Did I tell you that…    60,000 quality traffic

This blog generated approx. 60,000 Quality Traffic and helped me earn a little above $35,000 income in 2013?

That amount may be nothing to six figure earners, but I think it’s a good income for the average Joe.

Whether you need to breathe new life into your blog or achieve more in your online business, you need to embrace these content marketing strategies that worked for me.

To become a successful content marketer, do you need to drive more traffic or simply optimize for conversions?

The answer: You need to do BOTH.

I love to talk about website traffic.   write targeted traffic

The harsh truth is that even if you’re not one of the so-called experts or professional bloggers, with the right traffic coming to your website, you’d definitely succeed.

That doesn’t mean you should fold your arms and expect traffic to bring money.

You still must take advantage of the traffic by monetizing and building relationships.

That aside, I want to show you the 73 cool ways to write content that can bring you targeted traffic.

So you want to enjoy free website traffic?     SEO copywriting tactics

All you need is to embrace this term: “SEO copywriting.

Don’t be surprise when I tell you that generating traffic doesn’t have to be tedious or confusing.

In fact, a lot of so-called content marketers who doesn’t know how to go about it are writing and updating their blogs with mediocre content.

They still tell people to get traffic from forum, article marketing etc. Lol!

Truth is, the knowledge you need to generate free traffic from external sources is already in you.

If you’re looking to increase your blog’s traffic, this post is for you.    targeted traffic marketing

As far as I’m concerned, every content marketer wants to make money blogging.

But how can you achieve this without a sizable amount of readers coming to your blog?

And I’m talking about “hot” traffic that can respond to your tease.

Before guest blogging became popular, there were proven ways website owners implemented to generate traffic.

The question is, are you still using them?

Trust me; the quality of traffic you drive to your blog is what matters – not necessarily the quantity.

 “Get in or you’d lose out!”      Write clickable headlines

That was the headline I read in a trade magazine a week ago.

The day was Saturday and as usual, I was with my family in our big house.

Even though I don’t live with them again, I still make out time to catch up with some family gossip. Lol!

The headline above got me thinking – get in or you’d lose it.

You already know that the headline is the most important element in content marketing.

No matter the content type you’re assigned to, you need to get the headline right or lose out.

Without targeted traffic, you WILL fail online!      seo secrets

Do you feel happy when you see or hear the word “SEO?”

Or do you run away, worried about Panda or Penguin slap?

What does it really take to attract organic traffic from Google and other search engines?

Do you think it’s difficult to optimize your blog pages and content?

This is one of the questions, which my tribe (email subscribers) asked me to address.

And I’m happy to write this post today. Are you ready to read it…?