Blogging Productivity Checklist: The Only Recipe For Achieving Success

A proper checklist puts your blogging career on steroids.

You can start experiencing a total breakthrough as a blogger by simply having a clear goal. It’s not enough to write fresh articles everyday and hope that readers enjoy it; blogging is much more than that.

It’s a separate business model that needs both arms to hold firm.

It’s much like running a publishing firm. You’ve got to take care of every area of publishing or else you may run into molds. Blogging checklist puts you ahead of your competitors.

You need a proper blogging roadmap, because not every blogger you know has clear goals on what they intend to achieve. They just know they want to make money.

It beats my mind when someone who does not have a viable direction in life and business, complains that he can’t break even. Whose fault is it?

Why A Blogging Checklist?

It’s going to act as your light in the midst of darkness. If you don’t do this from the onset, there is bound to be problem as you climb the corporate ladder of problogging.

A checklist usually contains 5 or more tasks that need to be attained in 24 hours, in one week or a month.

blogging checklist

Just like setting goals, make your checklist realistic. In fact, checklist is a part of goal setting and planning. Always tick your completed tasks to determine your success and take a break when necessary.

Below are some of the things you need to include in your checklist.

The Number Of Guest Posts To Write

Guest posting should be a vital part of your blogging career. You shouldn’t neglect it for any reason because it can give you an open check, and yield significant results that your mind cannot contain.

But you need to determine how many guest articles you’ll write on a daily basis. If you’re just starting out, one or two articles is ideal and that’s a total of 30 – 60 articles for one month.

The moment you’re done with writing and proofreading your guest articles, get your checklist (book) and tick the completed task.

There is no magic to this – but it can triple your efforts and grow your business at a gradual and steady beam.

Number of Blogs You Read

When it comes to blogging, reading is a fundamental aspect that enhances your knowledge. I can’t imagine what life would have been if I had neglected reading.

There are great blogs in your niche, you should be reading them. In my RSS feeds, I’ve great blogs with quality daily posts; I always go through them on a daily basis.

You don’t have to read 10s of blogs to make success – just pinpoint A-list blogs where quality is placed ahead of quantity and start reading.

For a start, you should read at least 3 blog posts everyday from different blogs. It’s surely going to improve your vocabulary and make you a better writer.

When you’re done with reading and probably commenting, go right ahead and tick the appropriate task on your checklist. Doing this helps you to stay focused, no matter the distractions that come your way, you scale through every time.

Connect With Someone Everyday

The greater part of your blogging business should involve connecting or let’s call it “networking.”

This is where email marketing comes to play its role. Like I made mention above, blogging is more than writing and publishing fantastic posts and articles, you also need to acquaint your business with other people who share the same business ideas like you do.

One thing is certain, successful bloggers are known around the blogosphere, not because they make so much money as such, but because they’ve chains of networks that multiplies every of their efforts.

Don’t hide in your shell and expect to achieve significant success online – you need other people. Whatever your niche may be, find intelligent people and share your thoughts generously.

Although, networking is more profound in the internet marketing niche, but you can extend this to other areas of your business.

Connecting with passionate bloggers in your niche rocks and could be the parallel line between long term success and failure.

Remember to always have your checklist close to you. Don’t take any step except you’ve it all figured out as contained in your book (checklist).

The success you constantly crave for is wrapped around clear, incisive and actionable goals – see you at the top!