Transform Your Blog Archive Into A Money Spinning Machine

Is your blog archive dead?Blog archive

If you ever happen to look at your site’s old blog posts, you might have wondered why you have wasted long and hours for producing these master pieces that worth nothing these days.

However, thing is not as bleak and dismal as they may appear. Unless the posts are not on the release of some video games or celebrity gossips, you can expect some good news these times.

Even more good news is waiting if your posts were on evergreen themes and in that case, you can turn your dusty blog archive section into a paid product.

Here we are going to share some awesome tips that may help you in the transformation process:

Host A Teleclass

This is probably the best way you can help your blog archive section resurrect. All you need to do is to have some print copy of some of your blog post and then read them out loudly in front of audience and have their feedbacks along the way and there you have a teleclass is in the making.

You can then sell the teleclass as a standalone product or you can use it a marketing tool or freebie to boost the sale volume of your main product or service.
Write An E-Book

This is another popular way to cash in on your blogging passion. All you need to do is to choose the best 20 or 30 posts from the archive section then repackage the posts and use them as an ebook. However, you should not use all of your posts from archive sections in a single ebook, as it will rob you off your ammunitions. If you are a smart guy, you can slice the archive sections and use same post in different ebooks just to earn bigger bucks at the end.

Host A Webinar

You do not have to go extra mile to have a Webinar ready. All you need to do is to create some eye-catching presentations and attached them to your teleclass and you will have your brand new webinar ready for use. To rake in additional sales, you need to offer limited time service or product in the broadcast.

Paid Speaking

Yes, I know this cannot work for everyone around for sure, but there are some lucky few who may find it worthy enough to give it a try. Instead of broadcasting the webinar over the internet, you can perform that thing before live audience. It is tough though, it has its share of benefits. Do not ask for payments at the initial stages but once you have the experience, you can get paid for the good work. And all you need to do is to recycle ideas from some of your blog posts and there you go.

Off A Course

If your posts can be grouped together to form a tutorial, you can easily make your blog archive section into a money churning machine. Just repackage your blog posts in the form of a series of tutorials and you will get mails of people who could not follow the instructions of their own. You can easily charge a handsome in exchange of personal help.

PDF Reports

You can create PDF files describing in brief some key points of some blog posts.  If anyone finds them interesting, you can charge them to have the access for all the information in the same format. The same policy can be employed to get contact details of the prospective customers.


If your older posts are really great, you can use micropayment paywall that will allow visitors see the first few post for free but will charge a minimal amount to be able to read the posts in the archive section. There are a number of service providers available who will help you automated the process.

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