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Email is the best channel to market your products and services.

If you’re not using collecting leads in your business; through a website or blog you should get started today.

The web is entirely powered by words. Long before social media marketing became popular, we’ve been communicating via emails.

And email communication is an integral part of inbound marketing strategy.

I’m sure you’ve checked your email inbox and spam folder this week – it shows that we can’t do without it.

“Email marketing is the best form of marketing in the entire world!”

Email is entirely powered by content, and if you’re still struggling to build a responsive list to engage with, this email marketing 101 has all the information needed to make you a success.

But I’m not making you a promise; there is work to be done.

And building a huge list of potential customers is oftentimes ‘slow.’

But don’t be scared by the gradual sailing, it’s worth your every ounce and I’m going to reveal some helpful strategies to double, or even triple your email list.