Call To Action Marketing – Have You Been Using It?

If you believe in call to action marketing, let me see your right hand up, alright, I’m counting, 1, 2, 3 and 4. That’s so fantastic! So, you know what I’m talking about right now, huh?

What Is Call to Action Marketing

First, call to action is a phrase used to depict how a seller, a copy or an ad delivers on its primary purpose – SELLING. Whether we like it or not, we are all selling and if you don’t like the idea of selling, maybe you should check out my posts in the next 10 years.

In simple terms, a call to action is a trigger that causes the reader, a prospective buyer to take action and click your link, banners and eventually make purchases.

Whether you first capture their email address to build a list, the ULTIMATE GOAL is to convert them into buyers. I know the importance of a strong call to action and if you do it well, you will not only drive targeted buyers to your site, but also, you will build a strong business innate PORTFOLIO that attracts paying clients.

Why A Call to Action?

Without a strong call to action, it’s a total waste of time writing articles, constructing copies and creating fantastic videos. I see a lot of mediocre marketing every time. If only you realize the amount of cash you throw away, your overall business would grow faster and easier.

Do Buyers Buy?

Even though they are ready to buy, they won’t take any action until you ask them to. When writing your blog posts for instance, no one would care about writing a frank comment until you ask them to. Sometimes it happens without you asking but the right approach is to ask them to.

While in High School, we were taught that buyers will not buy anything from you, until you give them the reasons why they should. But this goes even deeper; you must ask them to take action right now.

So, How Do I Ask People To Take Action?

Fantastic question! While marketing online, you must realize that there are two sets of people who would visit and read your copies and product reviews. The first set of people are those are want to buy, the second are targeted but they don’t want to buy yet.

Maybe no money, they are still contemplating or the cash in their pocket belongs to their wife? Isn’t that possible?

Don’t waste your time convincing those who are not inclined to buy, focus on those that are ready.

Here’s the Litmus Test
To get better results for whatever effort you put into marketing and writing an ad, make sure you research properly.

Write Your Posts, Copies and Ad after Proper Research

Don’t do this the other way; it’s research first, then writing. This gives you the right mindset and helps you target the targeted buyers with the right words. Someone who is ready to buy is constantly looking for ACTION WORDS like buy now, click here now, visit site now, do this now and do that now.

Will It Work For Me?

Your blog posts when properly research and the right keywords embedded could be showing on Google top 10 within 21 days. Actually, you can achieve faster results depending on how deep your on-page SEO is.

Now, when your title shows up on search engines, what makes buyers click on your title is the same thing that makes them to buy. Don’t shy away from the core call to action. If you sell something, give them a mindset that when they come over to your site, they are likely to buy.

With this in place, your conversions would soar to the roof. Your traffic would increase every day. What better way can you build your credibility as a marketer than delivering on what your ad says.

These simple nuggets could help you attract more traffic to your site/blog, increase your conversion and improve your business image. I hope you take action today – share your comment below and see you at the top!