4 Best Free Anti Spam Software Of 2022

The best free anti spam software for your computer may seem like an impossible task, but it can be as easy as installing one.

By using one of the many anti-spam applications available, you will be able to keep your email account free from unsolicited email and other dangers.

However, you should know that not all programs are created equal, and some are just better than others.

Here is a look at a few of the most popular free anti spam programs on the market.

Comodo Antispam Gateway

Comodo Antispam is a cloud-based email filtering solution that can help businesses protect their inboxes from junk emails. Its powerful artificial intelligence filters spam by blocking messages from bad ISPs, spammers and domains with a negative reputation.

This powerful technology enhances anti spam protection, while allowing IT staff to customize the system to meet the needs of different users.

Unlike other anti spam software, the Comodo Antispam Gateway continuously learns about the latest threats and continually updates its blacklist. This ensures maximum protection against the latest threats and provides no downtime for hackers.

The product has achieved 100% in the Matousec proactive defense challenge. Its advanced features protect users from viruses and malware, while also boosting their productivity.

With the use of Comodo Antispam Gateway, business email users can enjoy a secure and productive workplace.

It works seamlessly in the background and integrates seamlessly into the existing software environment. The Comodo Antispam Gateway is the best free anti spam software. It uses advanced spam filters, anti-virus and content scanners to detect spam and malware.

It can scale to thousands of users and delivers 99 percent accuracy in content classification. It can be used by small businesses and corporations. It’s free to download and install.

This cloud-based anti-spam solution uses a Valkyrie file verdict system to evaluate threats and emails. Its unique feature, which isolates spam and malware-infected files, prevents email security from being compromised.

It also includes a centralized command console that allows administrators to centrally manage mail.

This anti-spam solution allows administrators to create different security profiles for each user, so that they can shield the most vulnerable users.

Dome Antispam by Comodo is a cloud-based security solution that helps businesses protect against the spam problem. It scans emails for viruses and spyware, and analyzes downloaded files.

You can even view quarantined emails and take action. This free anti-spam software also protects against viruses and other nasty infections in the internet. There are many other advantages to Comodo Antispam Gateway.


Email is a prime target for cyber criminals, which is why MailCleaner is a recommended solution for any government or company. The open source anti spam software is free and easy to install.

MailCleaner is a Swiss-made product that protects your email account from spam and viruses.

To install this software on your computer, simply follow the instructions in the download page.

MailCleaner is one of the best free anti spam software options available today. It uses various techniques to identify spam messages, including statistical analysis, custom Lua functions, and advanced machine learning algorithms.

It also detects hidden malware and provides detailed traffic reports. Its anti-spam functionality protects your email accounts from unwanted emails and is available in three editions: Standard, Advanced, and Pro.

It works on any mail server and can be installed as a gateway in front of any domain. MailCleaner is available in free and paid editions. For enterprise customers, the paid version comes with a yearly subscription.

It also comes with dedicated one-on-one support. The community edition is free to use and is based on the Debian operating system. Its user interface is intuitive.

MailCleaner is another open source email security solution. This free email security solution includes an anti-spam engine that helps protect your inbox from malware attacks.

Additionally, MailCleaner also blocks newsletters from unethical companies.

This program stores blocked emails in its own separate storage and learns from your email usage patterns. MailCleaner integrates well with Google and Microsoft’s mail services.

This open source anti-spam software can be installed on both Windows and Mac computers. It is easy to use, requires no download, and scans your mail for viruses and spam.

You can also choose to add a white list of spammers to ensure that only good mail is filtered.

This anti-spam software is also cross-platform and compatible with many email transfer systems. If you have a high-volume email account, Rspamd is the ideal tool for you. It can process up to 100 emails per second.

Rspamd is another popular open-source solution for spam protection. This free antivirus software uses several algorithms to scan emails. It gives each email a spam score, which helps its advanced detection engine learn. Its ajax-based interface is easy to use.

The interface allows you to customize rule sets for various user groups and adjust the settings based on your needs. It also supports various virus scanners and advanced mail transfer agents.


SpamWeasel is a free program that can help you fight the inundation of junk email. You can choose to have SpamWeasel block all unwanted emails, or just send a warning to the sender when a message appears suspicious.

Although Mailgate does not answer support questions about its free products, you can find help in its FAQ section or User Forum. SpamWeasel can work with several POP3 accounts. Unlike some similar programs, it works with virtually any standard POP3 email client.

A popular feature of these products is their ability to automatically update their filters. This ensures that they are updated with the latest threats and spam patterns.

Other useful features include the ability to add filters and email addresses to quarantine. Before choosing an anti spam software program, it is important to determine the needs of your business.

If you only need basic anti spam software, you should choose a free program, but if your needs are more sophisticated, you should consider spending a little more.

Another excellent free anti spam tool is SpamPal. It uses free DNSBL lists to filter email messages. It also checks email message machines on its way to the mailbox.

It has a whitelisting feature, which allows you to ignore DNSBL listings for certain senders or parts of the Internet. This is especially useful if you are getting a large amount of spam. This feature makes it easier to filter email and keep spam out of your inbox.

The free version of SpamExperts is a powerful email security solution. It updates its spam protection every day and filters messages from over 2.5 million domains. It improves resource efficiency and reduces excessive resource usage. It has a user-friendly interface, multi-level controls, and additional security features. It has been updated as of September 2015.

Another free email security tool is Trustifi Inbound Shield. It slots into your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account and provides email protection beyond spam filtering. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to identify phishing attempts and scans them for viruses. Using these technologies, SpamWeasel is the best free anti spam software for the Windows and Mac operating system. You can download the trial version to try it out before you purchase.


If you are looking for a good free anti spam software, you should consider SPAMfighter. It’s a practical anti spam software that will get rid of junk emails and delete legitimate ones. It is easy to set up and use, but it does make mistakes from time to time. Read on to discover why SPAMfighter is the best free anti spam software. We rate it four out of five stars.

It is compatible with several email clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird, and Windows Mail. It supports POP3 e-mail retrieval and can filter spam messages in different languages. It is compatible with Windows Live Mail, Outlook, and Windows Mail. It also works with Outlook Express. Besides being free, SPAMfighter requires that you have a POP3 e-mail account. However, this won’t be a problem for most people since webmail accounts can be accessed with POP3 e-mail clients.

While SPAMfighter is free to use, it comes with a lot of limitations. It is designed to protect mailboxes and servers and provides a low-resource antivirus solution. It supports various email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, and Mozilla. It supports POP3 for free but doesn’t support other email clients, such as imap. For best results, install SPAMfighter on the server where you use the most email accounts.

SPAMfighter is one of the best free anti spam software applications on the market. It works to detect and block spam as well as protect your system from phishing scams. It also scans files for spyware and removes potentially harmful content automatically.

You can even set language filters and report any suspicious e-mails you’re receiving. It also offers built-in phishing prevention.


SPAMfighter is an anti spam tool that is easy to use. Its interface is easy to use, and it’s secure to collect data for optimum performance.

It uses server blacklists and Artificial Intelligence to identify spam. It works with Outlook Express and Office 365.

Its advanced search engine allows you to pick which emails you want to keep in your inbox.

The utility also has a graphical representation of statics.