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Surprise: How Dave Used Google Plus To Increase Traffic To His Blog

Is Google+ a must for you?  google-plus-traffic

If you’re a serious online blogger, you are probably always looking for new ways to get more traffic and readers on your blog or website.

More traffic means more money from ads, affiliate links, and product sales, right?

If you are looking for good ways to get more visitors to your blog, joining Google Plus, Google’s social media site, might be a quick and easy way to do it. Let’s explore why.

Get Social Media Referral Traffic to Your Blog

How to Increase the Traffic to Your Blog with Google+





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Bounce Rate: How To Reduce Bounce Rate And Get More Targeted Traffic

Question: What is bounce rate?

Answer: Bounce rate is the amount of visitors who leave your website or blog, without viewing any other page.

That is, they stumbled on your homepage and then clicked away.

As a blogger, one of the things you must do daily is monitor and track your stats. By so doing, you would discover amazing insights into this issue.

In a nut shell, it’s better to have a bounce rate of 22% than 85%. I have been battling this issue since I started my blog few months ago. A decrease in bounce rate shows that you’re on the right track. Your content is amazing, engaging and your reader are eager to read more.

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20 Ways To Increase Your Web Traffic Fast

Want to increase your web traffic for free?

I’ve listed 20 amazing ways to get traffic. Some of these methods would be new to you, while majority would be entirely new. All in all, you’re going to enjoy it.

1. Have a simple U.R.L – Your URL should be simple, easy to memorize and spell. Once it’s simple like this, your direct traffic would increase ultimately.

2. Register More Domain Names – You’ll discover that people make mistakes when searching for your website. You should register those domain names, to redirect every accidental traffic. For instance, and

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