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5 Social Media Marketing Essentials eCommerce Store Owners Should Remember This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and most companies are starting their marketing strategies in line with it. Knowing that every single company is planning out their promotion plans and strategy for the holidays, you would wonder what could make your marketing stand out among the others and what are the essentials that you should...

Instagram marketing

13 Tips on How to Promote Your Content on Instagram

Challenging the bad omen that number 13 brings, these hand-picked tips are definitely dead serious. Adding up or reducing the number is not an option if these 13 tips are really what it takes for you to consider using Instagram as a marketing strategy in promoting the contents of your blog. 1. Fill in excellent...

6 Social Media Techniques That Gives SEO A Boost

Search engine optimisation and social media are two interwoven strategies. Both of these approaches are inbound and organic strategies that look to create an appealing identity that will naturally attract visitors. Regarding social media, high-quality content must be relied on heavily along with a strong and visible brand presence. Your SEO campaign can improve social...

social media management vs social media marketing

Social media marketing vs. Social media management: The Major Difference

Pushing your brand and content through social media is a smart way to influence a huge number of people and convert many of them into your followers. Facebook has just recently announced that it crossed the 2 billion mark in active users. This means that over 20% of world’s population uses it and this fact...

How to Combat Negative SEO

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7 Free Content Marketing Tools That You Still Don’t Know About

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