Yes it’s true.     content marketing dollar

Affiliate marketing is a reliable way for content marketers to make extra income online.

And it might surprise you to know that most super affiliates have poor blogging sense?

In other words, the people who succeed in the affiliate business might miss it in blogging.

But there is a reason why it’s happening and in this post, I want to highlight the seven major reasons.

If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’d want to increase your income, build a better business and join the league of the internet’s millionaires.

Well, the reasons below have their own fixes and if you can take action on each, your success is guaranteed.

The right time to start making impact with your blog, and earning affiliate income is right now. Let’s explore the reasons why you’re still stuck behind and how to pull the trigger:


1.      Flimsy wishes.

According to the Encarta Dictionary, the word “flimsy” simply means not strong: weak and too easily broken.

If your wishes are backed up by a plan and you take action on them, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving success online.

Bloggers who fail to realize their financial goals through affiliate marketing have weak plans. Or better yet, they don’t have plans at all. How pathetic?

They only wished things turned out right for them. When someone walks up to you and says, “I wish I made $2000 in commission this month!” Guess what?

That person had neglected that money will always answer to VALUE. And since he or she doesn’t have any offer that can brings value to the target audience, money can’t come. Stop making excuses. Stop wishing and start doing what it takes to actually earn the commissions.


2.      No investment into your business.

Another vital reason why most bloggers are stuck in the dungeon of “no commission” is because they’ve not mastered the art of investing wisely.

Investing is not only for Wall Street Experts. It’s not for Warren Buffet or Donald Trump. It’s for you, too.

If your ultimate goal is to make money online, by promoting other people’s product, then set a budget each month for your business. You’ve to invest in a good autoresponder service.

What about a good hosting package. If you’re like me that own multiple niche sites, then you also need to invest in good themes.

There is no free meal anywhere and I’m glad that Corbett had advocated on investment practices on several of his posts.

Can you make money as an affiliate without investing any money? Of course you can – but you should be ready to WAIT and WORK your butts off.


3.      Poor marketing practices

The era of build it and they will come is far gone. Yes, it used to work in the past. You register an exact match domain name, install wordpress and add content.

Within 72 hours, Google spider would index and start ranking your web pages – because the number of websites and blogs available at the time was limited. Today, over 160,000 new wordpress blogs are launched every day. Wow!

So, you need to work extra smart. Yes, working hard is good and could enhance your chances of making money online, but you’ve to adjust your marketing practices.

Today, you only have to concentrate on marketing strategies that truly works. If you find out that guest blogging is working for you the most, invest more funds into it and dominate that niche.

If email marketing is producing good results for you, scale it up and add more subscribers to your database, then start building relationships before recommending any product or offer.

Even if you’ve to be everywhere, according to Pat Flynn, make sure that you’re on the right places that can bring you closer to making more money.


4.      Not willing to learn

One of the qualities of successful affiliate marketers is that they’re open to correction. They’re also willing to learn. Are you?

They spend money to buy products that can increase their knowledgebase. Most of the time, super affiliates spend huge amounts of money to attend conferences and seminars across the world.

Yes, they can afford it. But that’s not the reason why they invest so much money and time into their business.

The ultimate reason is because they are willing to learn. If you’re a blogger and you think that you’re the “tree of knowledge,” failure is already at the corner.

There are so many things you don’t know yet. Other successful people have gone ahead of you – you’ve to pay to learn from them. As you go about blogging, don’t lock your mind from learning. Don’t be arrogant.

This year, make it a duty to listen to premium podcasts. Buy hard copy books, not digital books. Discipline yourself and study them. If you ever desire the internet lifestyle where you’re in control of your life, you must be willing to learn today.


5.      Not selling through backend     how-to-sell

You’ve to sell affiliate products through backend. I want to give you a personal homework.

I want you to ask any successful affiliate marketer how they got to where they are financially.

You’ll be surprised that 95% of the responses you’ll get will be hinged on backend sales.

In 2012, I joined to promote an affiliate program where the product owner was paying out a full 100% commission.

To me, I thought this marketer was insane! How could a normal human being reward me in such a manner – he’s got bills to pay, I questioned.

The truth of the matter is that the REAL profit is on the backend. With my story, the product owner was more concerned about generating targeted leads and then building a strong relationship that could translate into BIG ticket sales.

As a blogger, don’t just promote any new hype out there. Carefully study the sales funnel so that you can make more commission when the customer decides to buy into the recurring programs.

Don’t just promote one-off programs. Look for those with backend products and plunge yourself into it.


6.      Social media addiction

I know the feeling of getting a retweet, a facebook like or someone just subscribed to your feed.

It can be motivating at times, but is that TRULY the real deal when you want to make money online?

Social media addiction can cripple your success rate online.

If you want to succeed BIG time online as an affiliate marketer, then you MUST minimize the amount of time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Google+.

Those are shadows. The real essence of marketing is to connect with ideal customers, and convince them in a subtle manner to buy from you one time, and repeatedly thereafter.

The question to ask is: does marketing on twitter and Pinterest bring me leads? Remove all sentimental answers and just face reality.

For me, I prefer to write epic guest posts that truly answers questions. And I like redirecting prospects to my landing page where they can learn more about me.

Embrace social media marketing, but don’t be addicted to it. Remember, you’ve a business to build and affiliate products to push to those who truly need them.


7.       Low, untargeted traffic

The final piece of puzzle that stops 87% of bloggers from earning decent affiliate income is low, untargeted traffic. Web traffic is the lifeblood of every successful website.

No matter what niche you’ve chosen or your passion – without the right people visiting and taking interest in what you’ve to offer, you’ll make a whopping $0.00 by month end.

One thing I’ve discovered is that you CAN make more sales sending affiliate offers to few, but targeted traffic, than thousands of generic visitors.

I’ve a micro niche site in the health niche that receives less than 50 visitors a day, from search engines, but I still earn $400 – $700 monthly.

There is no magic bullet to it. Aim for targeted traffic; the ideal customers who are desperately looking for the product you’re promoting.

That’s why I love search engine traffic. It’s the best form of targeted traffic ever. With less than 1000 visitors per month, you can still smile to the bank if the traffic is targeted.


Are you an affiliate marketer?

When I looked around, I found out that most people started blogging, with the intention of adding affiliate banners to their sidebar. And after that, they do nothing other than add new content regularly and expect miracles to happen.

This is only but a pipe dream. And it’s not content marketing

That’s not how Super Affiliates are made. In fact, six-figure affiliate earners don’t give a damn about blogging per se, but more on generating the right kind of leads and making sales.

Use the fixes in this post to boost your affiliate income today.

Do you find it easy to difficult to earn decent affiliate income, despite all your hard work? Drop me a clear comment below – I’ll address it.