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Digital Marketing Steps to Boost Your Online Business

There’s no need to stress how important it is to create an online presence for your business. With the rise of social media it’s no longer optional, so you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you haven’t got, or are not working on your online presence and digital marketing techniques. Every business needs customers, and...

How To Market A New Invention

So you’ve had an idea and are at the stage where your invention is actually looking functional and you are thinking it may be time to take it to the world. But how do you go about doing this? It is one of the most common stumbling blocks as you generally don’t need to be...

utm tracking links

How to Leverage UTM Tracking Links on Social Media

How much do you really know about your social media traffic? Where is it coming from, exactly? And most importantly… what works and what doesn’t? Your web and social media analytics can only tell you so much about your traffic and audience; but with UTM tracking links, you can take things one step further to...

fomo marketing

How to Use FOMO Marketing to Boost Your Social Media Strategies

The fear of missing out (FOMO) has only become an official term in 2013; not that long ago for a concept that has existed for as long as you can possibly remember. It’s a timeless angst present in movies, books, and every teen drama series on TV. Long before the term FOMO was coined, the...

content marketing

10 Content Marketing Tips to Generate More Organic Traffic and Conversion

Growth — that is what one aims for, no? Once you have established a strong footing in the market, your goal should be to grow even further. And it is not as easy as it might sound. Breaking through the clutter, keeping up with the latest trends and experimenting with your marketing techniques requires time...

opt-in pages

How to Create High-Converting Opt-in Pages for Your Business

While there are several variations of opt-in pages there are some simple rules an online marketing company will recommend following when designing opt-in pages which generate high-quality leads for businesses. A Simple Formula for High-Converting Opt-In Pages A high-converting opt-in page has five main elements: Lead-in The lead-in is the very first sentence a visitor...