I couldn’t believe it, but it happened!    high quality backlinks

I was able to earn 288 quality backlinks from relevant websites in 3 months.

But I didn’t build the links myself. Isn’t it weird?

When I first checked my statistics, I thought the links came by accident. But I know better now.

There is no theory on this post. Every piece of advice here can be applied right away and you’ll see link results coming to your website and blog.

In case you’ve forgotten, in February 19th 2013, I took a pen and pad, wrote down a very “serious” goal that challenged my LIFE.

Do you care to know what the goal is?


“To Build 100 niche sites and to earn passive income!”

Yes, you read that right. At this point, I can say that I’m doing perfectly okay. Although I didn’t start off building all the sites in February, I built about 3 niche sites targeting few hot products.

To be honest with you, I now have about 10 niche sites and 5 of them are doing well.

I don’t mean they’re making thousands of dollars yet, but at least I see income every month. Keep reading because I’m going to also share my earnings recap for this blog.


Generating backlinks at will – 288 backlinks

Imagine this: You built a niche site in April 7th 2013 and in June, you checked the number of external links you’ve and saw a total of 288 backlinks. Isn’t that wonderful?

Yes, that’s what happened to one of my niche sites. I only left a comment on a health blog the same day Google indexed my site – but other links came to me at will. Now, I understand what it means to focus on the right things and worry less about link building.

If you’re struggling to build backlinks to your blog in order to improve your search engine rankings, I want to personally caution you to take things slowly.

It could be possible that you’ve been focusing on the wrong stuffs, which is why you’re unable to get the links you want.


How good are these links?

I know you’d ask this question, because a bunch of backlinks doesn’t mean they’re good. But trust me, in all the 288 off-page links, only 31 of them are from PR1 – PR2. The other 257 links all came from a PR3 – PR5 websites and syndication sites.

So, it’s 100% possible to get other website owners linking to you, just like that. But you’ve to do something first.

The reason why I haven’t revealed the ONE thing you must do to earn these juicy links is because it’s so simple to implement. So, what does Google truly want from you?


Google is after AUTHORITY LINKS

Oh, I didn’t tell you that these 288 links significantly increased my rankings in June. Yes, the links took a while to get indexed by Google, which was the major reason why I didn’t see results overnight. I hate overnight success – don’t you?

What Google wants from you and would ever want from you is authority links. In the same vein if you must link out to another website, ensure that the links will go to an authority network.

The truth is, even if the links you build from a PR3 – PR7 websites aren’t relevant, Google would still reward you.

On the other hand, if you get a link from say, PR1 or PR2 website and the niche is irrelevant (different) from yours, that would be a total waste of time. Yes, you should still generate links from low PR sites, but aim for relevance.

In other words, if your niche site is “search engine marketing,” when you want to get backlinks from new blogs, make sure they’re in the same niche as you – search engine optimization or SEO trends or related…

A health blog that has a low PR (0 – 2) value will be totally irrelevant to your SEO links. Got that?


Show me the numbers for “earned” backlinks

Take a closer look at my screenshot:

288 backlinks

If you study the screenshot closely, you’ll find a number of striking points. The NoFollow links makes me happy, because Google will see all the links as natural.

If all the 288 were DoFollow, then I’d be scared of Penguin Penalty. So, if you’re building links, you should mix up the NoFollow with the DoFollow.

Don’t believe those who tell you that NoFollow have no SEO juice – what they fail to realize is the “No” attribute is what strengthens the “Do” attribute to get you the best rankings as quickly as possible. Did you realize that some of the .edu and .gov links are NoFollow?

But they’re still powerful in the long run when you mix them up.

You’ll also find image links which I earned from authority sites. In other words, people searched for my kind of image, arrived at my niche site, loved the image, used it and credited my site as the source.


Text links, image links, deleted links and NoFollow forms a wheel

The best form of SEO that produces result over time, no matter what update Google is throwing at you is the combination of text links, images, deleted and NoFollow links.

They’ll all form a wheel in a natural way.

But how on earth is a deleted link helpful?

Here’s how it works: when you gain a link from a neighboring website or blog, if that link is relevant and from authority site, it’d pass value to your webpage and improve its rankings.

In the future, if the link you gained gets deleted, of course it can impede your rankings, but don’t worry; you’ll bounce back and rank better because such relevant links MUST have been syndicated across other networks through the Feed.

Another piece of advice I’d like to give to you is this: when building links from .Gov and .Edu sites, also mix it up with links from .com, .net, .tv and especially the geographic located where your website domain name is hosted – e.g. build/earn links from .us, .au, .co.uk, .ca, .fr (france).


So, how did I generate 288 links without building them?

