15 Things Bloggers Should Do To Overcome Procrastination

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Is procrastination weighing you down?

All of us have the potential to do great things if only we’d get off our backs long enough to do them!

There’s no point in having a great deal of creativity and inventiveness if you never manage to put those plans to action.

So what keeps you from doing it? That age old devil, procrastination. Wouldn’t you like to know how to overcome this devil and finally get things done?

Eliminate, Delegate And Prioritize Tasks

If you have the procrastinating habit, having too many pending tasks will only serve to overwhelm you. Here’s what you can do to slim down your plate and firm your focus:

1). Make A Not-To-Do List

Make a list of tasks that you don’t need to do and take some pressure off your mind. When you load your mind with the thought that there’s much to be done, you’ll never get anything done.

2). Delegate Tasks

If there’s a task that you don’t need to do personally, it’s ok to delegate it to someone else. It takes the pressure off you and leaves you free to handle the tasks that you need to do.

3). Prioritize Tasks

Once you have the list of tasks that you absolutely must and should do, prioritize them according to their impact on your life. Some tasks cannot be put away, while some can be shelved for some time.  Only you can be the judge of that.

Steps To Proceed With Tasks To Be Done
Follow these steps outlined below to get going with your priority tasks.

4). Eliminate Possible Issues

What are the factors that might obstruct your timely completion of your objective? Is it within your power to change a few of these factors? Do you need resources outside of yourself? Is someone’s attitude, behavior or intrusiveness getting in your way? Focus on your task and eliminate the issues that obstruct you, one by one.

5). List Out The Major Steps

Examine a task objectively and list out the major steps to complete it. This works like a To-Do list of sorts, for each major task that you need to complete.

6). Set Timelines For Yourself

Set timelines for each step within the task and an overall timeline for the task itself. Deadlines help procrastinators to prioritize tasks.

7). Start Small And Don’t Get Lost In The Details

Start with the first task on your list of tasks and focus only on that till it’s done. A procrastinator’s mind can get lost in the details, feel stressed, and then decide to just drop the project altogether.

Motivate Yourself
You need to be self-motivated in order to kick the procrastination habit. However, that’s easier said than done, unless you have a clearly defined method, as follows.

8). Mark Your Progress

As you progress, cross steps and tasks from your list; if a task has 5 steps to it, and then striking off even one brings you closer. This little strategy acts as a huge motivational factor to the procrastinator.

9). Don’t Get Discouraged

If you have a false start or make mistakes right in your first task, admit to these as learning experiences. Don’t allow them to discourage you enough to just put it off for another day. If you feel terribly discouraged, take a brief break, but tell yourself that the break is a small respite before you hit the task again.

10). Give Yourself Credit

Nothing works like positive encouragement, even if you’re doing it for yourself. Giving yourself credit for work done; as every task gets done in your project list, pat yourself on the back for a job done on time.

11). Reward And Punish Yourself

Promise yourself a reward for tackling a pesky issue on time. Deny yourself the pleasure of the reward until you’ve completed the task. For example, if watching your favorite game on TV is everything to you, then deny yourself the game till you’re done.

12). Be Clear On The Impact Of A Negative Outcome

Always keep in mind the consequences of not completing a task.  A little bit of the ‘fear factor’ helps keep you motivated to complete a task on time.

13). Fantasize Succeeding At Your Task

It’s very important to imagine yourself holding the trophy, figuratively speaking. If you’ve left a task undone for long, it’s likely you’ve disappointed your loved ones. Imagine yourself doing something on time and the expression on your loved one’s face. Imagine the appreciation you’ll garner, the disbelief that some will feel. Allow this fantasy to push you in the right direction.

14). Keep Distractions At Bay

Distractions exist; don’t deny that they exist, just try to deny their temptation. Don’t do two or more things at a time. People tend to listen to music or watch TV as they do important tasks. If you are a procrastinator, remember your subconscious uses distractions to put off unpleasant tasks. Keep all distractions at bay while you’re working on something important.

15). Measure Your Progress

Make a list of completed projects and add to this list whenever you complete a new one. Pin up this list where you can see it every day. Next to the project’s name, indicate two timelines: the timeline that you originally set for the project and the time you took to complete it. This will help you do a better job next time.
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