Buzzsprout vs Captivate: Which Podcasting Platform is Better?

If you’re a podcaster and want to find out whether Buzzsprout or Captivate is the right choice for your business, keep reading.

We’ll examine Buzzsprout’s “Magic Mastering” feature, its monetization options, and its directory.

Also, discover whether Captivate is more flexible for your needs. Both are excellent choices, but the decision is difficult.

Buzzsprout’s “Magic Mastering” feature

Magic Mastering is a handy feature that streamlines audio editing. It applies smart adaptive leveling, which is similar to the Instagram filter for audio files, to correct volume differences between speakers and music, speech, and other types of audio.

It can also automatically adjust the volume of your music and remove background noise. As a bonus, Buzzsprout offers an affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn money from your podcasts.

The free tier of Buzzsprout allows you to upload up to two hours of audio per month. This includes a free podcast, unlimited episodes, and advanced statistics. It does, however, include ads. There’s also an upgrade plan that allows you to upload more content, but at a cost. Magic Mastering is a paid feature. You should choose the right plan based on your goals and budget.

The free version of Buzzsprout’s podcasting platform includes a basic set of features, including a blog and a website. There are also paid plans that allow you to upload up to twelve hours of audio a month. The free plan is perfect for those who are just starting to build a podcast and are unsure of their technical abilities. However, be warned: the free version doesn’t come without advertisements. Buzzsprout does have ads on its website, so you’ll probably see some. However, if you’re not willing to pay a subscription for this, you won’t be able to use Buzzsprout’s Magic Mastering feature.

Magic Mastering is available to subscribers in paid tiers, which come without ads and allow you to record for more hours per month. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can delete the episode and upload it without Magic Mastering. Magic Mastering doesn’t cost you anything until your monthly cycle renews. In addition, it’s easy to try Magic Mastering without a subscription.

Its free plan

If you’re just starting out with podcasting, you may want to check out Buzzsprout. You can use their free plan to post up to two hours of audio per month. After 90 days, your episodes will automatically be deleted. The free plan also limits your uploads to 45 minutes per week, but if you’re serious about podcasting, you can upgrade to the $12/month premium plan, which has more features and allows for unlimited bandwidth and storage.

There are a number of features to consider when choosing a plan. The free plan offers up to 250 GB of bandwidth, which is more than enough to get over 20,000 downloads per episode. The Pro Plan offers a more robust plan with unlimited bandwidth and includes up to 1 TB of outbound data transfer. After that, the plan costs 50 USD per terabyte of excess bandwidth. There’s also a 90-day trial plan, which allows you to upload up to two hours of content per month. Afterward, however, Buzzsprout deletes the files, so make sure you save the files.

There are also monthly plans on Buzzsprout. You can sign up for $12/month for three hours of audio upload. You can also choose a six-hour plan for $24. However, if you plan to upload more than 12 hours per month, the pricing structure is somewhat confusing. You can buy additional bandwidth at $2/hour, but it’s best to subscribe to a monthly plan if you’re serious about podcasting.

Its monetization options

Monetizing your digital properties is a key element of creating a successful app. It does not necessarily mean selling products. Rather, it refers to earning revenue from your website in other ways. Here are the options available to you. – Manage global pricing models and in-app products. – Manage subscriptions, refunds, sales, and other financial reports. – Learn the basics of Google Play monetization options. – Understand policies and tax requirements associated with monetization.

Its directory

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Its ‘listeners’ stat

Spotify tracks daily and monthly listener trends, allowing you to analyze how your music is performing in relation to similar songs. These stats can help you tailor your marketing efforts toward a specific audience. Additionally, Spotify also tracks the number of active users and can help you determine the popularity of your artist or track. By leveraging these metrics, you can improve your engagement and download numbers. In turn, this information will improve your monetization options.

Listener data in Spreaker includes country of origin. For instance, the darkest-colored countries have the most listener sessions. Conversely, the lighter shades of colors indicate fewer listener sessions from that country. The count of active listeners and session starts are also listed in this section. The total aggregated TLH for each country is also shown. This information is vital for marketing purposes. For example, you’ll want to track how many people listen to your show in each country.

Wrap Up

Unique listeners are a useful metric for tracking engagement rates and growth over time. If your podcast has increased downloads, it’s on the right track. In addition, it shows an overview of downloads over six different timeframes. You can also compare downloads in the past and present to your audience’s growth. Captivate is an excellent podcasting platform, and it’s easy to get started with your podcast.