100 Proven Headline Ideas You Can “Steal” Right Now!

Having published 3,200 blog posts already, we’ll show you our best performing headline ideas. You can literally copy or tweak the ideas for your blog posts or content marketing campaigns. 

You don’t have to go searching on Google for answers. I’ve compiled 100 proven headline ideas for you.

Rather than wasting time racking your brain looking for a great idea to write about, just copy a headline from this list, research the topic and write epic shit.

If you read through, you’d find the best that suits your very need.

Bear in mind that these titles are unique as at the time of publishing this post.

I must confess, if I had enough time when I started marketing online, I’d have written on these titles. Content marketing is powerful but you need a consistent influx of ideas – ideas that have the potential to go viral.

Quickly, we shall cover blogging, email marketing, SEO, social media marketing and traffic generation headlines. Are you ready?

20 “Blogging” Headlines for You:

1.    The 7 Easiest Ways To Grow a Successful Blog

2.    Now You Can Write A Blog Post That Generates Traffic

3.    Do You Have A Blog That Solves User’s Problem?

4.    Blogging 202: Taking Your Blog Off The 101 Trap

5.    Blogging And Making Money – Is It Really Possible?

6.    How To Monetize Your Blog Like a Bestselling Author

7.    How Not To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2013

8.    Productive Blogger Is Not The Hardworking Blogging!

9.    Top 5 Steps To Become a Mind-blowing Blogger

10.  8 Effective Means To Engage Your Blog Readers Right Now

11.   Is Your Bounce Rate Bouncing The Profit Off Your Readers?

12.   6 Core Reasons Why Blogging Is A Better Alternative To 9-5 Job

13.   5 + 2 Smart Tips To Make Blogging Fun and Rewarding

14.   How To Truly Make Money With Your blog (No B.S)

15.   9 Fail-proof Strategies To Dominate Your Niche Blogging

16.   Are You A Guest Blogger or Selfish One Who Prefer To Hide?

17.   When Guest Blogging Starts Working, Do You Neglect Your Readers?

18.   The New Laws of Blogging In This Age of Competition

19.   The 11 Commandments of Blogging You Should Obey

20.   How To Research And Write Your Blog Posts Today!

20 “Email Marketing” Headlines you should copy right now:

21.    3 Catchy Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Great

22.   Are You Collecting Email Leads or Throwing It Away?

23.   When Your Online Business Is Dying, Ask Your Subscribers For Help

24.   7 Proven Tactics To Increase Email Clickthrough Rate

25.   5 Email Marketing Myths Stopping You From Truly Monetizing Your List

26.   6 Surefire Tips To Add 20+ Subscribers To Your Email List

27.   Why “Permission Marketing” Is The Best Form of Email Marketing

28.   How I Built A List Of 210+ Subscribers In 30 Days

29.   List Building Case Study: I Failed Twice At List Building And Why

30.   How Targeted Are Your Subscribers?

31.    7 Reasons Why You Should Delete 55% Of Your Current Subscribers

32.    Interview with An Email Expert: Writing A Better Subject Line Is Damn Simple

33.    Should You Personalize Your Email Messages or Call “Em” Friends?

34.    How To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Landing Page

35.    How To Capitalize on Panda Update To Build Your Email List

36.    Relationship Marketing Is The Best Way To Make Money With Your List

37.    Email List Quality Vs Quantity – Which One Is Better?

38.    The Best Type of Web Traffic To Send To You Squeeze Page

39.    How To Write Email Follow Up Messages When You’ve No Clue

40.    How To Monetize Your List Members And Keep Them Smiling

Interesting Headlines (Personal Headline Ideas + Catchy Headline Generator)

“Traffic Generation” Headlines

41.    21 Proven Tips To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website

42.    Does Targeted Traffic Make Blogging Profitable?

43.    How Can You Drive Traffic To Your 2-Month Old Blog?

44.    Blog Traffic Hack: 5 Lessons From A Traffic Building Expert

45.    5 Funny Ways To Excel At Traffic Generation

46.    Traffic Generation Strategies That Are Older Than You

47.    Six Steps To Drive Avalanche Of Free Traffic To Landing Page

48.    8 Virgin Techniques To Send Buyer Traffic To Your Salespage

49.    Step By Step Guide: What To Do When You Need Web Traffic

50.    How To Quickly Attract 1000+ Twitter Followers To Your Blog

51.    Twitter Traffic Can Be Helpful If You Engage Them

52.    My 4-Way Tactics To Drive Rich Traffic To My Facebook Page

53.    Should You Spend Money On PPC or Drive Traffic For Free?

54.    How To Get Traffic Through Content Marketing

55.    Seven Lessons To Dominate Google Top 10 And Suck Free Traffic

56.    The Pipeline To Drive 200+ Blog Readers To Your Affiliate Page

57.    Web Traffic: The Most Important Element For Online Marketing

58.    How To Make More Money With Few Website Visitors

59.    Smart Strategy To Deal With Blog Traffic Problem Once and For All

60.    The Simple-Path To Becoming A Traffic Generation Mogul

Best Headlines (Examples of Headline Writing)

