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Over the past 7 years, we have worked with small, mid-size businesses to grow their websites' traffic and sales. I’ve witnessed first hand as my clients (pix below) built multiple six & seven figure websites from scratch. I’ve seen people’s lives change from working with me. Together, my clients and I continue to change the world through content marketing.

I offer content writing & marketing services. If you work with me, I make you a guarantee:

You'll increase quality traffic to your website and funnel paying leads to your business.

Above all, I take customer service seriously and will ensure that you're satisfied with my job. Yes, I offer unlimited revisions on every content piece I write for my clients.

By working with me, you can expect a high level of professionalism and productivity, which is quite rare in the online world.

Content Marketing Coaching

If you want me to give you direction on the 3-step plan to grow your online business in terms of getting qualified traffic and sales, you can book a coaching session with me.

Fee is negotiable. But I've to see your enthusiasm for wanting to work with me.

I only take 2 coaching clients per month, because I want to personally hold them by the hand until they succeed. That's exactly why I want to coach you. Why not work with me?


Take a read at what some of my clients have said about me:


"Michael Chibuzor is a creative writer and I love his writing style.

I've always been skeptical when it comes to hiring a freelance content writer to handle my projects, but this young man made my day.

He's disciplined, productive and adheres to instructions, especially the ones coming from me. Lol!

If you need results, tell him how you want it.

Peng Joon --- Founder:,"

"Thank you Michael!

john chow1

Firstly, it gives me great joy to share my story with you all. As you all know, I've a popular internet marketing blog, and I needed quality and engaging content at all times.

Of course, there are thousands of content writers out there, but Michael Chibuzor has a unique style and within a span of 1 week, my audience began to fall in love with his writing.

And ever since, Michael has been writing for my blog,

Make no mistakes about it. If you're looking for a perfect content writer who has experience, who is super productive and humble, you need to work with Michael.

Millionaire Blogger - John Chow:,"

"I'm honored to say one or two things about you Michael!

Zac Johnson

I first discovered Michael through one of the guest posts he wrote for

That was in 2012 and from that moment till today, I've always enjoyed his content. He's driven, passionate about "adding value" and always over-delivers.

His content is up-t0-date and informative. One more thing about him is that he's good at market research.

If you want to work with a content writer who will LOVE your business and produce exclusive content on a regular basis, either as a guest post or for your blog, hire him.

Zac Johnson -,"


"I received Mike's service for more than 12 consecutive months and I am satisfied with his performance. He wrote over 100 guest posts promoting my site.

His dedication, hard work ethics, good communication skills, and above all, his eagerness to carry out my goal as if it was his own, are merits I have rarely seen in the freelance world.

Mike has since grown even more as a freelancer. What I like about Mike is his ability to set big goals and achieve them.

When he told me he was going to publish articles in some leading industry blogs in order to get for my site some quality links, I almost didn't believe it. Well, he did it. And he did it again, and again.

He then went the extra mile to contact bloggers that had published his guest post articles, in order to ask them to make some changes following Google Penguin hit.

Michael is proud of the work he delivers which is why he takes your project to a personal level even after it has been completed. I would highly recommend Mikes services to anybody who values trust, effectiveness, and growth on the Internet.

Matthew Papaconstantinou ---

I've written for a wide variety of clients globally. To see that I've published well over 650 articles and blog posts on several topics. Click here to view them.


At this time, I'm not open to every potential client but if your topic falls into the category below, I'll work with you:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Business
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. WordPress
  5. Marketing
  6. Blogging
  7. Content Marketing

NOTE: We only take on 5 clients each month to ensure that we do our best work for each and every client.

So contact us today and let's grow your website and business through SEO, content marketing and reputation management.

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