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The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Email Pitch

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Whether you’re launching a new company, announcing a product launch, or you want to share an informative article that you just created, your ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible within your target audience and demographic.

Pitching your news to the media, journalists, ​influencers​, and bloggers is an effective way to accomplish this. However, it can be difficult to craft the perfect pitch that actually gets your email opened and content picked up.

If you aren’t receiving any responses to the pitches you have been submitting, and you have been sending out hundreds of emails, then it is time to rethink your approach.

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Why Blogging Is Critical For Your Business


Blogging has a lot of benefits for businesses.

It works to draw organic traffic, engage customers, build brand awareness, differentiate you from your competitors, convert customers; and it will keep doing all these things long after publishing.

That’s a lot of value for something that’s relatively simple to set up and doesn’t cost you anything (if you’re using an in-house copywriter).

But you shouldn’t just be publishing any old kind of content. As with any kind of online marketing, your blog content needs to be strategic and be written with the customer in mind.

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How ‘In Tune’ Should You Be with Google Algorithm Updates? Not Much!


The simple answer to how much you should try to stay in tune with Google algorithm updates is ‘very little’.

This might seem counter-intuitive but the truth is that Google updates its algorithms multiple times a year, as you can see from Search Engine Land’s attempt to follow them.

Google itself is mostly close-mouthed about what exactly the changes are, and quite often website owners see their traffic falling (or rising if you are very lucky) for no discernible reason. But if Google’s updates are so unpredictable, how can you keep your traffic up?

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The Simple Secret to Prioritizing Content Marketing Projects

content marketing

Content Marketing is a field in marketing that is constantly evolving. Every year, there seems to be a number of content marketing trends and new ways to think about content marketing.

Consequently, this can make it challenging for a content marketing manager to decipher which marketing priorities to focus on first and foremost.

I have worked in content marketing for three years, and I must say, the hardest part of my job as a one-woman show running the content marketing department of a software company is figuring out where to focus all of my efforts when there are so many different content marketing objectives I want to accomplish.

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The Significance of the HTTPS Deadline and Its Implications on Your Website


You will agree with the common opinion that 2018 can be regarded as the year of deadlines. While it was the European Union that announced the GDPR compliance deadline of May 25th, it is now the turn of Google to come up with a website security regulation.

Google proclaimed the deadline of July 2018, making it mandatory for all the websites to upgrade from the HTTP protocol to a more secure HTTPS grade.

All in an attempt to encourage the best practices concerning stronger web security, this mandate released by Google can be looked upon as a welcome move.

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How Turning Customers into Influencers Is a Powerful Strategy

turn customers into influencer

For reaching customers, influencer marketing has become a remarkably powerful way.

Influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing. As they are highly known in the society, influencers play an important role in branding your product or services. If they like your product or service, consumers will be more likely to buy it.

However, you can get even better results by making your customer the influencers themselves. Here are the exclusive ways to turn your customers into influencers.