Do you want to get more traffic and income?   integrate social media seo

SEO by far has proved as the most reliable and preferred way of creating a strong online presence for any business website.

However, with social media making its way slowly and steadily in the bastion of marketing, there is a need to blend various search engine tactics with social media strategy to make it in the big league.

And get the best ROI for your marketing efforts and investment.

Do you want to promote your blog and get quality traffic?   blog marketing strategies

Then stop chasing after the next traffic blueprint and stay focus.

All that you’ll ever need to succeed online as a blogger and content marketer is within you. I’ve come to realize that. Just believe it!

But you must make up your mind to give it all it takes.

It all boils down to positioning your blog so that the target audience can find it, share your content and tell others through word of mouth marketing.

Do you know…    forget Google

Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Google in Your SEO and Link Building?

  1. Every SEO, link builder, blogger or webmaster that worries about their traffic is obsessed with Google.
  2. Panda ate my website (and you want to fight back)!
  3. Penguin 2.0 is going to destroy link building!
  4. We have to implement Authorship immediately!
  5. Google is going to penalize guest posts!

And it keeps on coming – people just love to proclaim the end of the SEO world at the hands of Google but it’s all just a waste of breath.

Is it possible to rank a new niche site in 10 days?   how to rank new sites

To be precise, on the 12th of February 2013, I finally took a bold step to build passive income streams through niche sites marketing.

I’ve been postponing it, but I felt it was time to break out and start making real money online.

I quickly loaded my credit card, went straight to Hostgator and purchased a reseller web hosting package for 1 year.

I just discovered it’s called “Aluminum,” which has Disc Space of 50 GB, The Bandwidth is 500 GB.

You need natural links to improve your rankings!  build links

I don’t know about you, but Google is gradually going overboard, even with their AdWords.

Moment by moment, a new update emerges, bringing you back to square zero.

This can give a false feeling that you’re doing the wrong things.

But on the contrary, you might be taking the right SEO steps.

If you consider what Google Panda did to the Web, you might feel discouraged, uninspired to even write another post. I know how you feel cowboy.

Do you know how to write like an SEO pro?    how to write seo content

When the concept of SEO writing, key words, and key phrases first came out, people were intimidated.

There were these very specific words that needed to be included at very specific places.

A lot of the times, these phrases were stiff and awkward.

Writers started adopting this awkward tone and created a slew of robotic web content that only C-3PO would appreciate.

  • Tip: As hard as it may seem, don’t be intimidated. If you start off worrying about how your content will flow, your content most likely won’t  flow.