The Physics Of Attracting Responsive Traffic

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Want some serious web traffic?web traffic physics

If only you knew the importance of web traffic, you would’ve channeled your entire web activities on it.

One of the biggest challenges which a newly designed website has to face is about attracting consistent traffic. The older ones, unless they plan for rejuvenation, already have their set of regular visitors who remain loyal to them.

However, it is for those who have just begun to venture in the virtual arena that finding a strong foothold in terms of web traffic becomes difficult.

Nonetheless, it must be realized that there are certain specified principles which you need to apply in order to reap the best ‘traffic’ benefits.

Enlisted here are a few fundamentals which clearly define the physics of attracting traffic on your website.

Get it through SEO- Search Engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is indeed one of the finest measures of enhancing visitor profiles. It entails a simple procedure which you need to follow in terms of making submissions to web index engines or internet directories.

They would provide you with certain ‘most searched’ keywords which you need to carefully induce in the content of your website. Due to this, your website will feature in the top results of these engines whenever someone makes a keyword-specific search! SEO’s are thus considered to be a literal panacea for traffic troubles.


Make It Interactive


Most people prefer to visit a website through which they can interact with the service providers conveniently. This occurs only if the website has been prepared in an interactive mode. So, instead of approaching for static text and images; experiment with a variety of dynamic features.

Give your visitors the opportunity to communicate with you. Not only will this cause the web traffic to jump up but it would also significantly establish your credibility in the eyes of the audience.



Web links are indeed one of the most important elements of the internet. They ensure the customer’s ease in browsing and surfing through various pages at one go. Thus, contact different web managers and forge a trade association with them in this regard.

Let them include your links in their websites while you do the same for them. Nevertheless, make sure that the use of these links is meticulously structured and judicious. An overdose might upset the visitor.


Become Active Online


There are a plethora of newsgroups and mailing lists which remain consistently active on the internet. Most people browse, share and comment on them. Similar is the case with social networking websites which see multiple forays of web traffic.

Thereby, rise to the occasion and become as active online as possible. Register yourself with various groups and advertise your links on social websites. Not only would this help promote your page but it would also keep you constantly in the public memory.


By sticking to the basic principles which have been mentioned above, you are bound to generate a good amount of web traffic soon after your launch. However, the key lies in maintaining it. Keep yourself constantly active and relentlessly upgraded. That, after all, is the only way to succeed in the war of traffic plurality.


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