Three Actionable Blogging Tactics For 2014

SUCCESSful bloggers take action. It’s your turn.  blogging tactics

In the blogging world, there are several tips provided by key influencers and top bloggers.

These tips will make you learn about the blogging system and how blog can be a more effective branding channel.

With those blogging strategies and techniques, it is now difficult to separate the wheat from the chaffs.

A few experts are only providing actionable tips or step by step guides to help improve the blogging skills of their followers.

However, in this post, I’ll be sharing a short list of blogging tips that can teach you a few processes to make your blogging more effective.

Let’s get started.

Create one useful content piece every month

Aside from publishing your regular blog posts, you should plan to create one content asset every month. This asset would give you more traction in the community and could bring you search and referral traffic (from people who link to your content from their blogs).

Your aim in this approach is to become a content authority in the niche. With this, you’ll have to share your expertise and the best possible solutions to your targeted audience.

To find a content topic that could resonate to your audience, you could use Open Site Explorer. Grab the URL of a non-competitor website but is also targeting the same audience as yours. Click the “Top Pages” tab, and filter the results by 4xx.

This would give you a list of dead pages that are gold mines for content creation. Grab them to and see their histories.

If the pieces in the histories are somewhat related to your website and are possible to be created by your team, then list them down in a spreadsheet for content generation phase.

Guest blog strategically

The future of guest blogging is moving towards content authority and relevancy.

If you’re guest blogging for the sake of earning links, you will probably waste your time since there are more benefits you can get from guest blogging beside links.

Your guest blogging should be strategic as possible.

To get started, find guest blogging opportunities using Followerwonk and Google search.

Find a key influencer in your industry that is actively contributing to guest blogging sites. Then search for his name on Google search (his guest posts will automatically pop up on the search results) or add the phrase “guest post” to your search query.


[google-search— “guest post” name]

Use Mozbar to identify your link targets’ Domain Authority (DA). Then filter out the low quality targets from the high quality ones based on that link metric. Set a specific requirement for each guest blog target (i.e. sites with DA40+).

When you’re done listing your targets in a spreadsheet, find their email addresses using Buzzstream and perform the outreach using this email copy:

Hi [First Name],

I saw that you’re the [Position] at [Brand Name] and I wanted to get in touch.

I am looking to write for the blog about one of the following topics that I’d love to propose to you for your consideration:

[ topic 1 ]

[ topic 2]

[ topic 3]

What do you think about this? If you’re interested, I am happy to get something written up and sent over to you – or if you have another topic you’d like to see covered, I am more than happy to write on that.


Here are some of my posts I’ve written on other blogs:

[ URL 1 ]

[ URL 2 ]

[ URL 3]


[Your Name]


Evaluate the responses from your outreach campaign and do some A/B testing to yield better results.

You can check out this post on strategic guest blogging to learn how to use personas for third party content generation.

Find long-tail queries using keyword research tools

Keyword targeting has long been discussed by search professionals and it is a topic that requires extensive tools to perform the activity much more effective.

This is very important in blogging as it would direct the path of your content calendar and could possibly bring you search traffic when your posts were able to rank for long tail queries.

Long tail keywords are composed of more than two words that are mostly informational (e.g. how to do blogging). Ranking for this type of keywords is much easier than targeting highly competitive money phrases (e.g. blogging services).

To find tons of long tail keywords, you could use The tool provides several long tail phrases that you can target for each of your page/content.


To effectively use the tool, you can add words like, “when”, “how” and “what” to your main keyword. This can provide you more keyword opportunities than just dropping your main keyword in the tool.


Final Thoughts:

Start investing both in your blog and third-party content. You can build a solid authority in your niche and benefit through links, shares and conversions when your site’s content assets are highly useful.

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