Coca Cola Marketing Strategy – 10 Formula To Become A Blogging Superstar

CocaCola Marketing Strategy

Why not grab a bottle of chilled Coca Cola, and let me take you on a journey you’ll never forget. What a household name in beverage industry.

This post is not going to leave you the way you’re right now, it would either re-brand you, or cause you to quit marketing online.

Are you scared? Off course you should, but I’m no monster, I’ve discovered a way out.

  • Where are you currently in your business?
  • What thoughts hold you down from moving forward?
  • Why does your blog/site perish without getting read?
  • What’s the problem with your marketing campaigns?

Have you tried several marketing strategies but nothing works? If any of these questions, refers to you then you’re in for a great read. Let’s go.

Since March 17, 1944, Coca Cola as a trademark has dominated the world soft-drink market for 2o centuries.

It’s continued to wax stronger, with resurgent advertising activities throughout the world. I’ve been studying the strategies used by Coca Cola the moment I learned how to read and write on the web.

With the 10 tips below, you’ll not only drive free traffic, you would also win clients and strengthen your customer base.

1. Creative Curiosity

Have you been told that curiosity is wrong?

Well, not totally. Creative curiosity helps you to ask questions that yields life-transforming answers.

One core virtue that Coca Cola advertising has is that they are always curious, about happenings, latest developments and how to incorporate this hot trends into their marketing.

That is why, they’ve remained at the fore-front of soft-drink industry since time being.

What does it tell you, become creatively curious. If a fellow blogger or internet marketer is earning more money than you, become curious and ask questions. Why must someone else be ahead of you?

If you can, schedule a date with a successful person in your niche, who makes headway than you and ask questions. A single date can change your business life. This is what I call “curiosity marketing.”

2. Unwavering Confidence

Coca Cola company is sure confident in what they deliver to the masses. You should be too. I see a lot of bloggers who are cowards (sorry for that word), but they can’t possibly defend their blog posts, when you make comments and ask for feedback, they don’t even respond.

The problem is not in your blog or website, it’s in you.

When you chance your thoughts about blogging for money, to the real definition of solving problems, you begin to build great confidence that doesn’t waver. Confidence will take you to the top, just like it did for CocaCola.

3. Constancy/Consistent

It’s like we are talking about the 4cs of effective marketing, according to CocaCola. I learn’t that you have to be consistent. Only few people have this skill to stick to a project until the end result is realised. Will you be amongst the few?

Wherever you are today, whatever money you are making online, no matter how much free traffic you drive, you can enjoy long term success if you don’t give up, stay right there and explore endless opportunities.

Some of the popular blogs who are the go-for when it comes to climbing the ladder of success, they never started today, they’ve been there for several years – success is hidden in “consistency.”

4. Events (E) + Response (R) = Outcome (O)

How you respond to events in life, determines what outcome you get.

One of the natural laws states that “a body will continue to be in a state of inertia until a force(pull or push) is applied.” So, events must surely happen but your response to it is what gives you the edge.

Very many people, blame the government, the laws, their blog design, and give countless excuses as to why they are not moving forward, but successful bloggers does the opposite.

When their is an Event (O), the successful person positively respond (R), and this gives them the desired Result (R).

Stop complaining over lack of web traffic, lack of money, problems in your home, pressing bills to take care of. Instead, don’t allow the events happening to dictate your response.

Give yourself a pat on the shoulder, and challenge yourself for success.

5. Thinking Outside The Box

When this blog went live few months ago, my major problem was similar to yours. How do I drive free targeted traffic that would read my articles, comment and share on social media sites? Isn’t that a common concern, off course it is?

But today, it’s a different ball game. My monthly pageviews for August was above 7,038. Mind you, this blog went live on the 26th of July, 2011 so this is approximately 2 months.

I’m making headway, my subscriber base is increasing at the speed of inflation and money is rolling in. Why?

I looked outside the box.

Instead of wasting time on forums, social networking sites and chatting with friends on skype, I focused my efforts on guest posting. I wrote 10 guest posts weekly and that within 1 month, I had 34 guest articles published across the web.

You should start thinking outside the box.

Stop wasting time on discussion boards. It wasn’t created to waste your time, but to give you product creation ideas. The people in this forums are desperate to make sales, so why must they visit your site in the first place, when they know you’re a marketer.

Stay off the radar and concentrate on what works like guest posting, search engine optimization, article marketing with twist, press releases etc.

6. Dream Big… Don’t Be Tired!

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you’ll land amongst the stars” (anonymous).

That’s so powerful because dreams is what makes a man. When you don’t dream, the future is blink. If I should ask you right now what pictures you see about your business in the next 3 – 5 years, what would your response be?

Isn’t it cruel to know that several bloggers who pride themselves as experts, have no dreams. They simply live their lives accepting whatever happens – stop right there and think.

If today is moving like a snail, what efforts are you putting to enhance your speed. Have dreams and make sure they are big ones.

7. Become Generous… It Works!

Generosity forces the law of nature to work in your favor. When you’re generous enough to give your knowledge, the invisible intelligence becomes your servant. He would direct your paths and ensure the lines fall in your own way.

Don’t be overly mindful of money. Do you realise that Coca Cola sponsors and supports a lot of events, including African Children Initiatives, lifting impoverished countries in Asia and Africa.

What have you done for others since you started blogging, How many struggling bloggers have you shown the way up, without asking for $37 or $47 for a crappy e-book that was refurbished?

The success of others are tied to you, become generous and money would come automatically.

8. Marketing Isn’t War!

Do you see marketing as being in war?

I know some experts call it the marketing war, but that doesn’t make it a war. Coca Cola understands the psychology of humans, and what makes them to continually respond to her offers.

Marketing is all about identifying a specific groups need, creating a product around that need, build relationship with this group and then fill the need (sell the product).

If any of your activities as a blogger is contrary to this, you’re making the world a dangerous place.

You’re heading for failure – start today, it’s not too late. Re-adjust your marketing principles and work on making prospect’s happy and fulfilled. That’s the real essence of being online, and where the real money lies.

9. People Judge A Book By Its Cover

Gone where the days, when people are zealous to read a particular book, attend a conference even without considering the packaging.

For your marketing campaigns to yield results, you need to make them beautiful.

I don’t even like visiting a blog that is crappy, lacks a charming design and has a lot of confusing sidebar. I like simplicity, well blended colors and enhanced texts.

What about you? Do you feel comfortable reading a blog posts, that’s difficult to navigate? Be honest with yourself!

So, in order not to lose your marketing funds, precious time and wasted potentials, build a powerful blog that is easy to navigate, pleasing to the eyes, catchy e-covers for your reports and have powerful landing pages.

10. Brand Diversification

As time goes on, you may want to diversify your brand, by having several brands under one Umbrella. Take for instance, CocaCola has a lot of brand names, they don’t have to depend on the popular CocaCola. Off course, you’ve got to make others popular too.

If your first blog is making raves, take a bold step and build a new blog. Start working on both, making both popular and if you’re too busy to handle the next project, outsource to skilled people.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. You won’t be able to bear the burden, when the tides run against you. So, get diversified creatively. Passive income is what we all crave for.

Marketing Takeaway

If this blog post have inspired you in any little way, why not share it with your twitter followers. I’m of the thoughts that this piece is great for your friends too. In any case, I leave you to make your comments below and give your frank comments. See you at the top!

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