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guest blogging

Guest blogging: New Ways to Improve Your Search Traffic and Rankings

SEO campaigns flourish on the quality of content, and every marketer is well aware of it. Since content aids communication with the audience and builds relationships, it plays a vital role in creating audience engagement. Given that SEO success depends on the extent of viewer engagement, no marketer can dare to overlook the power of...

multilingual content

How To Develop Multilingual Content Strategy

Content marketing is not for the faint at heart. You can do a lot more with it. Reaching out to your target audience in other languages, other than English language is important. And you need a strategy to make it work! Development of a multilingual content strategy is all about understanding the multicultural differences. In...

guest posting strategy

How To Create a Scalable Guest Posting Strategy

Having a blog where you generate regular, informative content that focuses on topics relevant to you/your business and your industry can be an effective marketing strategy. Combine this with proper keyword research and SEO, and you have a great channel to market yourself. The total number of bloggers in the world is expected to reach...

create credible content

4 Pieces of Content Every Website Should Have to Make it More Credible

There are more than 4 billion web pages indexed on the internet. If a visitor or potential client comes to your page among these billions of pages, you should do everything that you can to turn that luck into a long-term relationship. The problem is that many people are skeptical of most websites that they...


Why Blogging Is Critical For Your Business

Blogging has a lot of benefits for businesses. It works to draw organic traffic, engage customers, build brand awareness, differentiate you from your competitors, convert customers; and it will keep doing all these things long after publishing. That’s a lot of value for something that’s relatively simple to set up and doesn’t cost you anything...

content marketing

The Simple Secret to Prioritizing Content Marketing Projects

Content Marketing is a field in marketing that is constantly evolving. Every year, there seems to be a number of content marketing trends and new ways to think about content marketing. Consequently, this can make it challenging for a content marketing manager to decipher which marketing priorities to focus on first and foremost. I have...