50 Instagram Facts As It Clocks 5 Years Old (Infographic)

50 instagram facts


Instagram took visual marketing to a whole new level.


It's a fun app that enables you to share your life, day-to-day activities through pictures.

Quite a lot of people use Instagram, but how much do you know this online photo-sharing and video sharing app?

Maybe you only knew that Instagram has over 300 million active and engaged users, what else do you know that can help you grow your own following, generate traffic to your blog and increase sales.


Celebrities such as Beyonce has over 48 million followers already, and still counting.  Funny but true, content marketers and bloggers are not left out. Marie Forleo has over 64,000 followers, and approximately 6,400 followers.


How many true followers do you have?


If you’re not on Instagram, my question to you is, “why not?”

The first challenge that people encounter after joining Instagram is how to get their first 1,000 followers.

Yes, posting consistency is important. Following others on Instagram is equally a step you must take, but here’s one powerful way to get more followers:


Kindly ask users to “tag a friend”


How does it work?

This was the same technique Courtney Seiter, a content author at Buffer learned from her friend.

“Tagging a friend” was used to market a non-profit food event. If you already have a few hundred Instagram followers, you can leverage them to further get more fans.


For example, if you’re hosting an event such as webinar, contest, giveaway events, etc, all you’ve to do is to share a useful photo that will interest your users.


Then ask your followers to comment and tag a friend they would like to attend.


Yumeast asked their 11,000 followers to comment and tag a friend. The response and result were significant. They got more followers, more engagement and the right attendees to the event.


tag-a-friend Instagram


Don’t have an event? Don’t worry, it can still work for your blog, book launch, upcoming blog post, and more.

Good news, Instagram just turned 5 on the 6th of October. Let me use this opportunity to share 50 instagram facts I bet you didn’t know about this awesome photo-sharing app.


Thanks to my good friend, Tom Hopkins, the Managing Director of One Productions, a video production company based in Dublin for this invaluable gifographic.


Here’s a brief history of Instagram, and the 50 facts that makes the photo-sharing app thick:


instagram at 5