Most SEO strategies have been buried.     seo strategies

Would you like to know them…?

Search engine optimization is a fluid, ever-changing set of best practices.

Since Google gets the lion’s share of search queries in the US, it only makes sense that SEO gurus appease Google’s algorithms while putting others (like Bing and Yahoo!) on the back burner.

Of course, Google isn’t totally transparent with how their algorithms work so there’s no cheat sheet to really make the most of your SEO.

However, the company (and Matt Cutts, Google’s spam master) has been very vocal about what not to do.

This guest post is by Christian Arno

SEO: the three magic letters no online marketer can ignore.

Trying to get your site into the first pages of major search engines is no easy feat.

But there’s no doubting its benefits.

One study by Optify, found that the top ranked site on Google gets a click-through rate of 36.4 per cent.

This drops to 12.5 per cent for the one in second position, falling further after that.