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You need quality links to improve your SE ranking.     link building strategies

Google’s updates always throw a wrench in the lives of search engine marketers (SEMs) and search engine optimizers (SEOs) with updates like penguin.

As a Vancouver SEO Consultant, I can really relate to this with the recent updates.

However, you can still do a lot with link development to increase your search engine rankings or your client’s search engine rankings in this post penguin world we’re now living in.

If your site (or sites) have decreased in search engine ranking or been completely booted off of Google completely, there are a few ways you can remedy the situation and maybe even increase your ranking even higher through a new link building strategy.

Link development in a post penguin world should consist of the five following strategies.

1. Write guest posts for relevant, high ranking blogs

Writing engaging, informative guest posts for other high ranking blogs that are relevant to your niche is a great way to get a strong back link and increase your site traffic.

Just be sure to offer quality, original content that the readership of the blog will respond to.

2. Hop on the social media bandwagon

Using social media to your full advantage is a great way to build a solid, expert reputation in your niche as well as a strategy for link building.

Use platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to show the world that you are a reputable, expert in your niche topic area and then reach out to see if contacts will take a guest post or link to your site.

3. Write quality content for your own site

Quality content means valuable, relevant, practical, insightful, evergreen content.

If you have well researched content on your own site, other sites in your niche will take note and link to you as a valuable resource.

Just be sure your content is always 100% original, and update your blog regularly as your niche changes and as new keywords become prominent.

You can also exchange links with other quality sites in your niche—ask them to list you on their resource page in exchange for you doing the very same thing.

4. List your site in local directories

If you want to build an online presence in your local area, business listings are a great way to come up in local search.

Look to local directories that offer listings for trades, industry sites, list with the local Chamber of Commerce, tourism or city sites (if applicable), local business directories.

Internet surfers often look to local directories as reputable sources of unbiased information, so they are ideal places for building links for your website.

5. Submit a press release to a news site

Again, you need to focus on industry or niche specific online media sources, blogs, and such when you offer to write a free press release in exchange for them posting it.

Press releases are very simple to write and offer very short, detailed information—such as the launch of a new site, blog, product or service—as long as it’s truly news worthy.

And remember to always provide the reader with a clear action item—for instance a website URL, your contact information, etc.

How do you build links to your website? Share your comments, below.


About the Author – Caeden M MacGregor is an SEO Consultant and staff writer for Prestige Marketing who specializes in blogging on viral marketing, social media, and internet marketing tips and techniques. Caeden has written for numerous blogs in a variety of fields ranging from software to fitness, and from gourmet food to travel.