7 Steps To Drive Traffic To Your Site In 7 Days

Before I reveal my traffic secrets to you, let me ask you this question.

“What is your number 1 system for generating web traffic? Say nothing because that is the greatest answer to getting a massive results from what I’m going to share with you.

If you must know, there is no traffic generation method anywhere that works effectively like Affiliate programs. I struggled to get a handful of traffic, until I decided to launch my first product. A simple e-book that reveals my systems of ranking on Google top 10 within 30 days.

I had some top affiliates promoting my offers and that made me glad. Sales were growing and my list was tripling almost overnight. The irony of doing business online is this:

No Traffic + Fantastic Product = Failure
Less Traffic + Fantastic Product = Few or No Sales
Less Targeted Traffic + Crap Product = Good Sales
Huge Targeted Traffic + Great Product = Great Sales And Optins.

If you got that infant mathematics correctly, then you are good to go. Alright, it’s time to do a simple mathematics.

What is the greatest traffic generation method to make money?
If you answered “Affiliate Programs,” then you are good to read on. If you answered any other thing, then stop reading and go enjoy some Xbox 360 game. Give me a break, I like telling the truth and when you ignore it, it’s to your detriment.

As you plan on launching your product for huge targeted traffic, here are my 7 steps to drive traffic to your site in 7 days.

(1). Guest Posting Like Me

Funny isn’t it? But that’s true. I write at least 5 guest posts every week and that has been the source of my major traffic. This blog receives at least 200 targeted visitors from other blogs where my guest posts are featured. If you really want to break lose of staying without site visitors, blog readers, you need a fresh perspective to marketing.

Guest posting can help you in so many ways. If you write 5 guest posts and 3 made it to a top blog, you’re going to get at least:

First Guest Post = 150 Fresh visitors to your blog/site
Second Guest Post = 150 Fresh visitors to your blog/site
Third Guest Post = 100 fresh visitors to your blog/site

But it depends. Some blogs deliver much targeted traffic to your site. But all in all, target the top blogs in order to see a decent spike in traffic.

(2). Article Marketing Like You Mean It

A friend of mine, SEAN MIZE have been using article marketing to drive great converting traffic to his affiliate sites. However, there is a way you can do this like a professional and get the result. Instead of submitting articles to directories, simply contact blog owners and ask them to feature your article on their site, provided they leave your website’s address at the end.

You’ll not only get fresh traffic to your blog, but Google will reward you with relevant backlink. Your article will also continue to drive traffic to your blog/site consistently. There is less competition when you publish your content on niche blogs unlike what happens with conventional article submission.

Now, did you see the “marketing” that is attached to the sub-headings? Alright, what it means is that submitting articles is not enough. You need to optimize your content with the right keywords. Thereafter, make sure you promote and bookmark your content on social media sites like facebook, twitter and reddit. Oh sorry, Digg.com should be the first.

(3). Write Your Content For The Reader

Do you stuff your content with keywords, with the hope of pleasing the search engines? Stop right there! That is the surest way to fall into a pit and fail online.

Your major goal of writing any content is to persuade people to take action on your site. If you fail in doing this, Google and other search spiders would monitor how long a visitor stays on your site.

If they spend less than 3 minutes on your site, that means your content is not entertaining and educating. This would raise a red flag and Google will definitely push your content down their ranking algorithm.

Here’s the secret, write for the reader in mind. The more you get them engaged, the more traffic Google sends to your site. Remember, Google does not buy what you sell, your reader does!

(4). Research Your Competition Like This

Why does someone rank more than you on Google? Have you asked yourself that question before? Well, don’t be disturbed. They are ahead of you because, Google thought their site is more relevant and important to her search users than yours. How?

They have quality content and much more than that…
They have backlinks that’s greater than yours.

So, your first approach to outranking them is to determine where they got their backlinks from. How they placed their anchor link and they quantity of content they serve on their site or blog. Once you discover this stuffs, you need to squeeze in your website into those sites and gain back links too.

You only need a little more backlinks to outrank them. If they got majority of their back-links from article directories, why not get your back-link from those places and then add an “extra” backlink from top blogs and social bookmarking sites.

Within 14 day guaranteed, your site would overtake her competitors ultimately. This is no guess, it’s a guarantee. But don’t take my word for it, go give it a try!

(5).Getting Traffic Through Pay Per Click

If you have some money, not millions though, you can run a pay per click campaign and drive rich, targeted and quality traffic to your site within 24 hours. Unlike Article marketing which is free (it costs your time too), this one works but not for those who are still broke. When I started my first site, I used PPC to make my first $506. But I don’t use it again.

Why? Several of my sites are already ranking on #2, #3 of Google’s Top 10. Why must I waste money when I can get the traffic for free?

If you need to save money on PPC, make sure you bid on long tail keywords. Don’t aim for the #1 or #2 positions, #5 is great and this would bring you some decent click through rates.

(6). Blogger.com Traffic System

You can rank #1 on Google for a long tail keyword, when you optimize your web page with that keyword. Using Google’s own blogging platform, Blogger.com you can make this happen.

Blogger.com currently has a PR 8 and using it for traffic generation is so awesome. Our goal is to drive targeted traffic to your site in 7 steps. This should be one of the steps you make.

Start by doing a keyword research, Take a keyword that has less than 100,000 competing web pages on Google and build a blog around it. Submit at least 3 posts instantly, and then 2 posts after 2 days.

Go get some backlinks from article directories, from blogs and ping your blogger too. The result would amaze you.

(7). Action Traffic System

I bet you don’t know how much traffic you would drive to your blog, by simply taking action on what you have learned.

Well, I’m not giving you any other traffic secret until you have tried the ones given.

Now, go take some expert step. Choose one of those traffic methods above and give it a try. If you want to learn more, why not Use Google to dig deeper and learn the step by step approach to it.

Phew! I have succeeded in listing 7 Steps to massive traffic to your site. Did you say 6? Well, give your comment below and let me know what you think