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Canon Powershot SX 50


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I decided to write this Canon Powershot SX 50 Review to share my experiences so far because I use it every day at work & at home.

I’m a writer and I website designer. So my job requires quality photos.

Also, I want to help you make a wise buying decision by highlighting the key features so that you can choose to buy this camera or another. I wish you’ll only try this camera today.

The good news is that if you want to experience a new world of photography, without getting limited by all other digital cameras in the market and their features, the Canon Powershot SX 50 might just be the right one for you.

I ordered my own device from Amazon 3 weeks ago, and received it 2 days after. I was eager to learn what it has and what it doesn’t. Because prior to that time, I had the Lumix camera.

This world’s first 50x Optical Zoom, contains a wide-angle image that’s stabilized and it’s 24mm for the Optical Zoon.

My goal is to make this Canon Powershopt SX 50 review as honest as possible. So, let’s begin by highlighting the key features:

Canon Powershot SX 50 Features


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By the way, if you want to quickly check out the current camera price on Amazon, click here. You’ll be able to experiment with the 12.1 Mega Pixels CMOS sensor which is wired for High-Sensitivity.

The sensor comes with a DIGIC 5 Image Process. I truly like the flexibility that Canon Powershot SX 50 digital camera provides, even for a novice user/photographer.

Looking at the Video – this high definition camera has a 1080p Full HD Video and equipped with a movie button that’s DEDICATED for that purpose alone.

Speed is one thing photographers and everyone who’s ever desired to buy canon camera crave after – that’s why the High-Speed AF, High-speed Burst HQ uses 10 frames for maximum quality.

Another feature that’s optional is the Speedlites, which is compatible with the in-Built Shoe.


Shoot Photos – Experience a World of Fun

With my Canon Powershot SX 50 camera, I was able to capture a lot of memorable events which I’ll never forget.

I discovered that you can zero in on people’s expressions even on a crowded stage and then record the wildlife shots so easily. You can take shots of events, sports and several occasions without the need for an external photographer.

And you can learn and master Powershot SX 50 faster than several other digital cameras, because it’s user-friendly and automatically adjusts to help you achieve your goal.

With the 24-1200mm, you can capture high large volume of landscape images. It doesn’t matter how close or far you are from the target.

Just press a button and the system will remember your initial zoom location. This in turn zooms out to help you get a fantastic position before you can release your hand.


Spectacular Image Quality

Canon Powershot SX 50 uses the Smart AUTO function and the 58 predefined shooting positions to produce a beautiful image quality, no matter the weather or environment you find yourself.

And because this is a Can Powershop SX 50 review, I need to point out the fact that you can actually use the Canon’s futuristic Face ID feature to register up to 12 faces on your camera.

Afterwards, you can proceed and adjust the various faces, giving each one a priority over others with regards to Exposure and Focus.

This means that even in group photography scenes, you can creatively achieve greater shots of your kids, family and friends.

Most Canon Powershot series actually allows this feature, but they’re not as flexible as the SX 50 model.

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