Remember, I achieved this result in approximately 3 months and totally dominated my niche for every long-tail keywords. Isn’t it wonderful? The message I’m passing across to you is that you can actually do the same thing.

You can apply this technique if your niche is internet marketing, health related, entertainment, sports, shopping, writing etc.

It works and works so well.

The best way to generate links from AUTHORITY WEBSITES without begging or even submitting guest posts is “WRITE A RESOURCE ARTICLE.”



Simple – it’s that type of content that’s original, lengthy (1000+ words) and contains a lot of helpful tips which your readers and target audience can use – and they can’t find it elsewhere. Does it make sense?

I mean, do you understand my definition?

Writing a resourceful post is the most important thing you can do as a content marketer. In all my niche sites, the type of content I write is helpful and well-detailed that you can’t find the type in Google.

Sure, I still carry out my research in Google, through other books and forum participations, but I tend to make each post I write exceedingly useful. And different from what is available on the World Wide Web.

For instance, if someone is looking for ways to eliminate acne, please don’t just write a 500-word article and ask them to click your affiliate link to buy the product.

Of course, you can make quick cash with that, but you’ve not helped them – or did you? No one is going to link to you with such a promotional article.

What you should have done is simple. Do your research and learn all you can about:

Skin problems – acne, Causes of acne, Symptoms of acne, Acne natural remedies, Types of acne and so on. Remember, I’m only using this niche to explain what you must do when you’re looking to earn links at will.


Competitors are the laziest people on earth    lazy competitors

Surprise at my subtitle?

From my 5-year experience marketing online, I can boldly say that your competitors are not as strong and intelligent as you think. In fact, they’re lazy!

When you invest so much time to write a resource post, nobody can copy you. Instead, they’ll all link to you NATURALLY.

Back to the topic of research.

Once you’re able to do that, now write a detailed article, create a video if you can or make a presentation with your facts clearly presented.

You could even write a short report of about 7-15 pages and include on the resource content.

You can invest 2 days to gather the necessary information you need to write your RESOURCE content. Don’t be in a hurry or you’ll miss it.

The end result will always be GREAT – you’ll get hundreds of backlinks from authority and relevant websites and social media networks. And that’s the goal – you want to write/produce a masterpiece that nobody in your niche could ever imagine doing.

As an example, in 2012, I wrote a post titled, 100 ways to dazzle blog readers. Guess what? I’m yet to find any blogger or internet marketer who has written or published that type of content.

When you write such type of content that’s resourceful and detailed, 2 things will happen:

  1. You’ll discourage competitors from writing the same thing
  2. You’ll naturally persuade competitors to link to you at will

Don’t be worried about anchor links

The reason why you’ve been mindful of anchor texts is because you’re doing link building manually.

You write guest posts all the time, but you’re confused on what text to link back with. You don’t even know whether Google will penalize you or not for over-optimization.

The only way around the problem of over-optimization is to let other website owners and target audience link to you. The people perceive you in a different light.

They know you from the impression you’ve created – so they will link to your RESOURCE page through different anchor texts that Google recommends.

Of course, they wouldn’t know they’re helping you improve your rankings through diversified anchor linking; they’re just doing it for the sake of helping their own community/audience.

Don’t forget, your anchor texts (which connect with your resource page) must be diversified, different and unique across the web.

It’s a great way to stay off Google’s Penguin radar and get top placements in search. Consequently, you’ll generate a lot of targeted traffic in the process.


What about the traffic and commissions so far?

A side note: last month, I received my first commission from this particular niche site. The first commission I received was $196.01.

This July, my earnings are already above $100 which means that my goal of earning $500 per niche is around the corner. Aren’t you glad for me?

As for the traffic, I get 300+ monthly visitors to this niche site. I have plans to write 10 product review articles this month and grow the traffic.


Can you write resource content?

Yes, you can. That’s the quickest way to generate/earn/build authority backlinks naturally.

Don’t be like bloggers and content marketers who chase links from every nook and cranny of the web. Let them continue their hunt…

You should DEDICATE your time to writing resource posts, case study and list posts that are detailed and valuable. Don’t be tempted to write 500-word blog post again, increase it to 1000 or 4000 like me. The results are lifelong…

As you consistently publish such RESOURCEFUL content, other people (bloggers + website owners + competitors) would gladly link to you, in order to provide value to their own readers.

I love content marketing because it helps you take charge. You’ve seen my success so far – I didn’t chase links, I focused on the right content and the 288 quality backlinks came. You should do the same thing.

What tip do you’ve for building backlinks to your website in a natural manner? Drop me a resourceful comment below if you can. I LOVE YOU!

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