30 Inspirational Websites To Supercharge Your Blogging Business

So you’re a blogger already?

Well, over the past few years, I’ve been fully inspired by some writers. These people are not experts per say, but they know how to trounce the competition and succeed. I wouldn’t want to waste your time, but to remind you that this year, there is no excuse for failure. I’ve compiled the most awesome list ever and I hope you find helpful inspirations to grow your business.

Note: These webmasters and bloggers are making money from their platforms. By learning from them, your journey to a successful blogging career would skyrocket. Let’s dive in…


1.    1stWebDesigner

I chose this web design and inspiration blog because it has several gems to make you stand out from the crowd. There are thousands of web development and tutorial blogs, but 1stwebdesigner cut across every sphere and has benefited a lot from search engine organic traffic. How did I know? Search on Google for “free wordpress themes.” I’m sure you’ll see this blog pop out several times.





2.       AlexWalley

The very blogger that inspired me in niche marketing and how to build niche blogs to dominate search engine. If you want to learn how micro niche opportunities can make you money, begin from this blog and watch your success-string get stretched to the elastic limit. I love reading SEO tips, web traffic and blog promotion from Alex.




3.    Blast4TrafficNow

My blog made it to #3 and that’s so fantastic. Anyways, this isn’t an ordered listing; it’s a detailed list of inspiring entrepreneurs that are making headway in their businesses. I like my blog because it talks about content marketing in totality. You’ll learn how to write for traffic, how to research and package your e-book.




4.    Copyblogger

Who doesn’t know Brian Clark? Then I’m sure you’ve been living under a rock. But he’s worthy of appearing in this list. He’s built a popular content marketing blog out there. As a copywriter, he combines the power of writing persuasive copies and huge responsive social media following to create the perfect platform every. You’ll surely get inspiration from his copyblogger. I assure you!




5.    DavidRisley

David Risley is an info product marketer and a recognized business coach. I like his blog because he’s honest, patience and never exaggerates his marketing campaigns. He’s teachings are centered on money making but he doesn’t promise overnight results. If you follow his advice bit by bit, success is already looming about you.




6.    Entrepreneurs-Journey

As the name implies, Yaro Starak is the famous founder of this blog. I happened to read one of his valuable reports and he emphasized the need for list building. Actually, I started building my email list after I saw the responsiveness, sales and engagement he derives from his subscribers. He’s hardworking and full of vigor. You’re welcome on my blog Yaro…




7.    FirePoleMarketing

Firepolemarketing is fairly new in the blogging arena but the impact is so strong. I can’t neglect it in this list because of in-depth inspiration and knowledge you could gain by merely checking out the blog. It’s extremely colorful; a combination of red (my favorite color) and yellow to captivate audience as they read the yummy posts.




8.     FreelanceFolder

This is a basic freelance writing platform that shares insight into the world of web writing, copywriting and SEO optimization. If you’re an aspiring freelance writer, what better blog do you need to get started than Freelancefolder?

Learn all you can, get inspired and start rocking the blogging world. There are delicious earning opportunities out there; you need inspiration and a nudge to get started.




9.       GoinsWriter

Do you want to improve your spelling and grammar? Writing for the web isn’t a rocket science, but you need to understand how to craft interesting contents. It’s not about tricking search engines to send you organic traffic; you’ve got to earn the trust of your readers. It begins with your quality content devoid of spelling and grammatical errors. Improve your writing skills with goinswriter.




10.    Freelanceswitch

If you’re looking for advanced tips in freelance writing, web designs and development, outsourcing, client retentions and freelance marketing, you’ve come to the right blog. I wouldn’t beat my chest of gaining something worthwhile if I fail to read freelanceswitch. See how they hone their freelancing strategies and use it to streamline and profit.




11.    InstantShift

Just like 1stwebdesigner, Instantshift is one powerful blog that writes about photoshop tutorials, web design and development tips. They also feature informative “how to” articles to smoothen your learning curve. They just got a new site design and to be honest, I don’t really like this new theme. I prefer the initial…forgive me.




12.    MakeAlivingWriting

Carol Tice is a great writer. But he doesn’t pride herself as an expert. She doesn’t joke with marketing and that’s separated her from the rest of us (lazy writers who pray without marketing). She advocates that you can actually make a living writing and that’s what the blog is all about. Find great contents, fabulous tips and quite tireless inspirations.




