7 Useful Call-To-Action Tactics That Can Grow Your Income by 108%

grow your income

Are you ready to grow your income by 108%?

Certainly, you want to profit from blog readers and prospects who visit your website/blog on a daily basis.

Money is a strong motivator – don’t you think so?

It doesn’t matter how passionate you’re, there are times in your life when turning profit becomes a necessity.

Most of the time, we miss great opportunities available to us – people wants to buy what we’re selling, but they need a nudge!

If you’re like most marketers, the only strategy you use to persuade is hype.

We’ve been spoon-fed with lies for so such a long time – you need to adjust and do the right things today.

Deep within, you’re desperate to profit online (make a living). You want to increase sales, generate more traffic, build top notch credibility and bank several thousand dollars per month. Isn’t that all you ever wanted?

Call-to-action: Pause and read!

Before you go any further, I want you to pause whatever you’re doing and concentrate on this post. It can change the way you do business online. Hmm, content marketing is at work here.

It’s a very important topic and I know you’ve been searching for the right answer. I do not promise to give the heavenly solutions, but after reading this, you’ll go out there and begin to profit – it’s a guarantee!

Enough of the stalling, it’s time to create something that the world can connect with and improve their lives. I’m challenging you to dare go through this entire post. I’m glad you will.

A new light would shine in your path and supply the fresh insight needed to transform a dying business into a Rockstar.

Are you ready to grow your income and build your brand? Let’s explore the 7 useful call-to-action tactics that works like magic:

1.    Call yourself to order

Everyone is doing it and so, you don’t want to be left behind. Most marketers whose primary objective is to sell don’t realize how buyers react. You don’t expect people to take action when you’re desperate. Confidence is the master-key.

Being desperate can ruin your business and chase buyers away – call yourself to order.

Some people still continues to use the same marketing tactics that failed them. Of course, there is a place for focus and perseverance, but when you’re convinced that a particular system isn’t working for you – you’ve to call yourself to order.

No one is going to call you to order. It’s your sole responsibility. Will you do that today?

2.    What are you offering?

Secondly, what are you offering to people that would inspire them to take action? It’s all about standing out from the crowd (branding).

You’ve to offer a product or service to your target audience. Unfortunately, most blogs I’ve come across don’t have a specific product or service they’re offering to the market.

Ironically, the same bloggers are the ones who complain that they’re not making any money from their blogs.

I can imagine how realistic their goals are – they don’t sell popcorn, neither. Before you ask people to take action, be specific on what you’re offering to the prospect. It’s very important.

3.    A single action begets another

Call-to-action marketing has been around for awhile. It’s an art. But you’ve to realize that a single action can beget another. For instance, when you ask blog readers to subscribe to your newsletter, do you stop there?

If you can get people to take the first action, nothing can stop them from taking the second, provided you’re in line with meeting their needs.

So, think of the second action that a reader or buy must take when they arrive at the other end.

If you’re selling an e-book, after the purchase, you should recommend a valuable report, manifesto or whitepaper which complements the primary product to help drive your message home. We call this the backend offer.

Amazon as a credible company had used this backend strategy to sell more of their products without incurring extra costs. They still offer free super shipping for high ticket products, but they can squeeze out more cash from the buyer (you and I). A nice tip for you!

4.    Add emotional triggers to the mix

When you press the emotional trigger buttons, blog readers, prospects and buyers would have no choice than to click, subscribe, fling their credit cards and buy whatever you’re selling. But what exactly are emotional triggers?

You should know what I’m talking about – pains and pleasure.

If you watch closely while chatting with friends and colleagues at work, you would discover that people are careful to avoid pains, but they can go extra miles to gain pleasure. And guess what?

When someone has $1, he or she would prefer to safeguard the dollar, rather than gaining $1 extra. In order words, people think in terms of what they stand to lose more than the gains.

If you want people to take action right now, when you write your blog posts, email letters and copy, reveal more of what people stand to lose if they ignore your product or whatever offer you’re making.

The click-through rates will go through the roof. However, you’ve to be creative when using pains to initiate action. I’ll show you how.

5.    Balance pain with one strong benefit

As a copywriter, we understand that showing people how to get out of debt is more powerful than showing the same people the 7 steps to earn a million dollar in 6 months.

But some people do it wrongly. You’ve to balance pain with one strong benefit – yes, just one.

If you want people to visit your website, is there a good reason why they should?

Let’s assume you just published a resourceful blog post and want to publicize it. What is the strongest benefit of reading the post?

You’ve to pinpoint the strongest benefit and use it to call-for-action. Telling people to take action shouldn’t be a task, but a mutual step. It works like guest posting – the blogger gets fresh and quality content, while you get targeted traffic, backlinks, build your brand image, make money and so on.

Even though you captured their interest using the above copywriting tactic – pain, make sure you offer a strong benefit to help eliminate doubts. Here’s an example:

“7 quick ways to get rid of acne in 7 days, 100% drug-free!”

Note: I added 100% drug-free to show how authentic and natural my acne solution is. It’s my strongest benefit and it works effectively for blog posts, guest posts, copywriting, and email marketing and so on.

6.    Entertain people with stories     entertain with stories

Stories are powerful ways to convince people that what you’re offering is unique and natural.

Content marketing has made it extremely lively to connect with people at their own level of reasoning.

Rather than employing guess work with the hope of meeting your audience’s needs, entertaining people with stories has a strong connection.

If you sell affiliate software for example and wants to increase your sales, sharing a story of how one affiliate marketer increased clicks to his or her salespage by using your product can increase clicks and sales.

And for bloggers, we’re great story-tellers by virtue of our career. Which life experiences resonate with your audience? Use every weapon you’ve to communicate in a lively manner. Don’t try to fake stories.

You’ve gone through a lot already in this life – use the stories to communicate effectively and call-to-action immediately.

When people are still in the aura of your story, they would gladly subscribe to your email list for more life-transforming stories and entertainment. Yes, I know so.

7.    Ask people to take a step further

If everything else didn’t work, asking people to take action definitely will. Oftentimes, we assume that our audience (blog readers, buyers, prospects and so on) already knows what they want.

At the basic level, they do. But when the options are too many, making the right choice is often a dilemma. So many options puts the reader/buyer off-balance. Few is often better than multiple – social triggers.

By asking, I mean you should instruct people to check out your latest product or download your short report/e-book.

Command people to buy your affiliate product. Instruct them to join your membership site and if your readers are yet to opt-in to your email list, ask them to do it now. There is nothing wrong with asking.

It’s legitimate. It works like charm and if you would gladly persuade people to take the right action, you would profit more. Nevertheless, there is a clause to this.

Before you can ask people to take action instantly, you must have earned a level of trust.

If your content are strong, helpful and easy to digest, the trust level would be high at this point. Perch on your prospect’s shoulder and command her to click the hot button right now – don’t be scared!

Call-to-action hack

Your target audience is at your own mercy. Industry expert, John Morrow has revealed that blog readers are always asleep when they visit your blog.

You’ve to wake them up with a strong headline and dazzle their quest for right answers with powerful introductions.

How do you instruct blog readers and prospects to take action? I’d be glad if you can share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Could you please do that now?

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