write any guest post. I thought it was so difficult to write. I was so wrong to think like that.

And the reason for the fear that ruled my life was lack of confidence. It was when I realized that fear can cripple my life and business if I don’t do anything about it, that I changed my focus and applied confidence into my writing.

I’ve written over 600 guest posts so far; both for this blog and for clients. If you can get rid of fear, nothing is impossible including earning $1000 – $10,000 per month.

4.    Confidence motivates

As I said earlier, motivation is the fuel that powers your content marketing business. When you run out of it, you need to refill. We all know about writer’s block, lack of passion and other flimsy excuses why writing is difficult.

But what if there was a way to overcome the excuses and craft exceptional contents that people can fall in love with?

Confidence motivates. Check your life, if you’re not motivated to do something meaningful on your business or blog every day, confidence may be lacking.

5.    Confidence kills the competition

content competition

You’re so afraid of competition, right?

What would you do if I tell you that competition is a good thing? Well, you might not understand how competition enhances your business until you become confident to ride against it.

When there is severe competition, it’s a great opportunity to position your business and increase sales. Don’t be afraid of competition on Google and social media. Use your confidence to connect with target audience professionally.

6.    Confidence disciplines you

Confidence speaks. It tells you that spending 4 hours on social media might not be the right thing to do in your business, if you want to rank highly on Google.

Some people cannot sit down to write a 1000+ guest post that can bring targeted traffic, fresh readers and income opportunities. It’s lack of discipline that makes people sleep at work.

Discipline will make you great and destroy your business when it’s absent. But it begins with confidence to “BE.”

7.    Confidence earns you money

You want to earn good money online? You think promoting the best affiliate offer is the best strategy to make it work? Yes, it’s important to have the right products and services for target audience, but more important than every other thing is confidence.

Without confidence, you won’t write a single article to promote your affiliate offer or build an email list for your business.

Do you know that some people who had a huge email list are not making any profit? It is lack of confidence in what they’re doing that caused them to neglect building relationship and marketing to the list.

Confidence will put you ahead of competition and attract paying clients and customers to your website.

8.    Confidence attracts people

Generally, people who are confident and trust their guts often attract good people into their businesses. If you’re selling a product or offering a service, confidence can help you land great projects and retain your clients.

Clients are looking for confident people – those who understand that business is for the strong, lively and go-getters. The level of confidence you’ve will show on your blog posts, guest posts and within your copy if you’re a copywriter. You can’t fake or pretend about it.

Confident people don’t take “NO” for an answer – they keep tweaking their websites until they attract the right people.

9.    Confidence challenges you

Challenges are good for your business. Have you seen bloggers competing for $500 prize? You’ll see creativity at work.

People will craft better contents because of the monetary rewards. When confidence is ruling your life, you’ll be challenged to do something in your business which you’ve never attempted before.

It could be writing 20 guest posts per week and submitting to A-list bloggers. This single step can bring in 500 new readers to your blog. But it’s easier said than done.

You need confidence to start a project and see to the end. Don’t leave home without it.

10.   Confidence creates a new world

You think you’re worthless and have nothing unique to offer the world? If that’s your thinking, I’m here to let you know that you can do so much more in this world with words.

I’ve always believed that writers are powerful and we’ve the opportunity to build a new world that’s never existed. It takes understanding of your target audience to craft the best content for them.

You can say a word or craft a phrase that can swallow the world around you, and bring you into a world that’s never existed.

A world filled with paying clients, active readers, buyers, powerful networks and influencers. A world that believes in what you write and wants to learn more from you

You can do it if you dare to build up the confidence. Yes, you can.

Over to you

Are you a confident entrepreneur or blogger? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. How has confidence helped your writing career or business as a whole? Thank you for reading. Be confident. Be smart. Be you.

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  1. Nice post which the CEO of your online business, it’s your responsibility to make it work. No one is going to advertise or market your services for you. You might try to propel yourself into action, but without the fuel, it’s a waste of time. Thanks a lot for posting

  2. It is the confidence which makes you leader in any field. In the field of content writing you lead the world with the power of your words and thoughts instead of authority or ballot. Most importantly no one can snatch your power and you don’t have to go to the masses after every four years to beg for the votes. Fantastic post

  3. Michael, when did you start writing on this blog? You’ve got great contents here.

    As per the issue of confidence, you really touched it down and Carol also dis justice with her comment as well.

    Its good to be confident and always know that there are some people who are meant to help you in some areas of life.


    • I started writing on this blog a long time ago. Although, I had to redirect my new domain name (contentmarketingup.com) to the old one (blast4trafficnow.net). I prefer the new blog now. Thanks for your 2-cent on confidence. Sure, Carol’s post on confidence is cute, too.

  4. Good morning Michael!

    I’m absolutely with you on the issue of confidence, with one caveat – being too confident can make you ‘cocky’ with the attendant risk of losing the support and interest that you have otherwise worked to build.

    Some people can get away with it, but for the majority the fine line between confidence, cheekiness and cockiness is a very fine and difficult one to walk.

  5. Hello
    Confidence can do wonders! Confidence is the only thing which if anyone lacks, he can never win. For writers also the same formula is applicable. If you have confidence you can win many hearts. Confidence can gain you many followers too. Well i am confident and would advise other bloggers to be confident all the time. Thank you for sharing the article.

  6. For me, confidence that I could succeed in getting fit was what allowed me to actually do it. When I thought to myself that I could never be anything other than the fat guy, I was never able to beat the temptations to eat crap and sit around.

    As soon as I built confidence by taking baby steps, I was able to push through the bigger obstacles. Confidence is self perpetuating.

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