10 Powerful Ways To Position Your Blog To Attract Media Publicity Free

Are you struggling to grow a blog and drive the right readers to it?

I’m here to blow your mind – pause whatever you’re reading right, read this article now.

It takes 3 minutes and you’re done fully girded with powerful ideas and tips to trounce the competition. Oh boy, I’m so confident of this truth.

The good thing about content marketing is that you can leverage on people’s efforts to grow your business and do exploits worth emulating.

Don’t take this lightly; media publicity is the edge in this new marketing era.

Whether you run a blog or a corporate website, by pressing the right buttons, the world would be at your finger tips, begging to invest with you.

So, who are the media?

Is it social media, or search media? No, it’s not. The media can be any group of persons who share, link and republish contents which they find helpful, news worthy and informative to the end user.

B2B corporate websites benefited from media publicity in past years, but today, the B2C entrepreneurs and bloggers can tap in. sounds well!  Huh?

In case you don’t know – you’re a media person because, you’ve shared, linked and recommended resourceful posts to your audience. If you enjoy this article and decide to comment, link to it and share with fans and subscribers, you’re a media person – period!

It’s quite simple. In web marketing, the media simply means exposure, publicity, promotion, advertising, sharing, and communication and so on. But it deals with groups of people who crave to make the world better, blissful and solution-based.

How to Attract the Media (target prospects)

If you run brick and mortar business (offline), you’ll have to spend a huge sum of money in advertising. And it doesn’t matter, because you might target the wrong people and the high cost of media-buying will flush into the toilet.

On the contrary, the internet can trigger and persuade others to promote your business for you. No, you don’t have to pay them to do it, you can earn it. Yes, targeted blog readers and networks can willingly share your posts with social media fans, email subscribers and high-end news portal.

It’s all about who you know on the internet – and what you produce.

Talking about content marketing, make it sticky and fluff-free. In order to attract the interested people (media) to share your contents and send avalanche of buyers, readers and aura to your blog or site, here are 10 ways to persuade others and get them to work for you:

Empty your mind: the best way to convince other people to share your contents without using tricks is to empty your mind. Get rid of earning dollars when you publish or syndicate any content on your blog – let the words flow as it’s in your mind.

You’ve to empty your mind first, before you can refill it with cute marketing ideas.

Fuel your passion: what level of passion were you operating with when you started blogging or doing business online? Well, don’t stop there – fuel your passion by nurturing it. Look for those materials (books, seminars, CDs, blogs, marketing tools) that motivated you to start an online business initial and use them to skyrocket to the top.

Until this happens, you’ll get bored writing, blogging and networking with others. And it would be visible in your content. Any blog post written without passion will not get publicity from the media (target audience).

Address the symptoms: People who suffer from high blood pressure are desperate to cure it. But more than that, they want to get rid of the hot flashes, depression and quirky symptoms first. When you write contents for the web, forget about the real problem and brood the readers by addressing the symptoms.

Once you have captured their minds, deliver the right solutions. The media would queue to reward you with social media shares, natural links and quality traffic.

Have a strong headline: Are your headlines boring or captivating? Can you click on your headline if it appears in search results pages (SERPs)? If you’re not convinced, spend more time crafting the headline – the media are slaves to powerful headlines. Yes! And you’re the master chef!

Don’t impress: Content marketing is not to impress anyone.Nobody really cares about you or how cute your spouse is, they care about them. “What’s in it for me” is the question sailing through their minds when they read your content. Answer the question and that’s all.

Write to express: Do you write to impress or to express your views about a topic or idea? Striving to impress readers and buyers is “pretence.” It can destroy your reputation and the media (prospects, social fans et al) would ignore your blog. Express your views.

Let the world know what’s on your mind. Don’t imitate your role models or try to be like probloggers. It’s good to learn from them, but don’t be a duplicate. Be yourself.

Love your business: Sounds like being a passionate content marketer but with a twist. Seeing the light of the day should spark up love from within. Love is the fuel that powers passion.

If you’re doing a business just to make money or build influence without loving it, the media would get negative signals and back-off.

Stay in your field: you can’t be a master of all. There must be something you’re skilled at. How can you launch a money-making blog and write about it consistently when you’re yet to earn $100 from the internet – it won’t work.

However, if you’re a tech geek or knows how to pick up girls, write about these and become an expert in it.

You don’t have to know: Content marketing can work to pique the media. But you don’t have to know it all. Whatever you don’t know can be learned. Read resourceful marketing blogs to enhance your knowledge.

If you don’t know the pros and cons of your market or niche, don’t even dabble into it. Get the necessary data and use them to craft epic shit.

Increase your worth: If the media discovers you’re new to the game, they might ignore your contents no matter how powerful. Nobody wants to connect with average bloggers or entrepreneurs. Associating with the rich, influential and professional is what the media wants.

The world doesn’t reward ‘average.’ So, increase your worth by learning and mastering your craft. Whatever business model you’ve chosen, give yourself wholly to it – be immersed in your mind and let the zeal for excellence take you high.

Bonus Point: Be everywhere: The world is waiting to hear from you. They’re so desperate to read your contents and give you a call or hire you to perform some marketing wizardry.

But if they can’t find you, you’re at a loss. Be everywhere – actively engage in guest posting – do it like a maniac and the people will be attracted to your blog/business.

Content marketing takeaway

Now, you know the 10 powerful ways to get people talking about your blog. Armed with these tips, you can launch a new blog and have thousands of people giving you free publicity.

What can you add to this list? Share your comment below – and if I’ve earned your trust, recommend this post to someone special. See you at the top!

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