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“The money is in the list!”    email list building

How many times have you heard that?

But if no one opens your email, you’ll be broke.

In this post, you’ll also learn how to write clickable email subject lines that will grow your business.

Specifically, you’ll discover how I increased my open rates from the usual 14% – 22%.

It doesn’t get better than for you to understand how the phrase can impact your content marketing goals.

The truth is, until you start building a list, you’re not actually in business.

Of course, your website might be generating thousands of targeted traffic monthly, but if the people are not on your list, they’re just like strangers.

Forget about repeat visits – it’s harder than you think.

It takes hard work and tweaking to encourage repeat visitors. Instead of taking that difficult route, start building your list today. Yes, today!

In this article, you’ll learn the 5 core reasons why email marketing is the bedrock of content marketing & your business. You need to set things in motion.

Whether you’re a blogger or affiliate marketer or freelancer, the asset you should invest in is the mailing list. So, what are the five core reasons?

#1. You can build a better relationship

As they say, “people buy from who they trust, and like.” If you’re a business owner, the best way to start connecting with your target audience; solve their problems and become the go-to-person is via email marketing.

It’s true that email is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it’s still as effective as ever.

Most experts have list in the hundreds and millions. When someone joins your list, they’ve given you an open check to keep talking to them and probably, cash in.

And this is paramount to your success. Permission marketing is the only element that guarantees long-term success.

Sure, you could communicate on Twitter and Facebook, but the intimacy on the inbox is much more engaging. Your audience is eager to have you onboard. Start building a relationship today – via the inbox.

#2. You could make more money

Relationship marketing is a continuous thing. It doesn’t end in a week or a year. To remain relevant and fresh, always communicate your brand. Your identity and why you’re the best to work with.

Yes, it’s going to take some time to bring results, but with focus and a definite goal, you could make more money via email marketing.

I didn’t realize the potentials of turning a profit online when I started a few years ago. Funny enough, when I see bloggers and internet marketers sending traffic to a salespage, it makes me want to puke.

Consumers are still the same, but their taste and buying decisions are gradually shifting from what we know. To make more money online, quality content is no longer enough.

Being personal is the key. And an effective email marketing campaign can be of help in this regard. Create a product or join a valuable affiliate program. As you continue to build relationship with subscribers, recommend products and make extra income when they buy.

#3. Email is the best way to bring repeat visitors


When you reduce your bounce rate, your ranking would increase as well. Google tracks the number of people who visit your website, and when they come back through the same IP address, it’s a plus to you web page.

What about list building?

You can build your list through guest blogging. And most importantly, when follow up with your

subscribers, we’ve experimented and found that shorter email subject lines produce better open rates.

We saw a 22% open rates on shorter email subject lines. See screenshot below:

shorter email subject lines

And that’s why you need to start collecting leads. This way, you can follow up with new and old subscribers about your latest blog posts, slideshows and even YouTube videos.

Repeat visitors would understand your content better. They can feel obliged to share your post and refer friends and family to your website.

New visitors may not go the extra mile. This also means that for your online business to grow, you need intelligent minds and hands. Let other people help you – and this people are mostly going to be repeat readers.

Why? Because they like your content and they’ve tagged you an “expert” who truly cares about them.

#4. The inbox is more important than social media networks

More than anything you’ve ever heard, the email inbox is a goldmine. The noise about social media and all the hype is way too much to grow your business.

More than 500Million bloggers are active members on Facebook and Twitter. I mean active, not registered.

But guess what? Only a handful truly understands how to use the network. Others are just wasting precious time instead of investing time, hoping that one that, they’d hit a jackpot. They’d drive thousands of traffic to their website and make money.

Isn’t this madness? Email marketing has grown tremendously in the past few months.

Intelligent marketers are now leveraging the inbox to position their brands and increase their worth exponentially. Don’t be like those who join the crowd, let the inbox become your #1 asset.

#5. Email leads are assets, which means you’re in business

Are you really in business?

If a 2-year old should throw this question at you, what would your honest answer be? You see, most people think they’re in business, when in the real sense of it, they’re not.

The fact that you registered a domain name, got a web hosting plan and update your website regularly doesn’t make any difference.

Get this: thousands of marketers around the world can do that. And if that’s all you do, you can’t stand out.

Blog readers and target audience only connect with those who have gained deeper knowledge about their chosen topic.

Your subscribers ought to receive exclusive contents, apart from the generic blog posts and videos you create.

Email leads are assets. Just like a brick and mortar business, an asset is the only element that secures your future. Savvy people invest in landed properties, Machinery, Stocks and Bonds.

On the internet, the best investment is on leads. I’m talking about quality leads, from people who want to increase their knowledgebase. Channel your efforts on permission marketing; it’s the wave of the future.

Do you’ve a mailing list yet?

What steps are you taking to increase your email subscribers?

Have you ever made money from your list? If yes, how were you able to convince subscribers to buy from you? Share your comment below. See you at the top!