Best SEO Keywords – The Secrets Of Google Domination

What are the best SEO keywords?

Choosing the right keywords is crucial for the success of search engine optimization campaign of any online business.

The right keywords can take you to the first page of search engine results. But, choosing the right SEO keywords is not as easy a task as it seems.

It needs a lot of sensible thinking and wisdom to choose the right key phrases. You need to realize the attitude of people searching the web for specific product or service.

Popular keywords need not necessarily make a good key phrase.

For example, the keyword “search engine optimization” may get an incredible number of clicks on search engines like Google or Yahoo!

But it may not get any clicks for your company as this is too common a keyword. Searching with such a common term will return millions of related websites one of which is yours and chances are only a few may click on your site.

In the same way, too long and targeted keywords are also bad search phrases as they are so specific and extensive that probably no one will search using it.

So, it is essential to use the right keywords in your optimization initiatives. An excellent search phrase is a popular key phrase that at the same time targets your niche market segment and your region. Here are few more tips to choose the best possible keywords.

Here are some tips to select the best keywords:

1. Narrow your search words that you think individuals may use for searching, before choosing the right key terms.

Have a look at the websites of competitor’s sites and discover out the words they are using. There are websites that help you get key terms your competition use.

2. While short listing the keywords, restrict your selection to the terms that have high relevance to your website. Phrases with the highest search volume may not necessarily be appropriate for your site.

3. People generally search with more than two words or even longer phrases that may include specifics including things like make and model or particular places.

If you are targeting a local market, then you must include local phrases such as city name to get high rank. It gets more specific as queries get refined and targeted.

4. There are many free and paid keyword research tools to help you with your keyword research.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool is the most popular free resource used by many websites. Googles Adwords Keyword selection tool is a comprehensive resource that will give you suggestions on good keywords. WordTracker is a popular paid keyword selection tool.

5. Verify the web analytics regularly to find out the conversion rates of different keywords. Look for phrases with lowest bounce rate and greatest time on page. Make your keyword selection based on volume of search and number of competitors vying after the same phrases.

Use of right SEO keywords is the right way to begin your online marketing.

Though some businesses use keyword research tools to search popular keywords and decide the relevant keywords that can attract visitors to their site, you can also get help from professional SEO experts who select keywords to get a high page rank.


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