5 Best Cold Email Marketing Software of 2022 (Free & Paid)

When you’re trying to find the best cold email marketing software, you should pay close attention to these three factors.

These programs can help you schedule email campaigns and track their performance.

In addition, they can integrate with CRMs such as HubSpot or Salesforce. The latter can help you automate sales tasks and track analytics.

However, Gmelius is better for beginners and QuickMail is more advanced.

What Are The Best Cold Email Marketing Software Platforms?


Whether you’re new to cold email marketing or have a long history of sending emails, Mailshake can help you get the results you’re looking for.

Easily visualize your cold email outreach campaign’s performance and track its progress with the dashboard. Its list editing tools enable you to edit the contact information and schedule your campaigns as needed.

Its customizable templates to help you personalize your messages while following spam policies. The platform also allows you to send campaigns in batches of different sizes and includes tracking features.

You can create customized emails with Mailshake’s customizable templates and insert merge fields.

The software even has a built-in Zapier app that connects with your CRM. Mailshake’s auto-send feature allows you to schedule emails, organize them into sequences, and set a delay between them.

It has several email types, each of which serves a different purpose. For example, it lets you create a personalized cold email for each prospect and allows you to follow up with them via phone, social, and/or email.

With the use of sales engagement tools, Mailshake can increase your sales and help you acquire customers. Its features include bulk personalized email sending and email merge, auto-sending of follow-up emails, and scheduling of follow-ups based on the actions of the recipient.

Users can also reply to leads directly from the platform’s dashboard. Lastly, the software allows you to integrate cold email marketing with CRMs such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.

Pricing for Mailshake varies according to the number of users you have and the features that you need. There are monthly and annual plans. For the Pro plan, you can integrate the system with third-party apps using Zapier.

Additionally, you can use the API to integrate Mailshake with Salesforce, Slack, and many more. The Pro account comes with a number of useful features, including lead catcher and the ability to assign replies to leads.


One of the benefits of using ActiveCampaign cold email marketing software is that it can help you segment your audience and send them relevant communications. The software can automatically segment your audience and create segments based on actions. This helps you build trust among your audience.

You can set up automation to send emails and SMS messages to specific audiences. ActiveCampaign can also help you set up beautiful landing pages and schedule them so that you can follow up with them when they have shown interest in your products or services.

Moreover, ActiveCampaign is suitable for small businesses with limited resources. Its user-friendly interface helps you create and send attractive email campaigns without requiring any training. With the email designer, you can enhance the experience of your customers. Besides, ActiveCampaign acts as a comprehensive business hub. It supports multiple languages, so you won’t have to hire a designer or developer to create eye-catching email templates.

The ActiveCampaign dashboard is a simple and user-friendly experience. It includes a slider for ‘Getting Started’ and demo data. You can also manage your assets in a central hub. Whether you want to manage your database or automate your email campaigns, this software will allow you to achieve your goals. ActiveCampaign also has a built-in CRM that can be used alongside email marketing capabilities.

Apart from cold email marketing, ActiveCampaign also supports SMS and site messages. You can even upload your email list to Facebook or import your social media profiles. While ActiveCampaign is a versatile tool for creating emails, it’s not a good choice if you sell physical products. Klaviyo, for example, is better for this type of marketing. It also offers better ROI reporting. But don’t expect too much from this software.


A simple user interface makes it easy to view statistics on a prospect’s response to cold emails. Woodpecker displays the number of prospects who have opened your emails, the number of people who clicked on your links, and the number of people who responded to your message. A powerful AI analyzes each email’s response to determine whether it was successful or not. As a result, you can make changes to your cold emailing strategy to increase your open rates and sales.

Woodpecker provides tools to help B2B businesses send personalized emails to prospects. It tracks prospect response and automatically follows up. This software lets you upload a CSV file with prospect data, write the first cold email copy, and send follow-ups. You can also dynamically merge custom fields into your messages and set a time to send each message. You can also upload an email template and track the open and click statistics for each message.

Woodpecker is the most popular cold email marketing software and offers a free 15-day trial with 150 cold emails. Woodpecker offers the easiest-to-use interface of any cold email automation tool. Woodpecker also offers a comprehensive feature set and allows you to customize cold emails, insert images, or videos, and add dynamic landing pages. Woodpecker offers advanced analytics and teamwork security to protect your business and your email marketing strategy.

The other major benefit of Woodpecker is its compatibility. You can import Salesmate contacts into Woodpecker. This way, you can easily reach new potential clients with this email marketing software. In addition to emailing your leads, you can import salesmate contacts to Woodpecker. You can even move them through your sales cycle with the help of this cold email marketing software. And with a simple click of a button, you can set up a meeting with your prospective clients.


SmartReach cold email marketing software is a robust tool that delivers your emails one by one to multiple stakeholders in your enterprise. It pauses campaigns when someone from the same Account or email domain responds. Additionally, it has a unique algorithm that improves your email deliverability. Additionally, it allows you to customize your email content and merge tags. SmartReach is highly recommended for new users of cold email marketing. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a good choice for beginners in the field.

Designed for B2B companies, Smartreach offers an easy-to-use solution that includes automated follow-up tools to increase your response rate. It has a SPAM tester built-in that ensures your emails are delivered to your prospects’ principal inbox. The program also allows you to test campaigns with sophisticated analytics and A/B testing, allowing you to find which emails perform better than others. You can use multiple email accounts to send emails, and liquid syntax is available for more precise customization.

SmartReach also offers a simple solution for multichannel email outreach. Lemlist automates email campaigns, tracks progress and analyzes responses, and even allows you to add pictures or videos. It offers real-time alerts and email tracking so you can measure the performance of your campaigns. The software is easy to use and requires no technical expertise. It integrates with your Gmail account, allowing you to use your existing email account. SmartReach offers a free trial period.

It also offers email validation and Warmup, two vital features of cold email marketing. The tool’s Warmup function enables you to validate your prospects’ email addresses without having to pay third-party list-cleaning services. Moreover, SmartReach provides detailed reports on your campaigns, lists, and other features. This helps you to identify what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to send your emails to prospects with more confidence.


One of the main differences between Lemlist and other cold email marketing software is the degree of personalization. While most email marketing software only allows for basic personalization, Lemlist’s powerful features allow you to tailor your emails for each recipient. You can customize your landing page, email text, and images, and even swap out a standard mockup with your own company logo, if you prefer. Additionally, Lemwarm warms up your domains to increase the chances of your emails landing in the primary inbox.

You can also create campaigns within Lemlist to send cold emails to leads. You can either manually enter contact information or import your contacts via CSV file. Then, you can build your campaign, sending multiple emails until you receive a reply.

Additionally, Lemlist lets you connect to your favorite CRM, so you can get notifications whenever a new prospect replies or opts-out.

You can create sequences or use pre-defined templates. You can even set up automation for your campaigns to make sending emails easier.

Another benefit of Lemlist is that you can add dynamic images to your emails. Not only can you insert dynamic logos, but you can also include screenshots of a prospect’s website or LinkedIn profile.

You can even insert text, links, and videos into your emails. The result is an email that has a high chance of getting the desired response.

This cold email marketing software can save you time and money by automating your emails for you.

Cold Email Marketing Software: Summary

Lemlist has several features to offer, ranging from email warm-up to the automated follow-up.

The software also has triggers that prompt the software to take action based on certain conditions.

For instance, you can stop sending follow-up emails if the recipient opens the email. Email Outreach costs $59 per month for each user.

The Sales Engagement option is $99 per month. Both of these options include sales engagement and automated outreach.