Get Started With Brand Marketing – Can Guest Posting Help?

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Every marketing activity you get engaged in on the internet should be geared towards improving your brand.

If you’re creative, guest posting alone can help you dominate your marketing worlds and make you a success. The benefits of guest posting isn’t limited to driving targeted traffic, or building quality backlinks.

What about Getting known?

How do you raise your head up and get a standing ovation online? Believe me, it takes guts and plenty of advertising.

But thanks to this hot system. Guest posting can build your brand faster than Search Engine Marketing. Let’s consider it:

Do You Know What Branding Is About?

To simplify this whole concept; a brand is your identity while a brand name is that name that prospects, groups and friends use to identify your business. The modern marketing activities is not to sell today and disappear through the sky, you’re to remain relevant even in years to come.

Prospects, customers and buyers are reluctant to buy from you because they’re scared of losing their hard earned money. If they decides to invest in your services, will your business still be there by next month?

Ask yourself this question. Are you a full time content marketer or are you doing it in order to raise few dollars to clear your bills?

The Very Essence Of Guest Posting

Come to think of it, a great article idea just dropped on your mind and you decides to pitch an A-list blogger. Do you know what’s happening in the midst of this?

Let me show you… some bloggers are extremely successful. With huge network of other successful bloggers all queuing and eager to read the next blog post.

That’s where you come in. By writing for these blogs and getting featured on their homepage, you’re on your way to the top. It doesn’t take years to become successful online, but it takes confidence and creativity.

Look at every successful content marketer out there, Brian Clark (copyblogger), Pat Flynn (smartpassiveincome), Yaro Starak ( etc. It’s not as if they have a heavenly secret that keep them afloat, it’s the angle they approach blogging from.

What’s your angle? Remember, there is no new thing on the face of the earth. What remains for you is to approach every system with a new insight, concept and be unique in your own way.

The very essence of guest posting is to build your brand. Enhance your web presence and become famous so that when you recommend a product or service, you would be seen as an expert who knows what he’s saying.

Write Guest Posts As If You Mean It

I see a lot of bloggers who write 10 guest posts a day with the hope of getting all published. If you ask me, I think they’re getting it wrong. They may succeed in publishing all and getting trickles of traffic, but what happens to your brand name.

How are you going to write quality, informative and creative article when your brain isn’t relaxed?

Write guest posts as if you mean it. When you find yourself struggling to type in those words in your head, give yourself a break. Walk down the street, observe the cool serenity of nature and come back rejuvenated.

You’ll churn out better contents for effective brand marketing.

What Experts Are Known For!

Do you know how successful bloggers and internet marketers made it to the top? The answer is simple but often neglected. They simply focus on one particular aspect of their business and master it. That means, if you’re an internet marketer, you should analyze your strengths and determine the exact area that you can explore and succeed.

For instance, this blog you’re reading is a web traffic blog. However, the competition is fierce and getting noticed in this niche takes extra brand awareness and plenty of targeted traffic.

I thought about it for a while and come to a conclusion that uniqueness is simplicity.

And because I’ve had great success with guest posting, I’m known all over the web as a great writer (that’s what they say), I’ve decided to focus on this strength.

I’ll no longer talk about generic web traffic tips, but guest posting tips as it relates to marketing, branding, sales and conversion.

It’s barely a week since I started focusing on guest posting and other related topics, but I’m recording huge success already. I’ve attract more responsive readers now and the conversion rate is reduced.

That’s the power of efficient targeting.

Guest Posting Quote

“It’s not what you write that matters, but how you write it!….Michael Chibuzor”

This single quote is true for every article you put out there. Ensure you know what you’re saying. When everyone is talking about 7 ways to drive targeted traffic, don’t go with the crowd.

Pick a single system and explain it. That’s how to eliminate all the roadblocks associated with brand marketing and make the journey smoother. Guest posting works if you do it well. What do you think? Share your comments below…

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  1. I agree with you on not writing 10 guest posts a day. You may be getting links, but you most likely won’t get much traffic. Take your time when writing these posts because the higher quality posts will get noticed a lot more, have a higher acceptance rate, get you more traffic to your site which equals more money, and the list goes on.

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