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Internet Marketing

Take internet marketing to the next level

opt-in pages

How to Create High-Converting Opt-in Pages for Your Business

While there are several variations of opt-in pages there are some simple rules an online marketing company will recommend following when designing opt-in pages which generate high-quality leads for businesses. A Simple Formula for High-Converting Opt-In Pages A high-converting opt-in page has five main elements: Lead-in The lead-in is the very first sentence a visitor...


Top 6 Ways How Content Marketing Can Help Your Startup Venture Grow

“Content isn’t king, it’s the kingdom.”                                                       – Lee Odden, Author From Jeff Bezos of Amazon to Evan Williams of Twitter, every successful entrepreneur in today’s world was once a startup owner, who fought his own struggle and never chose to give up. A crucial aspect or a major contributing factor behind the story of these...

Personalized marketing

5 Personalized Marketing Techniques for Maximum Ecommerce Engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Vice President of Predictive and Web Products, Eric Tobias says: “forward-thinking organizations are already personalizing customer touch points across physical and electronic channels” With the latest tech advancements, the rise in the field of analytics and behaviors has appeared. It helps you divide your audience into different segments and demographics. As a...

SEO tools

Top 7 SEO Tools for Complete Site Analysis

A lot of business owners get excited upon starting SEO for their business. There are actually a lot of people who find the tasks involved in SEO fun. But, most of them get stuck and give up at the results analysis stage. There are just so many figures and technical data that it is so...

content marketing

How to Select the Best Format to Export Content Marketing Videos

Video has grown to dominate content marketing – and for good reason. Simply put there is no other form of content that holds a candle to it in terms of attracting, retaining, and engaging viewers. If you’re starting to create videos to include in your content marketing strategy then you’re obviously on the right track....

affiliate marketing

How to Earn Passive Income Through Affiliate Marketing Software

The new age marketing technique, affiliate marketing makes use of the Affiliate Marketing Software to simplify the management of the affiliate marketing business in quite a number of ways. Passive income. The magic word that attracts a long line of people to queue up in search of ways to earn a secondary income with no...