Attract Free T.R.A.F.F.I.C To Your Blog

Its 9.00 am right here in my city.

A new week has begun and one thing I kept in my mind was checking my traffic stats to know how much traffic I attracted to my blog during the weekend.

Honestly, this blog is still pretty young, about 28 days old and the traffic coming to it is pretty GOOD and I’m having a nice time. Web traffic has become the pivot upon which your online business stands. Isn’t it?

It’s not all about making affiliate sales, but more on building your personal brand, readership and trust so that when you eventually launch your product (off course you should start thinking about that), the right tools are their to market it.

In a way I thought would be easier to explain how to flood your blog with targeted traffic; I want to explain the true meaning of T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

This is not my invention. I learned it from my 3 years of marketing online. It’s powerful and can shape your entire business life.

Alright, let’s dive in…


acronym means:

T = Take Responsibility

R = Research Keywords

A = Arouse Curiosity

F = Find Traffic Sources

F = Focus On Proven Traffic

I = Interact With Other Bloggers

C = Content Is King

Let’s explain these for deeper insights…

(1). T = Take Responsibility

T = Take Responsibility

Did you quit your 9 – 5 job to run an online business? I don’t encourage anyone to take that drastic step because; it may lead to regret especially when you fail to understand how much responsibility there is to marketing online. But if you did, it’s a bold step anyways.

Promoting your blog isn’t a cocktail party where you get to enjoy whatever you want. It does take time and statistics shows that out of 10 friends who started marketing online, 6 people dropped and went back to look for a nice job within the first 12 months.

What remains, 4 people only.

Now, here is a staggering shock “amongst these 4 friends that are still holding on to the promises of hitting the millions online, 2 people actually knows how to get their blog and affiliate offers in the eyes of those who could exchange money for it.”

So, what’s in this for you?

Simple, until you take responsibility for getting the right traffic to your blog, everything would still be stagnant and that includes your motivation, income and networking.

The simplicity of marketing online makes it pretty promising to setup your blog within 10 minutes. But guess what, being responsible can help you achieve success and drive targeted traffic to your blog, even when you have no passion for that niche.

Huh? That looks contrary to what you know, eh? Off course, you can make money even from a niche/market you don’t like. For instance, I don’t know how to speak or teach French but I own a blog that promotes French Learning Software.

See the shock – I earned $458.87 in affiliate commission. What is the difference between your passion and being responsible?

Listen before I conclude on this “TAKE RESPONSIBILITY” session, no matter how passionate you are about your chosen niche, skill or talent, you are not going to make any impact online until the right people gets to read your blog, product reviews and TAKE ACTION.

(2). Research Keywords

R = Research keywords

If you don’t research your keywords well, you can’t attract a handful of the HUGE traffic online. A blog that receives thousands of visitors every single day has something that others don’t. The greatest of her tools is keywords.

Success online begins with your understanding of how popular a keyword is, and how less the competition is on the major search engines especially Google.

Google will not send targeted traffic to your blog, until you have informed them on the keyword you are targeting. It’s like giving the search spiders a direction on what your blog is concerned about.

Take note also that there are 2 kinds of keywords you should target:

  1. Commercial Keywords
  2. Informational Keywords
  • Commercial Keywords

These are keywords that show intent of the searcher buying any of the products you recommend. If you are selling something, I think you should start focusing on this particular kind of search terms.

The major reason a lot of people do not sell or sell few products is because, the keywords there web page or blog is targeted towards is not COMMERCIAL.

There is not intent of the searcher buying the product and they give up.

Examples of commercial intent keywords are: kindle wireless reader review, cure acne overnight, quick ways to raise money etc.

  • Informational Keywords

As the name implies, a lot of people are looking for helpful free information on how to do something. Keywords that begins with “how to” are usually informational. They don’t make for great conversion but, they can bring you huge traffic every single day.

Examples of informational keywords are: how to make money online, how to lower high blood pressure, acne scar treatments

Informational keywords have huge search volumes, while commercial has lower search volumes.

Solution: In order to drive HUGE targeted traffic and still make sales, the right approach is to find a way to weave both kinds of key terms into your content, blog posts and articles and you will celebrate your blog’s performance.

(3). Arouse Curiousity

A = Arouse Curiosity

Internet users are very intelligent. Before you could attract the right ones to your blog and keep them, there must be creativity in your marketing practices. How?

Whenever you write content, your goal should be to capture the attention of the reader, get them to click through to your blog, arouse more curiousity until they subscribe to your blog posts.

