Rank Math Pricing: How Much Does it Cost [2023]?

Rank Math cost

There’s no assumptions in SEO. You either have the data or you don’t. With Rank Math, you’ll have all the essential data about keywords, ranking positions, schema, content gaps, links, and so much more. Before we explore how Rank Math can help you with advanced search engine optimization, how much does it cost per month? … Read more

5 Best Way to Index Your Website Fast in Search Engines

index website in Google

If your website isn’t in Google’s Index, there is a zero percent chance that your website will gain organic traffic.  Indexation, simplified for everyone, is the second step in Google’s process of ranking (crawling, indexing, and ranking).  Most of the traffic produced by a website comes from results on a search engine, specifically Google that … Read more

10 Most Common Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

link building

Links have always been an essential part of any SEO strategy. In fact, Backlinko analyzed Google Search Rankings and found that backlinks affect the results more than any other factor. Backlinks point to the relevance and usefulness of your content page. To Google, a lot of high quality backlinks from authority sites means that you … Read more