The 5 Best Video Hosting Platforms For Online Courses

If you’re looking for a platform that will allow you to host videos, this article will cover YouTube, Vimeo, SproutVideo, and Wistia.

Keep reading to learn more about each platform and why it might be the best option for your online courses.

You can also find videos on other sites. Here are some tips on how to use each video platform to enhance your online course.


There are many video hosting platforms, including YouTube, that offer free use and a premium upgrade. The most popular video sharing site, YouTube has more than two billion visitors worldwide and is the second most popular search engine after Google. Thousands of video lessons have been uploaded by users to make them more accessible. Videos hosted on YouTube can be copied and downloadable, and most are free. Premium features are available to increase the visibility of your videos on YouTube.

YouTube offers many advanced features, including monetization. As a Google property, YouTube videos are indexed by Google’s search algorithm. Unlike other platforms, YouTube does not impose a bandwidth cap, and it offers live streaming capabilities. Plus, there is no cost to host your videos on YouTube, so you can easily add them to your site. Finally, the free version of YouTube has no restrictions on the amount of storage space you use for your videos.

YouTube also allows you to create playlists for all videos in a course. These playlists are helpful for ensuring that your students can find specific videos in your course, and increasing their engagement with your course. Premium videos can earn you revenue with monetization features, but beware of the risks. YouTube content is easily copied, and related video suggestions can be inaccurate. If you need to use a premium video hosting service, Wistia is an excellent choice.

Besides being free, YouTube is also highly-rated as one of the best video hosting platforms for online classes. The site offers unlimited storage space, and you can upload videos as large as 128 GB. It is a powerful social network, with over two billion monthly visitors, and you can reach potential customers organically through the site. If you want, you can also make your content private or unlisted.

If you plan on using YouTube for your course, you should consider purchasing its starter pack. This plan costs only $10/month and provides live streaming, 150 GB of hosting, and 50,000 views. Premium packages are available, but you’ll need a team to work with this platform. Once you’ve made the decision on which platform to use, you can create multiple courses on YouTube and use them to expand your course.


The free version of Vimeo allows you to upload up to 500 MB or five GB of videos per week, but you can upgrade to a pro account for additional storage and features. Premium accounts also allow you to embed video into your WordPress site and offer unlimited video length. Vimeo is among the cheapest video hosting platforms, and the paid version is worth every penny. If you plan to make longer videos for your online courses, you should definitely upgrade to Vimeo Pro.

In addition to a good user interface, Vimeo also offers in-depth analytics. You can track how many people watch your videos and what they’re looking for. You can also integrate Google Analytics with the free version of Vimeo. It has enough features for most course creators, but the free version is a bit limited in transfer space. There are also paid options, starting at $7 a month.

If you’re planning to host your videos on a site that you own, Vimeo is a good option. The paid version is customizable and provides tools for both uploading and audience interaction. Video quality is excellent and controls are sleek and easy to use. In addition, you’ll get access to premium features, like limiting the number of viewers who can download a video. You can also set up lead generation tools, custom rates, and premium live streaming.

When it comes to video quality, Vimeo takes the lead. A Medium test revealed that compared to YouTube, Vimeo videos were easier to read. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo supports 320 Kbps. To make use of the premium features, you’ll need to subscribe to a premium plan. If you’re looking for a more intimate and private community, Vimeo is a great choice. There are a few differences between free and paid plans. You should choose one according to your business objectives and goals.

While free video hosting is great for your website, you should also be aware that videos can take up a lot of storage space on a server. This can make the site slow and create a lot of errors for visitors. To avoid such a problem, use a video hosting platform. Not only does this remove the hassle of installing video on your site, but you can also customize the player to look better. Apart from being flexible and easy to use, a good video hosting platform will provide you with analytics tools to help you monitor how your videos are performing.


SproutVideo is a free video hosting platform that can be used by businesses to promote and distribute their videos. The site offers a number of features, including a video marketing guide and lead generation tools. You can even embed forms and hyperlinks into your videos. The platform also lets you share your videos on social media. Its pricing tiers include Free, Pro, and Advanced plans.

SproutVideo supports both live streaming and video hosting, and it has a simple video player with marketing tools. The platform also provides post-play screens, video SEO, and a video website builder. You can even upload your own themes and designs. There are four plans to choose from, including one with a free trial. SproutVideo has great features for online courses, but it’s worth checking out the options before signing up.

SproutVideo allows users to choose from a number of themes and customize them to fit their brand and website design. You can also add your own logo and website name to your videos. The video player can be integrated into your website or embedded into the site itself. SproutVideo also gives you the freedom to choose which videos should autoplay, and you can integrate social sharing buttons.

SproutVideo also supports many video file formats. It also provides live chat support and offers many security features. Like YouTube, SproutVideo also has integrations with Zapier and Mailchimp. It’s an all-in-one video hosting platform. SproutVideo is one of the best video hosting platforms for online courses. With all the benefits of a cloud-based platform, you can easily host and embed your videos in your online course.

If you’re not ready to spend a large amount of money, you can try Brightcove’s video hosting platform. Its monetization tools and API integration will help you maximize your audience. Brightcove also has a 30-day free trial and an enterprise plan with a variety of features for businesses, solopreneurs, and marketers. You can also check out SproutVideo for free.

SproutVideo Basic

SproutVideo Basic video hosting platform for e-courses provides a simple interface for hosting videos. Users can choose from one of six themes and enter their logo and site name. Videos are embedded in websites and can be restricted to certain users. The platform offers complete control over how videos appear and can match individual pages and content. Videos can be auto-played or viewable by logging in or creating an account. Additionally, SproutVideo integrates with most content management systems.

In addition to offering an easy-to-use interface, SproutVideo Basic also features a powerful editing tool. Unlike self-hosted video hosting platforms, SproutVideo Basic allows instructors to embed videos on their websites. Videos can be edited in various ways and viewed in history. The platform also provides unlimited video hosting. The pricing for the platform varies, depending on the features.

Brightcove offers an extensive range of features that can help educators create high-quality videos. It supports various video formats and also lets publishers sell video ads. Brightcove plans start at $199/month, with annual contracts required. However, Brightcove is not for beginners. The pricing structure is too complex for solopreneurs and small businesses. Another video hosting platform for online courses is SproutVideo.

Brightcove is another popular video hosting platform. This platform is especially enthusiastic about online courses. It helps clients use video to communicate, distribute, showcase, and venture interchanges.

Users can choose a plan that suits their needs and wants. Brightcove offers a 30-day free trial for those who wish to test the platform out. The company has a high level of customer support and allows you to share content with other people.


For beginners, SproutVideo Basic has many advantages. Its free plan allows you to upload single videos of up to 128 gigabytes.

You can also earn a percentage of the ad revenue generated by your videos.

If you’re looking for a more advanced video hosting platform for your online courses, consider using a professional-grade video hosting platform like Wistia or Vimeo.

They have scalable video solutions and offer many features for both private and public content.