3 Benefits of Web site Traffic Tracking and Monitoring

Web site traffic tracking and monitoringis very vital to your success. There is no better way to determine who much web traffic you’re getting than to track it. You can use free methods as well as paid methods to track. I personally don’t like spending money on this, as long as free tools provide helpful answers.

Don’t neglect web traffic report for any reason; it’s the first approach to getting to the next level.

If you own a blog, tracking and monitoring your traffic is going to be easier, unlike a website. This is because; blogs contain several plugins that makes it simple to know the health of your blog.

#1 Benefit – Focus on Quality Traffic

The more accurate your tracking is, the more you’ll be able to focus on the right traffic. I like using Google analytics for my tracking because it provides deep insight into my site. You’ll be able to know where and how the traffic is coming. Some traffic comes via search engines while others are from blog comments and direct traffic. What percentage of this traffic is bigger?

If it’s search engine traffic, that’s good. Spend most of your time optimizing your web pages to rank higher on Google homepage and your traffic would boost.

#2 Benefit – Increase Your Traffic

As we wake up every morning, we are all seeking for new ways to drive traffic to our site. I have not actually seen any marketer who is satisfied with the amount of traffic he drives. If you don’t have money to buy targeted web site traffic or build web site traffic from scratch, tracking and monitoring is the right way to go.

#3 Benefit – Discover New Traffic Sources

An effective web site traffic tracking and monitoring makes it very possible to discover new traffic loopholes. I could recall when I checked my web analysis with alexa about a year ago. Without even knowing it, I discovered 3 highly searched keyword that no one is competing against on Google. In fact, it had over 5,000 monthly searching and the web pages targeting this keyword are less than 1,900.

Off course you know what happened next, I quickly registered a domain name and built a simple blog around it. Today, I rank highly on Google for that term. So, tracking is important, you can improve your overall traffic and build a better online portfolio easily.

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  1. This really is one of the best intros on the subject I have ever read. I have been doing a lot of research and have read through hundreds of posts. I will definitely have to keep coming back for more great info.

  2. Search engine optimization, Social media marketing & Pay per click will be bring in more traffic than you might know what to do with! Each plays their own part in the larger picture. SEO will allow that organic traffic to flow from the search engines directly to your website, and PPC will bring in those who might be “window shoppers” but will end up buying once they realize where they should be shopping from. Social media marketing allows you to connect with everyone that has an interest in what you do, and allows for quick updates.

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