7 Best Automated Email Marketing Software 2022 (Free & Paid)

Those looking for the best automated email marketing software should know that there are many great options.

The following is a short list of the top 7 email marketing tools. If you’re looking for an automated email marketing tool, get in touch with our experts.

We’ll explain how each one works, how they compare to each other, and what you should expect from each one.

After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to pick the right email marketing platform.


ConvertKit is a list-based email marketing software that allows you to send unlimited emails to your list of subscribers.

There are several plans to choose from, each with different features. Starting plans are for up to 3,000 subscribers, while advanced plans are designed for high-volume senders. For those who do not have a large list, the free plan allows you to send unlimited emails.

The maximum number of emails is calculated by multiplying the number of subscribers by 15; for example, if you have 60,000 subscribers, the limit would be 90,000 emails.

You can create segments based on what your subscribers have in common. With ConvertKit, you can use tags to categorize your subscribers based on their interests.

If you have a fitness website, for example, subscribers who subscribe to the newsletter might be interested in a book about diet and exercise.

You can send different messages to different segments so that the message is more relevant to each segment. If a subscriber belongs to two different segments, he/she will receive both offers. The same principle applies to tags and sequences.

You can also use automation to trigger actions based on the subscriber’s behavior. Suppose a subscriber finishes your welcome sequence. The next step should be to introduce your products or services to them. This is done by setting up automation on your ConvertKit dashboard. There are 4 tabs in the dashboard: automation, subscribers, and campaigns. By selecting the category that applies to each segment, you can set a specific sequence of emails.


Getting started with GetResponse automated email marketing is easy. The software provides an easy-to-use interface and a variety of options for building a subscriber list. You can key in your list or copy and paste it from third-party services. Once you’ve created a subscriber list, you can set up various settings and campaigns. Using GetResponse is easy – sign in to your account and get started creating campaigns!

The GetResponse software includes an email builder that allows you to drag and drop elements and add content. You can even customize the layout of your emails based on your brand identity. You can also preview your email before sending it out to your list. You can also access live chat support and email support in eight different languages. If you have any questions, you can send a message through GetResponse’s live chat.

Workflows are a valuable feature of GetResponse, letting you send multiple automated emails to the same list based on certain conditions. You can even shift your contacts from one list to another based on different conditions. You can also set up workflows for lead scoring, abandoned cart campaigns, and web event tracking. Regardless of the goals of your email marketing campaign, GetResponse will help you grow your business and achieve success.


Unlike many of its competitors, Moosend doesn’t offer as many integrations, but it does play nicely with a number of popular applications and services. Moosend integrates with WordPress, WooCommerce, Salesforce, and many other services. The company also offers subscription forms and landing pages. And if all this isn’t enough to convince you, Moosend also offers a 30-day free trial.

Moosend is an automated email marketing tool that allows you to dive right into email marketing without worrying about repetitive tasks. With dozens of default options, Moosend can help you create responsive newsletters and keep track of the success of your campaigns. Unlike some other options, Moosend’s design makes it a breeze to use. It also helps marketers save time by automating tasks like segmenting emails and generating landing pages.

Paid users can avail a dedicated support team for help. Support team members are available via live chat, email, knowledge base, video tutorials, webinar, and telephone. Overall, Moosend excels in customer support. Even the free accounts have limited support options. You can contact the company’s representatives for more information. They’ll be glad to help you. You can also take advantage of a 20 percent discount for annual billing.

With a free plan of $9 per month, Moosend helps you get your feet wet with email marketing. It has features that rival competitors, such as omni-channel functionality and automation workflows. A Pro Plan includes unlimited emails. And a free trial is available for up to 500 subscribers. The web-based interface makes it easy to use and has an impressive support team. This software is designed to suit both beginner and experienced email marketers.


Flodesk is an automated email marketing software that combines a visual builder with a beautiful email design. The service has a library of beautiful templates created in partnership with successful entrepreneurs, and you can choose which ones best suit your business. Flodesk also has a free 30-day trial and a beta price of $19 a month, which is still low compared to other email marketing software.

With Flodesk, you can set up automation workflows and detailed segmentation. The software has an excellent native integration with Shopify, and it lets you enroll customers in follow-up sequences. There are a few limitations, however. For example, if a new subscriber signs up through your site, the workflow will only start when they’ve joined that segment. And if you want to automate multiple processes for your business, you can use Flodesk’s Zapier integration.

Flodesk has the advantage of offering a free trial, which you should use. Typically, Flodesk costs $39 a month, but you can use the platform for free for a limited period of time. If you enjoy the platform, you can choose a monthly plan or an annual plan for $418. It’s worth trying both services before you choose one. You’ll find that each is effective for different types of businesses.


The powerful features of Omnisend automated email marketing software allow you to send personalized emails based on your subscribers’ preferences and buying habits, boosting your ROI. Omnisend’s library of email templates makes it easy to create professional-looking email in just a few minutes. Customize templates, save them for future campaigns, and take advantage of the Content Editor’s dynamic content blocks for eCommerce and product picker. Moreover, it has a variety of engaging features, including a Scratch Card feature and Gift Box.

With its drag-and-drop Content Editor, Omnisend helps you customize emails to suit your business’s needs. With a single click, you can select products and services and add them to your email list. Omnisend offers dynamic reporting and metrics on campaign performance. This email marketing software lets you schedule automated emails, create one-time emails, and test subject lines and sender names. Besides, you can automate all parts of your sales process with this tool.

If you are considering using Omnisend to automate your emails, make sure you check out its free trial version. This way, you can check out the software and determine if it’s right for your business. You can also choose between two paid plans – the basic and the Pro. The price of the Pro package depends on the features it offers and how powerful it is. For small businesses, the free version may not be enough.


If you want to create a series of automated emails to promote your business, you should consider Mailchimp. Its automated email features streamline communications between you and your customers. These features include pre-set automations, defined triggers, and timelines. The messages you send out can be tailored to your specific audience, reducing the need for human marketing representatives. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations with a large contact list, but limited human resources.

If you want to use an automated email marketing service for your business, you should be aware of the limitations associated with its free plan. Mailchimp supports more than 40 email clients, including desktop, mobile, and web-based interfaces. In addition, you can preview your email designs before sending them. This means that you can make changes until you are satisfied with the final product. You can also test your campaigns with the platform’s free plan before you make a commitment.

A company that uses Mailchimp can use its intelligent feature to optimize content and reach the most relevant audience. Mailchimp’s data analysis tool evaluates over 150,000 users to discover which automation produce the best results. For example, it can automatically generate product recommendation content blocks, so you don’t have to create them yourself. The program can also break down your audience by purchase likelihood and highlight high-value prospects. And when you combine these features, you can create personalized emails without having to spend hours creating them.