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Google Panda Updates 2.5 Is Live – Has Your Pagerank Disappeared?

The long awaited Google panda updates is live.

Latest Update: Actually, Google did not remove or destroy your PageRank, they simply updated the URL used to query it. Toolbars like SEOBook and SEOQuake can no longer display your PageRank. It’s going to show N/A.

Sources from webpronews and searchengineland reveals that the actual updates was rolled out on the 28 of September, 2011. What has this got to do with you? Have you checked your pagerank recently?

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How To Make Google Send You Free Targeted Traffic Easily

Google is like a child that needs to be pampered.

It takes Google to understand your web pages in order to send you free traffic. I’ve discovered few things you need to do, to become a search engine magnet.
But bear in mind, they’re always changing their algorithm rules and if you get slapped every now and then, don’t be perturbed, you can bounce back to life.

Why I’m I saying all these?

It’s because I’ve seen blogs with quality contents, great off page linking and good pagerank suddenly lost their ranking. It goes to say that every blog and site out there is a prey to the almighty ‘G’

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4 Effective Keyword Research Strategies To Dominate Search Engine

Can I share some amazing keyword research strategies with you?

Then stay glued and read this entire page. Dominating search engines start with a proper keyword research. If you miss out in this vital stage of search engine optimization, failure begins to creep in.

The best way to know what your prospects have in mind is to dig into their words. You may not have the opportunity to travel all over the world to see your role model, but by reading their books, their true virtues, character, personality and perspective about everything becomes real to you.

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Search Engine Marketing – 5 Efficient Ways To Get Started

Want to get started with search engine marketing?

Getting your online business across to target prospects is my concern and yours too. If you know how to promote your corporate blog/website from the get-go, your entire success story can be written with blue pen.

When it comes to web promotion, search engine remains the best system that is proven to work.

It may not be instant like other systems, but the rewards are usually long-term.

We want to make search engine marketing fruitful, how? Follow these 5 efficient ways.

1. Why People Search

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Freelance Writer’s Formula: How To Double Your Income Using SEO

Are you enjoying your business?

Freelance writers and those aspiring to venture into this business, would enjoy this post. Freelance writing is one sleek business model, that I love. There are so much benefits of being a Freelance write and the odds are usually less.

Off course, it has its own downsides, but you don’t have to be scared about that – every business has problems.

Been a writer for 4 years now, is a great opportunity for me to learn several marketing concepts. I’ve always wanted to increase my earnings per month, but nothing happened until recently when I read an article from FreelanceSwitch

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Do You Chase Web Traffic… Or Is Google Panda Updates The Problem?

Welcome to a new week.

When it seems as all hope is lost, I’m beginning to see great success with this particular blog.

Pretty young and still growing, but the influence is superb. Thanks to guest posting and my readers who comment and share my unique contents.

Google panda updates 2.5 is live right now. It was rolled out on the 28 September, 2011. According to webpronews, this recent update is going to affect a lot of blogs, some people would cry while others would wail.

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