5 Actionable Strategies to Build Website Traffic

How do you build website traffic? build web traffic1

Search engines are the primary source of traffic for a website.

Increasing your website traffic is the key to business success.

In 2011, Google, one of the largest search engines around, introduced algorithm updates that shook up the entire internet marketing world by doing away with sites that were of inferior quality.

Here are a few tips that can help you build website traffic.

Remember that content is king

Content is one of the most important aspects of generating traffic for your website. The idea behind content is for it to create value for the reader.

So make sure your websites’ content creates value.

Readers will notice when your content is offering something substantial as opposed to content that falls flat. Creating strong content takes hard work, but it also makes a lasting impression.

Try to keep your content as original as possible. Reusing what is already published on the internet will lower your website ranking.

Do not try to over optimize as Google’s advanced algorithms will catch such attempts and again lower the ranking.

Try and make your content timeless because content that is bound by time will die out sooner. Remember you are writing for human beings before computers. So make your content appealing.

Be proactive

build web traffic

Don’t sit around and wait for Google to crawl your content. Instead send your website to Google and other popular search engines.

This will speed up the process considerably. In the internet world, time is money.

Encourage guest blogging

Use established names to create more web traffic. Find writers who specialize in your topic or product and ask them to contribute to your website.

Having blogs written by guest bloggers is a great way to introduce variety to your blog or website and make it more interesting. But be sure to publish only good guest blogs as low quality posts could lower your ranking.

Make full use of technology

Although content is king, do not forget the opportunities provided by technology and various forms of media. Exploit podcasts, videos and slide shows to the fullest for your blog or website. More the variety, wider the audience your site appeals to.

This way you can make sure there is something for everyone. Make the navigation system on your site simple and easy for users to work around. An inviting web design contributes largely to increased web traffic.

Link your posts to other websites and relevant blogs. Request other blogs to do the same. You can also submit your site to various blog directories. Use Meta tags, title tags and header for complete search engine optimization.

Make sure the content matches the title tags and Meta tags. Use your keywords in the title tags and Meta tags. Including key words in the first paragraph of your page also optimizes results.


About the author – Penny Cooper is a blog writer with Godot Media, a cheap article writing service provider, which also provides article spinning services . Her interests range from copywriting and social media to the latest internet technologies and trends.

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  1. Interlinking can increase the number of page views of every article. If you interlink them properly in proper post, readers will be bound to click on the link and open a new article. Role of meta tag is certainly not that important if you are considering Google as the main search engine. But for yahoo and other search engines, Meta tags can play a vital role and certainly should not be overlooked.

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