50 Ways Twitter Can Grow Your Business

What’s your own benefit of using twitter?

Well, I’ve my 50 reasons and the benefits of using twitter to promote my business. Enjoy

1. I get free traffic daily

2. It helps me build brand

3. It enhances my blog goodwill

4. It creates a hoard of web presence

5. It improves my credibility when done well

6. Short tweets help me to improve my copywriting skill

7. It’s fun being on twitter

8. Twitter helps me network with other marketers

9. You could strike a business deal on twitter

10. Attract a handful of clients that makes you money

11. Sending out a tweet is fun, easy and doable

12. With twitter, you get to see results faster

13. It’s the quickest place to advertise your business for free

14. Increasing  your followers, leads to increase in your popularity

15. You can easily automate your tweets

16. You can outsource your tweets and focus on your business core aspects

17. Twitter helps to plan & organize future blog posts

18. Tweet is a quick broadcast of your latest updates.

19. Instead of posting tweets daily, you can schedule with twaitter

20. It’s easier to get followed when you follow someone

21. You can win the hearts of your followers by meeting their needs

22. Twitter helps you to build a responsive email list

23. You can build a strong business relationship with followers

24. With twitter, selling your new product isn’t difficult

25. You get in tune with hot trendstwitter marketing

26. Get inspired for your next blog idea

27. As a public speaker, twitter trains you to be concise

28. The 140 characters allowed strengthens your creative ability

29. You don’t need to be there to make it work

30. Twitter is awesomely user-friendly

31. You meet fabulous people on twitter

32. You attract the media and grow your business

33. Saves you time, from the conventional TV advertising

34. It’s an online text messaging – enjoy it

35. Post tweets directly from your blog using plugins

36. Retweet and allow others to promote your tweets

37. Get an instant 100 free followers from twiends

38. Helps you to discover a hidden profitable niche

39. Stay in a relaxed environment, and connect with friends

40. Be the first to know about local events

41. Exercise your authority by deciding on who follows you

42. Start your social networking without investment

43. Learn social etiquette as you communicate with others

44. Promote your affiliate offers, and earn commissions

45. Learn perfect design tips from as you enhance your walls

46. Twitter is perfect for your kind of business – whatever niche

47. Get to know who the big dogs are, by the number of followers they have

48. Discover amazing apps and grow your blog/site easily

49. Use twitter mobile and tweet on the go

50. Be there, be found, impact lives with your words

There you’ve it, share your own benefit of using twitter and let’s keep the ball rolling. Would you like to share this? Go ahead and do as you please!

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