Artlist vs. Epidemic Sound: Differences + Use Cases

In the vast realm of online video marketing and filmmaking, finding the right music to accompany your visual masterpiece is like finding the perfect harmony to a heartwarming story.

Both Artlist and Epidemic Sound are the strongest contenders in this space.

The main difference between Artlist and Epidemic Sound lies in their licensing models and music libraries. Artlist offers a subscription-based plan with unlimited downloads and usage rights for any project during the subscription period, while Epidemic Sound operates on a track-by-track licensing basis, providing a curated selection of exclusive tracks.

Artlist boasts a vast and diverse library with thousands of tracks, while Epidemic Sound focuses on trending and handpicked content.

Additionally, Artlist allows continued usage of downloaded tracks even after the subscription ends, but Epidemic Sound restricts monetization rights after the subscription period.

Both platforms offer a treasure trove of audio tracks to elevate your projects, but understanding their differences and use cases is essential when choosing a royalty-free music platform for your video production.

Table Chart: Artlist vs. Epidemic Sound: Pricing Comparison

Below is a 100% original table comparing the pricing for Artlist and Epidemic Sound:

PlatformSubscription PlansPricing (USD)Licensing Model
ArtlistAnnual Plan$199/yearUnlimited Downloads and Usage Rights
for Any Project
during Subscription Period
Lifetime Plan$299 (One-time payment)Unlimited Downloads and Usage Rights
for Any Project, Forever
Epidemic SoundPersonal Subscription$15/monthIndividual Track Licensing for
Commercial and Non-Commercial Projects
during Subscription Period
Commercial Subscription$49/monthIndividual Track Licensing for
Commercial Projects Only
during Subscription Period

1). Licensing Models:

Artlist and Epidemic Sound follow distinct licensing models, dictating how you can use their music.

Artlist’s simple subscription-based approach offers unlimited downloads and usage rights for any project during your subscription period.

Epidemic Sound’s model operates on a track-by-track basis, allowing you to license individual tracks as needed.

2). Music Library Size and Diversity:

Imagine stepping into an enchanted forest filled with musical wonders. Artlist boasts a vast library with thousands of high-quality tracks spanning various genres and moods.

From cinematic scores to upbeat anthems, there’s something for every moment of your creative journey.

Meanwhile, Epidemic Sound’s collection also impresses, although it may not be as extensive as Artlist’s. However, it compensates with a curated selection of handpicked tracks that resonate with contemporary trends.

3). Royalty-Free Music vs. Copyrighted Music:

When we’re embarking on a creative expedition, we want to feel free, unrestricted, and unburdened.

Artlist embraces the essence of royalty-free music, granting you the liberty to use the tracks even after your subscription ends.

Epidemic Sound, on the other hand, offers a different approach.

While you can use their music during your subscription period, you might need to remove the tracks from your projects if your subscription ends, which could disrupt the seamless flow of your story.

4). Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Content:

In this journey of creation, we appreciate both uniqueness and universality. Artlist provides non-exclusive tracks, which means you won’t find them on any other music platform.

Conversely, Epidemic Sound’s tracks can be found on their platform exclusively, amplifying the sense of exclusivity in your projects.

5). Commercial and Monetization Rights:

Picture a bustling marketplace where your creations take center stage.

Artlist empowers you to use its music for commercial projects and monetize your content without additional worries.

Epidemic Sound also enables commercial use during your subscription, but once it expires, you might have to remove the music from monetized content, akin to closing shop for the day.

6). User Experience and Interface:

In this expedition, we need a smooth sail through uncharted waters. Artlist’s user-friendly interface welcomes you like a familiar harbor, allowing you to navigate with ease and find the perfect melodies for your projects swiftly.

Similarly, Epidemic Sound’s interface offers a seamless experience, but some may find it slightly more intricate to navigate.

7). Collaboration Features and Multi-User Accounts:

In a voyage that celebrates teamwork, Artlist shines by offering collaboration features and multi-user accounts, fostering a sense of unity among your crew.

Epidemic Sound may be more suitable for solo adventurers as it doesn’t provide dedicated collaboration tools.

Use Case Examples:

Artlist: Meet Sarah, a budding travel vlogger who embarks on adventures worldwide. With Artlist’s diverse library, she finds the ideal track for each destination, capturing the essence of every journey in her videos.

Epidemic Sound: Mark, an emerging indie game developer, leverages Epidemic Sound’s exclusive tracks to create immersive soundscapes that transport players into alternate worlds.

Table Chart: Artlist vs. Epidemic Sound — Key Features Comparison

FeaturesArtlistEpidemic Sound
Licensing ModelSubscription-based, unlimited downloadsIndividual track licensing
Music Library SizeExtensive, spanning diverse genresCurated selection of trending tracks
Royalty-Free MusicYes, even after subscription endsDuring subscription period only
Exclusive ContentNon-exclusive tracksExclusive tracks
Commercial RightsMonetization allowedMonetization during subscription
User ExperienceUser-friendly and easy to navigateSmooth interface
CollaborationCollaboration features availableMore suitable for individual use

Pros and Cons of Artlist and Epidemic Sound

It’s time to make the right melodic choice for your video content.

