The 5 Best Email and SMS Marketing Software (Free & Paid)

There are a number of email and SMS marketing software options available on the market.

These include ActiveCampaign, SendPulse, Salesmsg, and Moosend.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular options.

These are also great choices for anyone who is trying to build their list.

Here’s what to look for in these tools. You’ll find reviews and comparisons of all of them.

1. Moosend

Moosend email and SMS marketing software come with several advanced tools that allow users to create and send great emails to their target audience.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to create an email and personalize it with content, as well as adding relevant products to each message.

It also offers a number of pre-built automation methods, such as drip campaigns, and allows you to monitor the performance of your campaign.

Moosend has numerous connectors that allow users to track their subscribers’ activities, such as the websites they visit and the emails they open. It also supports most major CRM systems, CMS solutions, and social media reporting.

However, unlike other email marketing software, Moosend does not include a native SMS marketing tool. However, it is one of the most affordable email marketing software available, offering a host of powerful capabilities without breaking the bank. Moosend offers a free trial.

Moosend allows users to create segments based on data from previous campaigns. Users can also create new sections and use filters to select the most relevant customers.

Customization tags are also available to ensure the accuracy of content, and that your marketing strategy matches your target audience.

The platform allows users to compare their email newsletter subject lines with industry standards, and it helps them determine whether they’re reaching their target audience.

These metrics can be invaluable in improving your newsletters.

Moosend email and SMS marketing software provides users with an excellent interface. Users can create beautiful campaigns within minutes, and automation features let users trigger certain events, like new sales or discounts.

Omnisend also offers 1,000+ integrations with your favorite platforms and tools.

Moosend was specifically designed for ecommerce marketers, so its drag-and-drop email builder allows you to create a stunning campaign in minutes. It also offers built-in A/B testing and provides numerous pre-built templates.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an email and SMS marketing software that lets you send automated messages to your customers, including SMS notifications and follow-ups.

The software collects customer contact details, including phone numbers, and allows you to add SMS to drip campaigns to create an omni-channel messaging mix. You can also manage the integration between ActiveCampaign and Salesmsg.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and robust SMS marketing software, ActiveCampaign is a good choice.

ActiveCampaign is highly customizable. You can use conditional content to customize your email message content based on specific actions taken by your customers. The software also supports 125 responsive email templates and allows you to preview them before sending them out.

On the Plus plan, you can also get free custom email design services. However, if you’re using your own email design, you’ll have to use a third-party service for this.

To send SMS messages, all you need to do is enter the mobile phone number. ActiveCampaign will automatically add that number to the group you’re working on.

You can also choose to migrate contacts from one list to another or send out an afterparty message to your contacts.

This means that you won’t have to worry about double opt-in again. However, you can use ActiveCampaign to integrate SMS with your email marketing software.

The user interface of ActiveCampaign is very intuitive, requiring only minimal training. You can quickly create beautiful email campaigns using the email designer and add customer experience features.

If you get stuck, you’ll also notice helpful pointers that guide you along. ActiveCampaign is a great solution if you want to automate all your marketing activities. ActiveCampaign is also compatible with hundreds of third-party software systems.

3. SendPulse

SendPulse email and SMS marketing services are powerful tools for email marketers, as they can improve open rates and lower unsubscribe rates.

With the right software, you can even segment your email list for greater ROI.

Email is the most direct form of communication between brands and customers, since people check their inboxes several times a day and use email addresses to create accounts. Email has excellent deliverability and is one of the best ROI-generating channels.

The SendPulse platform is distributed as a multichannel marketing platform, which supplements traditional email with SMS, Viber messaging, SMTP transactional emails, Facebook chatbot capabilities, and other digital channels.

Users can plan their marketing campaigns, segment their audience, send messages, track results, and analyze data from one centralized dashboard. This makes SendPulse an invaluable tool for omnichannel marketing campaigns.

The SendPulse email and SMS marketing platform is user-friendly for beginners and experienced marketers alike, with a simple interface and a range of automation features.

Its AI-powered system tracks contacts’ buying patterns, communication preferences, and response time, so it can predict when and how to communicate with them. Moreover, it supports drip campaigns, which means that subscribers can opt-in to a certain interval and receive messages at a later date.

The SendPulse drag-and-drop editor allows you to create attractive emails without the help of an expert in design. Templates can be created in 30 minutes, and they will look good no matter what screen resolution they are on. It is also possible to create a template from a regular HTML editor. Alternatively, you can paste in the HTML code. In addition, SendPulse supports multiple languages, and you can also use the SendPulse editor to import your contacts’ data.

4. Salesmsg

When deciding which email and SMS marketing software to use, consider the features offered by each. Salesmsg, for instance, allows you to send text messages directly from your contact record. The app also allows you to save your canned messages for quick dispatch. The scalability of Salesmsg makes it an ideal choice for smaller business owners. And at a price that won’t break the bank, it’s an ideal choice for small and local businesses, particularly in the United States.

As an email and SMS marketing software, Salesmsg is cloud-based and makes it easy to manage campaigns and messages from a single dashboard. It provides features like email archiving, a centralized dashboard, a chatbot, and automated replying. Other features include scheduling, call forwarding, and data archiving. It also allows you to segment your contacts and send them targeted messages.

Salesmsg also includes a number of tools that help businesses target the mobile audience. Besides sending personalized SMS messages, it provides tools like customizable sign-up forms, contact management, and a massive library of templates. It also offers features like 2-way texting, text forwarding, and QR codes, which help businesses create visually appealing messages.

It can also send messages to subscribers by texting a keyword.

SMS marketing software has many features that will improve your business’s bottom line. For example, mass texting will help you reach a wider audience and increase your subscribers’ list.

Another feature that makes this software great is customer segmentation, which groups customers according to their characteristics and interests.

This will allow you to tailor your messages to the needs and preferences of your customers. The software will automatically segment your customers based on their traits and interests.

This will help you create targeted SMS marketing campaigns and increase your conversion rate.

5. Tatango

Tatango email and SMS marketing software is a cloud-based service that allow enterprise marketers to send out mass text messages, MMS messages, and RCS messages to a large number of recipients at one time.

It provides enterprise marketers with messaging speed, customization tools, and personalized support.

The platform also helps marketers understand subscriber trends and patterns, allowing them to segment their subscribers according to their demographics, historical actions, and more.

The Tatango platform is designed with political campaigns, nonprofits, and fundraising organizations in mind. The platform’s clean interface, two-way messaging, advanced workflows, message analytics, and segmentation tools make it ideal for organizations with large contact lists.

It also integrates with more than 20 email and CRM providers to give users the tools they need to engage with their target audiences. As a result, Tatango is a great fit for organizations of all sizes and sectors.

While many organizations send time-sensitive news and updates to their supporters, it’s imperative to select a platform that enables them to reach supporters when they’re most engaged.

Tatango allows organizations to send up to six million text messages per hour, which is impressive compared to other SMS marketing software platforms.

If you’re still unsure, contact Tatango to receive a free demonstration and learn how it works. It’s worth contacting them today.


SMS message marketing is one of the most effective methods for increasing the number of customers you’ve acquired.

Its open rate is nearly ninety percent, making it a better alternative than email marketing.

It also helps businesses navigate the regulatory landscape that affects marketing campaigns. SMS message marketing is the most effective way to boost your revenue, increase customer engagement, and build a customer database.

Tatango email and SMS marketing software make it easy to manage SMS campaigns and track their results.