When someone is anxious to learn something new, that is the ONLY chance you have to deliver your product and services and win their hearts. Arousing the interest of your traffic would boost your conversion rate, email subscription and position your blog in the right position on Google.

Rule of thumb: Don’t give away your precious information so quick. Try as much as you can to get everyone who read your article, guest posts and social contents to click through to your blog. Get them running to your blog, it works like magic and your traffic would skyrocket to the sky.

(4). Find Traffic Sources

F = Find Traffic Sources

Are you waiting for the right traffic to come? Well, that is a huge mistake on your path. Instead of praying and hoping that one day, you’ll succeed online, wake up from your slumber and do something. The traffic you’re looking for is somewhere and you have got to find it. Some great places to find traffic includes:

  • –          Top blogs – e.g smartbloggerz
  • –          Article directories
  • –          Social media sites e.g twitter and stumbleupon
  • –          Press release sites
  • –          Web 2.0 sites
  • –          Video sites like youtube and google video
  • –          Yahoo answers
  • –          Active Niche forums e.g recognizedexperts
  • –          Google search engine
  • –          Classified Ad Sites
  • –          Celebrity Sites
  • –          Online magazines
  • –          Etc

With the right keyword selected, go out there and position your blog where targeted traffic is dumped. Some of the traffic sources above receive over 1M ready visitors everyday. You don’t need all the traffic, you need 1% of that to become successful.

Let’s do our maths:

1% of 1,000,000 = 10,000 visitors everyday

Divide that by 2 = 5,000 visitors everyday

Divide that by 2 = 2,500 visitors everyday

Divide that by 2 = 1,250 visitors everyday

Wow… I don’t think you should stay any other day without traffic on your blog. Why, people with the maths above, it’s very possible to get at least 200 visitors if you go out and do something. That word is coming back again: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for what happens to your blog. If you don’t drive the traffic to make sales, nobody else will. Will ya?

(5). Focus On Proven Traffic

F = Focus On Proven Traffic

Unfortunately, you don’t even need to utilize all the above traffic sources above. A single one of them, when properly scaled through can send you avalanche of free targeted traffic every single day. So, the F = Focus is telling you to QUIT chasing after the various traffic sources and concentrate.

Even in stocks, some people diversify. But smart investors are focused. They know how to trounce the market and profit, while the beginners to stock market keep diversifying until they crash.

Come on… Guest posting alone can give you all the traffic you desire. If you haven’t start today! I’m giving my life on the internet to making guest posting my ultimate traffic system because it works. Web traffic generation becomes SIMPLE when you know how it all works to bring you high Pagerank, quality backlinks and sleek blog performance.

(6). Interact With Other Bloggers

I = Interact With Other Bloggers

On the 4th of July, this blog you are reading right now attracted 305 unique visitors from one of my guest posts. What’s the secret?

I took out time to build a sincere rapport with the blog owner. As time went on, I offered to write a guest post, knowing how reputable and search engine friendly his blog was.

He consented and that made my day. 305 unique traffic to my blog yielded 109 email opt-in subscribers and 205 RSS Readers.

Do not neglect the power of networking. It’s so mighty and can transform your blogging career. The power of network makes you a magnet to the 20/80 rule which states that “expert marketers achieve 80% profit from 20% effort/labour.

This is contrary to some other bloggers who denied their wife love, care and all the good things of life, all in the name of updating and driving traffic to blog.

You can’t substitute networking with top bloggers in your niche, with any other thing.  To start guest posting on this blog, see posting guidelines.

(7). Content is King

C = Content is King

Well, I don’t know any other food the search spiders feed on, if not quality CONTENT. Do you know you can’t stay without food? Off course, I’m I stupid, food is a necessity.

Now, get this straight, until you start giving much priority to delivering the right content on your blog, you’ll never enjoy the benefits of viral marketing.

When people who visit your blog are enlightened and glad, that is the only time they could refer their friends, colleagues and subscribers.

  • Why Do People Read

Whether your blog is beautifully designed or with mediocre theme, the most important aspect of it is the content. People who come to a blog do so for two major reasons:

  1.  To be educated
  2. To be entertained.

Merging both together, you become a content king, the craft has become your thoughts and people would definitely observe it.

So, find a way to deliver top notch content that adds value, solves a problem, or educates your reader in lively manner. Even though you are teaching them something, don’t be so serious; use lighted humours, anecdotes to entertain them. Your current visitors will promote your blog even while you sleep.

Want to add something or say thank you? Leave a comment below. Anything on your mind is acceptable by me… will ya?

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