5 Ways on How to Generate Revenue From Site Traffic

Monetize Your Website

This post answers the question on how to generate revenue from site traffic.

You’ve got the traffic, what else, want to make money from it but don’t know how? There is a way to do it the right way.

It doesn’t get better than seeing huge results for your efforts. Getting traffic to a new website is not easy, and sustaining an already established site’s traffic is more difficult.

I get a lot of questions from my blog readers, some of them are beginners and so don’t know who to make money from their website or blog. What you’re looking for actually is called web site monetization.”

What Is Website Monetization?

It’s a system by which you cause your site or blog to generate income from the traffic you receive.

But you have to be careful, the best thing you can do for yourself is to have trust, build a reputable that does not fade – it’s not about the money, off course that is fantastic, but the goodwill and name is more important. There is a way you monetize your blog so that your traffic doesn’t get pissed off. I’m sure majority of your web traffic are free.

You never persuaded them to come, they did out of their own will. In this case, you need to treat them nice, while making money subtly from them.  Let’s look at the various ways to monetize and generate revenue from your blog easily.

(1). Affiliate Marketing Business

The first option in generating revenue from your website is through affiliate marketing. how does it work?

Simple, you’ll be promoting another person’s product in the form of e-books, software, membership sites, downloads, physical products etc.

Your role is to refer buyers (your web traffic) to the product’s sales page and when a sale is conducted, you earn a commission.

If you are starting out on this, I recommend you begin from Clickbank because they pay a decent commission for your efforts. You could earn $26 from a product that is sold for $39. That’s about 75%.

(2). Google AdSense Program

One bright easy way on how to generate revenue from site traffic is via Google AdSense program. Once you have the right traffic coming to your blog, you can make money from google adsense easily.

You don’t have to sell anything, just send the traffic and when a click is done, you get a commission for them.

The trick to doing this business is to have a handful of traffic, about 100 visitors coming to your website everyday can make you money, especially if your ads are high paying keywords.

Google provides some tutorials on how to generate ads on your website that can earn you money. This program is decent for those who are not ready yet for embarking on the real internet business that requires list building and relationship marketing.

You can test your hands on this and see how much you earn.

(3). Resell Rights Opportunity

Resell rights business opportunity is the big cash goldmine online. I have been doing it for over 2 years, it truly works. Instead of wasting time creating products that may not even convert well, as a newbie, why not drop product launch and focus on resell rights.

Resell rights are resell license giving by an expert product creator to sell, promote and keep the 100% profit from their tedious work. After they have struggled creating a top-notch e-book for instance, they allow you to sell and keep all the profit. Isn’t that wonderful. This is quite different from affiliate marketing where you share the proceeds from sale – here, you own the profit because the product is now yours.

However, there are different rights attached to a resell product. Some are private label rights, personal rights, master resale rights. Private label rights means you have the right to change the author’s name and include your name as the product owner.

Set your price as you want and promote to maximize profit. If you want to start making money from resell rights, keep an eye on this blog posts as I share some basic tips to skyrocket your profit.

(4). Sell Advert Space

Selling advert space is a must for bloggers. The major reason why you should start setting up your blog.

By the way, profiting from advertisements is often recommended by pro bloggers as one great monetization strategy that brings recurring income. The truth is, if you’re getting a decent traffic, this can attract high paying advertisers.

About a month ago, as I was reading a blog post by a pro blogger, I discovered that he even use text advertisements as a strategy on how to generate revenue from site traffic. Take a look by the right corner of this blog you’re reading and you’ll see my advert section. I make money from those advertisements.

You can also advertise banners on your side bar and earn a commission from the sales. A blog is much more profitable than a static website, especially when you are ranking on Google homepage.

(5). Specialized Skill

Making money online from home is quite possible when you have a specialized skill. It’s not rocket science at all – every skill can be utilized to make money online. If you’re an article writer, a software programmer, a customer attendant, a graphic artist etc, these skills can be traded for cool cash.

Everyday, people are becoming busier and would be more than willing to outsource these menial jobs to you.

I realized also that selling your skill can be more profitable than even affiliate marketing. One single job can fetch you about $200. Did you see the profit potential in this when you get 5 jobs in a month?

Solution, if you don’t have a skill to trade for cash, start developing one today. You can learn copywriting techniques from professionals and before long, you would join the league. Or better yet, hire a B2B inbound marketing agency to help out with your project.

For me, I’m a graphic artist and a web designer. These skills have brought me more money than any other business opportunity online.

There you have it, 5 ways on how to generate revenue from site traffic. There are over 1 million ways to make money online, subscribe to our email feed at the right upper sidebar for updates.