61.    Beaten By Panda? Here’s How To Drive More Traffic

62.    How To By-pass Google and Build A Money Making Blog

63.    Six Steps To SEO Mastery You Had Left Behind

64.    7 Steps To Regain Your Organic Traffic Irrespective Of Penguin

65.    Exact Match Domains Update Is the Best Way To Drive Free Traffic

66.    5-Surefire Strategies To Engage Organic Visitors and Convert Them

67.    Now That Google Is Watching Your Back, What’s Next?

68.    Top 4 Channels To Channel Buyer Traffic From Google Search

69.    SEO Case Study: Is Google Traffic Better Than Yahoo and Bing?

70.   Why You Must Do On-page SEO – And How To Get Started

71.    Link Building For SEO Purposes Still Works and Why?

72.    Have You Optimized Your Blog Post Images For Google Search?

73.    Ultimate Guide For Ranking In Google First Page Gradually

74.    The 5 Must-Have Tools For A Successful SEO Campaign

75.    7 Lazy Pointers That Google’s Next Update Would Affect Your Site

76.    9 Search Engine Optimization Ideas Worth Writing A Book On

77.    The Easiest Way To Personalize and Drive More Traffic With Google+

78.    What Is SEO Copywriting – And How Do You Get Started Today?

79.    Is Commenting On A-list Blogs A Buyable Search Engine Tactics?

80.    How To Write And Launch an SEO Digital E-book Easily

Creative Headline Examples

20 “Social Media” Headlines to make your business more sociable – you’re free to use any of them:

81.    The 10 Rules For Social Media Marketing That Work

82.    The Art Of Twitter Marketing To Grow Your Small Business

83.    How A Mid-Sized Social Media Entrepreneur Uses Twitter Daily

84.    Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Social Media Experts

85.    5 Steps To Enhance Your Social Media Knowledge Right Now

86.    Do You Know How To Market Your Business On Twitter?

87.    Should You Pay A Social Media Expert To Do Their Magic?

88.    Nine Ultimate Ways To Build Your Email List Through Social Networking

89.    The Only 2 Ways To Make Your Social Media Marketing Effective

90.    12 Awesome Qualities Of Social Media Examiners You Should Develop

91.    3 Simple Tips To Make Your Blog Post Sharable

92.    4 Fail-proof Systems To Enhance Your Social Media Career

93.    Social Media Ultimate Guide For Improving SEO Ranking

94.    The New Social Media Trend To Help Build Your Brand Quickly

95.    Brand Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing – Where Is Your Focus?

96.    Social Media Copywriting Tips To Help Freelancers Attract Better Clients

97.    Why Freelance Contractors Must Use LinkedIn To Market Their Services

98.    Answers To 20 Social Media Questions You’ve Been Asking

99.    Social Media Blogging: I Guess You’ve Neglecting This Concept?

100. My Proven Blueprint For Marketing On Pinterest With Custom Images

101.  6 Shocking Steps To Become A Better Social Media Marketer

Headline hacks – what you should do now

There you’ve it, the 100 + 1 headline ideas you can “steal” today.All you’ve to do is look at the one that interests you – then go ahead and write a blog post on it.

Every title listed above, has the potential to drive organic traffic, build your brand and generate income (if you monetize effectively).

Second, you should also bookmark this page so that you can refer to it in the nearest future.

Why struggle to produce a clickable headline when you can open a swipe file like this, and in about 30 minutes, you’ve written quality content.

Your turn to talk…

Please leave a comment below and let me know how this resource has helped you. Do you’ve any tip for other readers? I’m looking forward to reading your comment. See you at the top!

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  1. Hi, I must be stupid, How can I write about any of the topics you have listed when I don’t know how to do them.For example, how can I write a blog about ‘How To Quickly Attract 1000+ Twitter Followers To Your Blog’ when I don’t even know how to do it?

      • Sorry, I meant I don’t know anything about any of the 100 topics you suggested! I do know how to use twitter.

        • Yes, I totally understood what you meant by that and I’m not angry with you. Of course I don’t have to be. All I am saying is that if any of the headlines sounds new to you, just Google the topic, read few quality blog posts and use the idea to create an original article. Please don’t copy because it’s a crime to blatantly copy another author’s work. Write a unique article from scratch, but learn from others who have gone ahead of you in blogging.

  2. Hey Michael !
    Awesome post. Now I am confused about “from where to start?”:)
    These are excellent headings. Great list.
    I want to write approximately on all these topics.
    Matt Kennedy

  3. Your post on headline writing is super helpful. I can’t wait to start putting it to work in my business. You need to look at a swipe file each time you feel like writing.

  4. Oh man, so many ideas coming through my head from this!

    It’s not only the title ideas this type of post is giving to readers. It also works out as a great source of inspiration! Noted 5 article headlines I’m going to write soon while going through the post!

    I believe list-type articles and titles are best. SEO-friendly, very easy to read by anyone AND click magnets at the same time! What should you want more?

    Thanks for the awesome list, Michael!

  5. I have no words to tell. This is one of the best post I have read in this year. All headings are very attractive and most are SEO rich. And I also came this post via Rahul Kuntala’s facebook profile. But after reading this post I added your blog into my Google Reader. Grate work Michael.

  6. Excellent posting is one of the best ways for getting links and increase your site rank. It shows that you are not a spammer and try to provide some useful content to your users.

  7. Hey Mike,

    I tried to steal the headlines but my pocket couldn’t contain them all. So I managed to pick a few but will definitely come back for more.

    It probably took you a few hours to compile the headlines, I guess.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, Mike. You Rock!!!


  8. Whoa! That’s really a really awesome list of headlines. I feel like writing on each headlines after reading this. All of them are real cool. Very interesting and catchy, they are. I’m glad to see such a great post on your blog. Thank you

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    Now, you’ve given soooo much of writing work again 😉

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