When it comes to harmonizing your videos with the perfect melody, Artlist and Epidemic Sound stand as two prominent options, each with its own set of advantages and limitations.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each platform to help you make an informed decision that will elevate your creative projects.

Artlist Pros and Cons:


  1. Vast Music Library: With Artlist, you gain access to a diverse and extensive music library, featuring thousands of high-quality tracks across various genres and moods. Whether you’re crafting heartwarming stories or adrenaline-pumping adventures, you’ll find the perfect tune to complement your visuals.
  2. Unlimited Downloads and Usage: Artlist’s subscription model offers unlimited downloads and usage rights during your subscription period. This means you can download as many tracks as you need and keep using them even after your subscription ends, allowing you to craft timeless creations without constraints.
  3. Commercial Usage and Monetization: As a video marketer or filmmaker, the ability to monetize your content is crucial. Artlist grants you commercial rights, allowing you to use their music for monetized projects without additional licensing hurdles.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating Artlist’s platform is a breeze, enabling you to swiftly find the melodies that resonate with your projects, saving you time and effort in the creative process.


  1. Non-Exclusive Content: While Artlist’s library is vast and diverse, the tracks are non-exclusive. This means that some of the tracks you find on Artlist might also be available on other music platforms, reducing the element of exclusivity in your creations.
  2. Higher Subscription Cost: Compared to some other platforms, Artlist’s subscription cost may be relatively higher. However, considering the unlimited downloads and commercial usage rights, it can still provide excellent value for creators with a steady flow of projects.

Epidemic Sound Pros and Cons:


  1. Curated and Trending Tracks: Epidemic Sound offers a curated selection of handpicked tracks, keeping you in sync with the latest trends in music. Their focus on quality ensures that you’ll find tracks that match contemporary styles, enhancing the relevance of your creations.
  2. Exclusive Content: Epidemic Sound’s tracks are exclusive to their platform, providing a sense of uniqueness to your projects. You won’t encounter these tracks in other music libraries, allowing you to craft a more distinct auditory experience.
  3. Simple Licensing Model: Epidemic Sound’s track-by-track licensing model gives you flexibility in choosing the specific tracks you need for your projects, avoiding the need for a full subscription if you require only a few specific melodies.


  1. Limited Music Library Size: While Epidemic Sound’s selection is curated and trend-focused, it may not boast the sheer number of tracks compared to Artlist’s extensive library. Depending on your specific project requirements, you might find fewer choices in certain niche genres.
  2. Monetization Restrictions: Though you can use Epidemic Sound’s music for commercial projects during your subscription period, you may need to remove the tracks from monetized content once your subscription expires, potentially disrupting your revenue streams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artlist and Epidemic Sound

Do you have some questions about these popular Royalty-free music platforms? Let’s answer them:

  1. Which platform has a larger music library?

Artlist’s music library is a treasure trove of creative possibilities, offering thousands of top-notch tracks across various genres and moods. Whether you’re making heartwarming stories or action-packed adventures, Artlist has you covered. Epidemic Sound also provides a curated selection of trending tracks, but its collection may not be as extensive as Artlist’s diverse offerings.

  1. Can I use the music for commercial projects?

Absolutely! Artlist embraces your creative ambitions by granting you full commercial usage rights. You can use their music for monetized content without any worries. Similarly, during your subscription period, Epidemic Sound also allows you to use their music for commercial projects, but remember to remove tracks from monetized content if your subscription expires.

  1. Which platform provides unlimited downloads?

Artlist welcomes you with open arms, offering an unlimited supply of musical inspiration during your subscription period. It’s like having a magical chest of melodies that you can access anytime, even after your subscription ends. However, Epidemic Sound takes a different approach with a track-by-track licensing model, which might not grant the same unlimited freedom for downloads.

  1. Are the tracks exclusive to each platform?

Artlist features a diverse collection of non-exclusive tracks, which means some of them might be available on other platforms too. On the other hand, Epidemic Sound takes pride in offering exclusive tracks solely available on its platform. If you’re looking for that special touch of exclusivity, Epidemic Sound might be the way to go.

ArtList vs. Epidemic Sound: Summary

Like a painter selecting colors for their masterpiece, choosing between Artlist and Epidemic Sound will define the soul of your creative journey.

Artlist’s vast library, unrestricted usage, and collaboration features make it a splendid choice for filmmakers and video marketers seeking freedom and teamwork.

Epidemic Sound’s exclusive tracks and handpicked selection cater to creators looking to add a touch of exclusivity to their projects.

Remember, your path may be uniquely yours, so explore both platforms to discover the one that resonates most with your vision.

Ultimately, the ideal musical companion will enhance your storytelling and leave your audience captivated as you create engaging online videos.