13.    OnlineIncomeLab

Do you know why I decided to list this blog? Well, I got inspired when I read the income report for December 2011. Well presented and has this quirky attribute that gives hope to your business. Have you ever thought making money online is difficult, well, onlineincomelab debunks that philosophy?




14.   Karachicorner

100% inspiration blog featuring articles, tutorials and self help videos in web designs, photoshop creativity, font manipulations, programming language tutorials and graphic designs. I stumbled on this blog a few days ago, and got thrilled with the layout and all the great tutorials to make you better. It looks a bit crowded, but highly intensive and gracious.




15.    Problogger

If you don’t know Darren Rowse, where have you been?

He’s been my mentor even though he doesn’t know me. I’ve gotten so used to his style of writing that and how explanatory it is. His blog is mainly focused on beginners and intermediates. But experts can still pick up gems from this pro blogger. There is so much to say about Problogger, but I’m leaving you to find out yourself…




16.    YoungPrePro

I can’t forget my brother and the famous young freelance writer who consistently earn enough from writing projects. He currently redesigned his blog and the theme is super-fabulous. Each time I visit his blog, I find intelligent and straight forward help to improve on my writing. However, the paragraphs are too congested. I suggest he make adjustments and limit paragraph lines to 3 or less. Leave enough white spaces for easy reading. But he’s great…




17.    SmartPassiveIncome

Talking about income reports, no one does it better than Pat Flynn. A laid off employee, didn’t give up in life. Created his first e-book and made over 200,000 in 12 months. That’s above 6 figures and quite inspirational. He’s diversified right now though. He has podcasts, applications and videos for your delight. I can’t thank him enough for his inspirational monthly income reports. I can’t wait to read “January’s Earning Breakdown.”




18.    Social Triggers

Derek Halpern is the man everybody wants to be with. Why? He can help you generate more leads, sales and improve your business return on investment (ROI). Has he paid me to review his consulting services? Absolutely not! On the contrary, he’s responsible for my blog’s structure. I had to put an opt-in form in my blog’s header. Since I did that, I’ve tripled my list by 102%.




19.    WeBlogBetter

I especially like this theme. The owner happens to be a hardworking woman and very industrious. I saw the lines in his sentences when he approved my first guest post in 2011. Weblogbetter helps you with blogging tips and networking.

The light green theme symbolizes growth and vegetation. Isn’t that all you ever wanted in your business, to grow and feed others with the proceeds?




20.    RyanLee

Are you looking for an inspirational online business coach, RyanLee is exceptional. I’ve read several of his articles and how he dissects and inject new light into a common idea. Have you seen him talk about affiliate marketing? I’m sure you’ll be thrilled by the simplicity. After I listened to his talks, my overall web marketing mindset improved. I’m glad to list him here.




21.     WorkAwesome

I like workawesome very much. However, I’m yet to syndicate my article in this blog. But overall, what I saw and read inspired me the more. This blog talks about positive mindset, business strategy, business growth, small business tips, investing guides etc. Get inspired as you build your wealth portfolio, become the best in your niche and make more money.




22.    PassivePanda

This blog is about overcoming fear so you can earn passive income easily. They believe that fear is the #1 enemy of success. If you find yourself unable to take action and drive through the lounge, this website has all the stuffs you need. It’s extremely popular and welcomes quality guest posts from writers who don’t welcome fear.




23.    WeBuildYourBlog

Jason combines the power of blogging with his wordpress blog designs and tweaking. You can’t separate beauty from business. Both are like two Siamese twins that cannot be parted. Find informative web design tips and apply it to your blog to earn recurring income.




24.    CellarThief

Have you seen a wine portal with mouth watering layout designs? Cellarthief will get you inspired and put you on the right mindset about packaging. I haven’t bought a wine from this site yet, but I usually resort here whenever I’m seeking for an “idea.” I hope you enjoy navigating the pages.




25.    NutsInBulk

This website is the foremost place for fresh fruits. Do you like apricot, what about Cashew nuts? But that’s not why I got them listed here. It’s a colorful theme, well designed and perfected structured to motivate buyers. The “free shipping deal” is obvious and this improves conversion rate. What particular product do you want to sell? Learn from NutsinBulk and skyrocket your sales.



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