Blog Copywriting Guide: 6 Tips To Get You Started Fast (Can You Handle It)?

It’s time to persuade with ‘blog copywriting.’  Blog Copywriting brain

I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that you want your blog to grow.

I could feel the pain in your heart, as you watch your traffic & online income go down, rather than going up and forward.

You sure had a different goal when you launched your blog sometime ago.

The best goal ever. Am I right?

Now hear this: if your blog isn’t growing in terms of real-time traffic, an active community and money-wise, there is just ONE problem. Hmm, just 1.


What exactly is that?

I’d prefer to use a short funny story to explain this. I once had a teacher who had a speech problem. He’s my Biology teacher and understands the subject like the back of his palm.

But when it comes to explaining concepts like Cell Formations, he would ask a student to share his opinion. Well, there is nothing wrong with learning from fellow students. But one thing is amiss…

People go to School to learn new things, from someone who’s already done it. Now, my teacher happened to be English, so that wasn’t an issue at all. But speech problem was.

I don’t think I should go one with the story. It’s to prove a point that blog copywriting is the easiest way to persuade people.

Most bloggers don’t have problems with blog post ideas, topics or insights. Their problem is “how to write so that the target audience can act.” If you want to achieve that, keep reading…


What is Blog Copywriting?

First, a blog is a business tool that enables you to share helpful and practicable content with your ideal customers, while earning a living as well (my definition).

Copywriting is all about writing to get results (sales, subscriptions, clicks, referrals etc). You need to understand that the Ultimate aim of a copywriter is to persuade you to buy what he or she is selling.

Here’s clear note: Blog copywriting is the process of producing content, which is aimed at achieving a specific goal.

Copywriters don’t want to be applauded or appreciated per se. There are desperate ones who talk about themselves alone and their flashy cars; just to cajole you to fling your credit card.

But the good copywriters want to solve at least one “SPECIFIC” problem in the prospect’s mind, as well as get them to buy, subscribe, click a link or leave a comment.

Can you persuade the right person?

persuade people to act
Photo source: htdan


I love my blog, because it’s the platform where I attract the right person, who truly wants to take his or her online business to the next level.

Also, I enjoy helping niche bloggers and content marketers with tips.

More often than not, when I write a post, it’d cut-through someone’s life and I’d have them kneeling, asking for my service page. In reality, I unraveled their problem and solved it. You should do the same.

It’s all about persuasion. Can you persuade the right person to take action right now? And contrary to what people think, you don’t need tricks, hype or any form of magic arts.

You need to be YOU and recognize where the wind is coming from. If you want to build a profitable blog that generates a decent income for you, then desist from being “generic.” Narrow your niche and dominate it.

The best time to stop wasting time is now. Time is precious and if you don’t utilize it, you’d come begging for more.

And nature will never allot ‘extra’ hours to you.

Now, how do you persuade people to act right now, when they visit your blog?

And to answer that, listed below are 6 blog copywriting tips you can implement this minute:


1.       Write content with “You”

You can’t believe it, but I just recovered from a terrible mistake on this blog. I read a Popular Health Magazine last Tuesday, and discovered how “You” was used several times in the content.

I didn’t know why I read the entire featured post, but at the end, the author said she captured my attention with “You.”

Do you want people to feel at home when they’re reading your blog post, articles and other content types? Then stop using “we” and be personal.

When you use “you,” it’d send a strong signal that you’re actually talking to one person. You researched, sat down for hours to write for that special person. Because you should write to one person.

If you need potential customers to walk extra miles with you, address them with love.

Yes, using ‘you’ symbolizes you love them. I may not prove this, but I felt loved as I was reading the Health Magazine. Guess why you clicked my title? Because I added “you.”

2.       Use the heatmap

Heatmap Clicktale
Source: clicktale


As a blogger, Google Analytics have a limit to what it can reveal. A heatmap tool can reveal the most important data, such as the ‘exact’ areas your readers are clicking on your blog and its pages.

For instance, you could use the heatmap to split test your subscription box. Get to know the behavior of your visitors.

More so, blog readers always behave differently within the first 10 seconds of landing at your blog.

You need to know where, what, and why they visited specific areas on your blog – while neglecting other areas. Especially the areas you like visiting yourself.

For me, I love my sidebar a lot, but when I discovered readers’ flow on my blog header, I quickly added an optin box right there. The results have been amazing so far.

I’m able to get the results I wanted because of heatmap metrics.

And now, I can persuade the right people to subscribe, buy my content marketing service and follow me on twitter. I’m not really a facebook person? Sorry, I prefer chirping birds on twitter.


3.       Recognize you’re no Super Hero

I know this might go contrary to what you’ve learned in the past. But the truth is, if you strive to perfect your writing & marketing today, there won’t be room for improvement tomorrow.

You’d start dying if you don’t grow. You’d burn out and lose your asp/inspiration. I’ve seen people who can write stellar content, but funny enough, they don’t dare.

Blog readers MUST identify the challenges you’re working on. Put yourself in their shoes and be willingly to teach them, as you learn.

Why? Because bloggers are perpetual learners. There is no internet entrepreneur who’s made the mark yet. I cringe when I read posts, which inspires you to be perfect.

For God’s sake, it’s unwise when you try to make your writing 100% fabulous before hitting ‘publish.’ Perfectionism can cause you pain, and failure. Ditch it right now.

And the irony is this, each time you go out of your way to be perfect, your target audience would perceive this throughout your content and feel discouraged. Good is enough. Perfect! Spare me.

