21 Reasons Why Your Blog Does Not Attract Free Traffic

Want to know the reason why your blog is dormant?

I mean, you only attract few traffic or none at all.

Everyone has been there before, my blog never got any tangible visitors until I changed my thoughts and actions. Blogging has a lot to do with your state of mind.

I know what I’m talking about and in this post, I make it a lot easier.

If you can change your thoughts, your life, blog traffic and overall money making adventure would change for real.

This blog is kind of motivational, so get ready to TAKE ACTION!

(1). You’re Busy With Nothing

– This is the first obvious reason why bloggers don’t get traffic to their blog. You ask how? Alright, don’t throw a stone at me – I will explain. You see, when you spend most of your time on forums and social sites, without any meaningful purpose of logging in, you’re wasting time. But you thought social media marketing works, huh? Off course it does, but you need to approach it differently.

(2). You Complain About Nothing

– I find myself complaining every time. I don’t know about you, but believe me, each time you complain about something, you block the creative intuit required to take you to the next level. Blogging is all about being creative and finding alternative means to achieve something. Stop complaining and start creating

(3). You’re Not Responsible

– I met a blogger who was just starting out. He was very glad to have started his blog and I encouraged him. A week later, he called and said to me, “the traffic I thought would come is no where. What’s happening? Funny isn’t it – you’re the one who needs traffic, go after it!

(4). You don’t know how

– Driving traffic to a blog, new or old requires special knowledge. Although, not rocket science but you need to know the pros and cons. If you fail in this step, every other thing is a total waste of time. To learn the basic blog traffic systems, join my “Insider Blog Traffic Club.”

(5). Poor Design (Crappy Wp Theme)

– As much as you can, make sure the wordpress theme you’re using is simple and clean. Don’t overdo things and stuff your sidebar with ads, these scare blog visitors. Instead, go after simplicity so you can attract consistent traffic.

(6). Lack Of Keywords

– This still plays a great role in helping you drive traffic from the search engines. If you fail to optimize your blog posts with the relevant keywords, you’ll struggle to attract traffic. Before writing a post, make sure you have researched your keywords.

(7). Poor On-Page SEO

– This first approach to optimizing your web pages or post, is to do the on-page SEO properly. How? Simply put the keywords you are targeted on the Meta Sections. Use a simple All-In-On SEO Pack to embed your primary keywords on the title, description and keywords area. It will make a big difference.

(8). Your Content Suck

– If you are not getting traffic, like you desired, maybe you should take a look at your content. Does it suck? When you read your blog posts, do you smile? If not, then you need to learn approach writing as an art. That’s how copywriters see contents. The reason why they make more money than everyone else including you.

(9). You Lie To People

– I see a lot of blog posts filled with SERIOUS lies. When you make a post, don’t ever tell lies or else you would drive your happy reader away. Guess what? They would simply bookmark your blog address and will never come back to it again. Why Bookmarking? So that they will always memorize your blog address. Don’t lie on your product reviews, say the truth especially when you have some affiliate offers – truth brings you money, lying kills your business.

(10). You’re Chasing After Worthless Traffic

Traffic exchanges and solo ads are the worst traffic you could ever drive to your blog. Don’t waste your time on them. Even Google hates them because they are kind of black-hat. Do you wear this blackhat, what happened to whitehat your mum bought for you?

(11). You’re Hiding Under The Shell

– Until you come out of your shell, and get to know other bloggers, you’ll continue to struggle for free traffic. Blogging is a networking thing, and if you hate networking, then look for another business model. Let me guess one, troubleshooting. Lol!

(12). You’re Too Serious

– Sometimes, you don’t need much seriousness to drive traffic to your blog. Instead, be lively and loosen up a bit. Life is not yours and blogging is all about pursuing your passion. Are you too serious? Please give me a break!

(13). You’re Not Blogging For Passion

– Blogging needs motivation and consistency. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you will definitely run out of fuel. If your passion isn’t “Make Money Online” and all those stuff, why pursue it? That is the reason why your content is crappy and full of scary vampires. Go back to your passion and scale it through.

(14). You’re Don’t Value Yourself

– How do you see yourself? This matters so much with blogging and getting people to read, subscribe and even buy your products. You need to brand your business and not just a blog. People need to know how skilled you are – remember, there is no one like you. You’re more precious than gold!

(15). Pro Blogger Mentality

– There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be great in life. But when you set your goals, make sure they are realistic, clear so that you can explain it to a 2-year old boy. Some of the probloggers you know and read about all started way back while you were still with your 9 – 5 job. You can never be like them – be yourself and do what works.

(16). You’re Not Guest Posting

– I love this very much! I’m a big fan of guest posting and I encourage you to start. One way to get your blog across to other networks and attract fresh blogs is by submitting quality guest posts. If you want to write a guest post on my blog, visit my guest post guidelines.

(17). You Don’t Like Writing

– I see a lot of bloggers who don’t like writing. They literally sit on their computer for 2 hours and yet, cannot write a unique 300 word article. I don’t know what else to say, but the truth is, you cannot drive targeted traffic to your blog for free, if you can’t write.

(18). You Procrastinate Too Much

– By tomorrow, by next week, by next month, in the afternoon, I shall submit my guest post. When you give excuses like this, getting free traffic to your blog is only a day-dream. Stop procrastinating and start working. A few of us only succeed with less effort, but the majority of bloggers have to work it out. Do you hear me?

(19). You Don’t Comment On Blogs

– Like I said earlier, until you come out of your shell, and visit other blogs, your success would still be dim. The solution is simple, visit top blogs and leave your frank comment. Bloggers appreciate this and would reciprocate and visit your blog. So, if you can comment on 5 blogs a day and each of these blogs send you 5 visitors daily, that’s 25 targeted traffic for just leaving a comment.

(20). You Don’t Build A List

– Thank God I did not miss this POWERFUL one. Building a mailing list of responsive blog readers is the best thing, that can happen to you. This is because, each time you make a new post, you can always send a notification to your list, and receive instant traffic from your current subscribers. Don’t trade this for anything. If you have not started building your email list, today is that wonderful day.

(21). You Don’t Take Action Like Me

– I made a decision back in 2009 to practice whatsoever I read. Off course, it has to be good ideas for me to take action. But that is the problem with most bloggers, only a few are the ones taking action and that is why they make more money than you.

Solution: Don’t buy any e-book or software until you have tried the ones sitting on your PC. This would help you save your hard earned money, and also cause you to see results. There is nothing so special about successful bloggers, action is their watchword.

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