5 Little-Known Ways to Turn An Epic Post Into A Sales Machine

You’re in it for the long haul.

You’re going to make your business work. And you know your blog is the key ingredient to that success. But money is tight, bills are due, and new subscribers seem scarce. You must do something bold

Something guaranteed to get your name out there. So you decide to write an epic blog post. A post that goes above and beyond the norm. A post that’s guaranteed to be shared by influencers in your niche.

You work on it for days unending, filling it with useful facts, charts, details, and quotes. You slave over every line, tweaking and redrafting every single word.

But deep within, you start to worry. What if all this effort is for nothing? Maybe you’ll get a few new subscribers and some nice re-tweets, but how is that going to help pay your bills?

If you’re going to put in that much effort, you need to make it count. You need your epic post to generate cash, immediately.

Luckily, these five little-known ways can turn your epic post into a sales machine.

1).   Increase Your Reader's Investment Step by Step

When you write an epic post, add a relevant content upgrade that your visitor must subscribe to get. You can choose from different formats such as the following:   

  • a resource list
  • a quick-start guide
  • a checklist
  • a recorded webinart

Once they're subscribed, you can then lead them into a relevant sales funnel that leads them to a relevant offer.

This way, you present your offer to a targeted audience because they have already shown interest before you ever presented the offer to them.

The content upgrade is a technique coined by Brian Dean, and it increased the subscriber conversion rate on his blog posts from 54% to 4.82%.

An example is when he wrote a post about On-page SEO, he added a downloadable checklist on how to quickly leverage his strategies, and he added two bonus techniques not included in the post.

This method doesn't just work on new subscribers; it works on existing subscribers too.

When they sign up for the content upgrade, you can segment them in the same sales funnel as the new ones. Now, they've shown interest in the topic, which primes them to invest further.

2).  Reveal and monetize your Arsenal.

Use your blog post to highlight tools and resources that helped you in your journey. You can include within your posts tools you used to reach a goal.

Explain how these tools and resources have eased your journey and simplified your tasks. Tell your reader why and how you'd use each of them and why you choose each tool over others.

Then, add some affiliate links.The thorough explanations you made in the epic post will help you earn your reader's trust.

An example of this in the blogging niche is an epic post written by Sue Anne Dunlevie listing some blogging tools and resources.

Another example outside the blogging niche is Liz Longacre featuring home decor resources tools to declutter her space.

3).  Segment and re-target your readers with Facebook ads.

To maximize the return on investment of time and energy writing an epic blog post, you must force more eyes on your content.

You can do this by using Facebook ads to get more people to see your content.To effectively do this, add an audience pixel to the heading of your blog post.

This helps put a cookie on your readers' computers when they come visiting your blog or website to further read your blog posts.

This way, Facebook will help you collect data on your website visitors so that you can follow up with them based on the blog post they read on your blog.

Doing so will enable you to follow up with further blog posts and email sequences which then leads to a sale moving forward.

An example of follow-up remarketing after reading a blog post on a blog or website is the following ad by to represent their offers to visitors that have read their posts.

4).   Offer a free one-on-one consulting package.

At the end of your epic post, offer your reader the opportunity to get free consulting to help them reach a desired milestone.

Tell them you're running a contest in which a select number of people — five, 10, 15, you decide — can win an hour of free consulting, and all they have to do is fill out a form.

Then include a landing page on your blog or website to capture email addresses of all who signify interest. Select your winners, and offer a discount to others for the same service for a specified period.This helps you land immediate clients for the service you offer.

5).   Showcase Your Expertise.

Use a simplified case study that shows how you achieved success. Guide them on how you tackled the problem and the different methods you used to achieve your target result.

Posts like this give you authority.

They convince your readers to trust you and turn them into your fans, customers, and then brand advocates. They’ll see you as a savior from Heaven who has come to meet their needs.

You make your average readers see the same results you achieved, and they may tell you to replicate it for them.

Your case study should include real numbers as proof. Also use photos, screenshots, and diagrams to drill down on important points. You should annotate when necessary to highlight specific points of reference.

Note that you can give examples in your epic blog posts where you have recorded success with your current or past clients. An example is Robbie Richards on how he had 20,109 social shares without an ad spend.

Here he is not saying to offer this service directly to his readers. That’s the power of case studies.

They help flaunt your expertise without saying, "Hey, here is my product or services; come and buy." It's more like, "Hey, friend, here's what I can do. Will you need me to help you with yours?"

It’s time to join the ranks

Feeling stuck for cash sucks, especially when you work day in and day out on your business hoping things will change and money will come. But simple changes can have a drastic effect on how you make money and bring in sales.

Just imagine you publishing your blog post, and you start to receive emails from clients begging to work with you.And tons of alerts for subscriber sign-ups for your new course. Imagine being able to move from a full-time job to a part-time one, or perhaps quitting altogether.

Sound impossible or out of reach? No it's not. Just do the work to make your post epic, use one of the techniques discussed above, and see for yourself that it works.You can turn your epic post into a non-stop sales machine.

Anuoluwapo is a passionate blogger who blogs at she loves helping new bloggers and entrepreneurs get leads, clients and customers. You can get a copy of her free report, How to write blog posts that sell.​