For instance, no matter how much free traffic and income your blog receives right now, you shouldn’t hone it, just to make your readers feel you’re Super Hero or endowed.

If you do, 85% of your readers who aren’t earning half of that would feel inferior. Of course, share your success story to inspire people, but don’t DISCOURAGE them.

Content marketing is all about supporting someone’s weakness. You may be excellent, but don’t talk about it that much.

As far as blogging is concerned, readers are the BOSS. You MUST do what they want, to please them, even if it displeases you. This is difficult to accept, but that’s what I found out. Do your own research.


A Quick test of value:

The last time you read someone’s post and discovered grammatical or spelling errors, did you laugh or spite them? If you did or would do in the future, then you’re not fit to be a content marketer. Period!

Bloggers and writers combined are online to make their WORLDS better. I feel a heavy burden being lifted off from within me as I write this – I feel like shedding tears right now.

Don’t ever forget to show prospects how much you care about their growth. Everything is not MONEY!

They’d live, to tell the story.

To persuade your target audience, don’t laugh when they fail, even if they refused to buy from you, or hire you. Maybe you need better content and copywriting tactics to further convince them. Make a difference. I trust you will this year.


4.       Add “rapport” to attention

Blog copywriting is fun actually, and produces great results to content marketers who can embrace it. It’s unfortunate how everyone is desperate to gain attention, but don’t want to build rapport.

Haven’t you seen blog post titles that promised to reveal, solve, teach or expatiate on a topic and didn’t deliver?

Attention may take your blog to the top, but “rapport with real people” will keep you there.

There is a common practice these days, which I don’t like. When I read blog posts, the title would say one thing, the first paragraph can be attractive as well, but the subheads, sentences and points didn’t benefit me.

That’s the problem with gaining attention, and neglecting communication. The juice.

As far as readers and prospective customers are concerned, you’re a stranger. A desperate geek. The only way to prove you’re not just a stranger is to earn their trust.

Of course, it’ll never happen in a hurry, but if you make it your life’s journey it’s obtainable. I can assure you that.

Yes, write clickable headlines for your post, but don’t deceive people into reading the post. Truth is, if the post is ‘that’ good; you may not need to persuade much.

Your conversion and optin rates would go up, because you’re true to your word. Content marketing is for writers/bloggers with integrity.

It’s not for everyone and their dog. And that’s why a lot of people still don’t get good results, despite the huge amounts of time spent on research, writing and marketing. And gossiping.

I think building an email list is easy, the difficult part is “establishing relationship.” But that’s the jackpot. So many people can capture 1000+ within 7 days from thin air, but only a handful can engage, afterward.

You’ll need to gain attention before “rapport” can be built, but don’t stop there. Push “attention” to the next phase – help people. Create value. Satisfy them. Thank you very much for nodding your BIG head!


5.       Cast your net on fresh waters

As a freelance writer, I’ve made costly mistakes in the past. But I’m glad, because I learnt so much and I’d continue to learn. Join me in this class.

When I desperately needed writing gigs, I was told that guest blogging is the best way to attract the right prospects.

To be honest with you, I can type very fast, having worked with a book publishing firm as a typist in 2006.

I wrote the first 47 guest posts. 43 were successfully published by A-list bloggers, but I didn’t get a single offer. What was my sin, Dear God?

It’s simple – I was marketing at the wrong sites. I was guest blogging on writing-related sites. In fact, I was writing about “writing tips.” What a childish joke. Trust me, this is a serious matter.

It’s like buying a cake for your grand mom, when she’s a renowned caterer/baker and makes Cake all night. Ideally, you should buy something else for her, as a present. She’d appreciate it better. Think about it.

Are you a blogger, minimize the number of posts you write for fellow bloggers. If you want prospects, get published at marketing blogs, real estate, franchise business, ecommerce site and so on.

Stay away from your-kind of blog, except for link building.

I’m not asking you to bluntly refuse to help friends and fans through your writing, but such posts can’t persuade the right audience – who would eventually hire you, or buy your product. Write for prospects, not blog readers.

6.       Tell a story, call to action

Photo source: once upon a time


I may not be good at several skills, but storytelling is my hobby. I learnt this from my mom, when I was staying with her years ago.

Blog copywriting is about using real life stories to educate potential customers.

Effective marketing was initiated in the Stone Age, where folklore (traditional stories) was the order of the day.

Don’t write content that doesn’t connect or pique minds. A short story that speaks to the soul can persuade blog readers to act right now. Once you can engage with a thoughtful story, call to action instantly. It works!

I’m convinced you read through to this point, because I used stories here and there.

I captured your attention, held your pretty hands and I’m about wrapping it all up. Did you find value in this post, actually? Leave a comment if you did.

As they say, “Life is a teacher, the more you live the more you learn.” Learn to appreciate life, your target audience, the time they spend reading your content. It’s precious and priceless.

Remember, you didn’t pay them to read and share your content; they did out of their own will.

Respect that privilege, and use stories to convey your message.

When you write about blogging, list building, branding, web hosting and so on, use a captivating story to hook, persuade, convert and engage ideal customers and blog readers.


Are you a blog copywriter?

Like I said earlier, you don’t need any special skill to write persuasive content. However, you need to recognize what keeps your prospects awake at 12.00 midnight. I can assure you, it must be a serious problem.

They urgently need answers and only you can provide them. Hype, tricks and your own common sense can’t suffice.

Put these Blog copywriting tips to work and experience an increase in targeted traffic, email leads and income at your blog.

What tip did you use to persuade your blog readers? Please be specific with your comment. I’d reply your comment quickly. See you ahead!

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